Rust-Free! 1965 International Harvester Travelall

As long-time readers of Barn Finds know, I have a very soft spot for IH Travelalls. A little more unusual than the more common Suburbans and larger than the comparable vintage Fords and Mopars, the Travelall offers unique styling and unparalleled utility. This beautiful example is located in Austin, Texas, and is listed for sale here on eBay, where early bidding has already driven the price to $10,000.

Unbelievably, the seller tells us there is no rust and no bodywork needed on this Travelall. I’ll agree that it looks gorgeous in the pictures and I’m sure this is a repaint. but I’ve never seen a rust-free Travelall. I really hope this one actually is without corrosion, and if so someone should snap it up quickly! The two-tone paint is reminiscent of Ford trucks of the period and the new whitewall tires and white wheels really set this early SUV off nicely.

This beauty is a third-generation Travelall, which was produced from 1961 to 1968. There were 34,365 C1100s produced between 1963 and 1965, so they may not be as rare as one would think, but there seems to be a low survival rate (rust?).

As you can see from this period advertisement, IH was proud of the family image of the Travelall and was more than happy to market it as a massive station wagon that could, well, “travel all” roads!

The interior looks remarkably original, although I’m guessing the claimed 32,672 miles is actually the second time around the dial. Considering the exterior appearance, I’d spring for a re-upholstery kit and bring the seats up to the standard of the rest of the vehicle. Just look at the length of that shifter — you might throw your shoulder out just going from second to third!

This is the larger 345 cubic-inch International V-8 and apart from the air cleaner appears to be remarkably intact. I think I’d want to look over the wiring right there at the battery, but apart from that, it looks like this IH is ready to travel some more miles. I could certainly find room for it in my garage — how about you?


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  1. nlpnt

    I love how “see-through” these early SUVs are. Low overall height (by today’s standards), no blackout window tint, no headrests. You can see traffic ahead of it from the car behind it.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love this. These were good trucks back in the day and still good today. Some parts are challenging to find but there are a lot of enthusiasts that support Binders to the end and back. Driveline and brake parts pretty easy to come by. Trim is difficult. Headliners, door and window seals are available, as well as a new windshield. I sure wouldn’t kick this off my driveway…

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  3. Bear

    Wow! That is a nice example for a IH Travelall!
    I wish I had some spare “toy $$” right now, as I’d LOVE to snap this one up! :-)

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  4. Mr Dave

    Sure looks like a 64 to me. Grille is about the only thing that changed between 64-68. Really clean, would like to have it

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      International didn’t specify the year in its vin numbers until the 70s. It was one company that assigned the year to the time the title was taken out. It gets a little confusing, especially during the 60s. I saw a number of late’64 models titled as ‘65 models…

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  5. Keith Johnson

    Did they offer the 392 in these?

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I could stand corrected but I think the 392 didn’t come out until ‘68, and wasn’t available in a light truck until ‘69. In fact I don’t think it was until ‘68 that the 345 was available in anything smaller than a 150…

  6. Charles Sawka

    There is a distinct difference between an SUV and a UV. Travelalls are not very sporty ! This is the first one I have ever seen that wasn’t rusted away !

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  7. John Klintz

    Agreed on the rust; first one I’ve seen not rusted, even when new, and I grew-up in a dry climate! “Unique styling?” I would describe it as “how to make the ugliest possible box from sheet metal.”

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  8. Telcotech

    Keith- I remember the 392 ci engine.. my dad had a 1973 3/4 ton pickup with that engine in it…man that pickup would roll down the road…he used it in 1983 to tow his new Royals International 36’ travel trailer from northern Iowa to Mission, Tx. pulled it with no issues.. although not long after the rust started in.. was the 392 reserved for the bigger pickup and larger straight trucks from IH? I also remember the 345 being installed in the IH Scouts also… those V-8’s were heavy duty engines that would easily outlast the bodies of the IH models

  9. DON

    You sure dont see many of these, well ..ever , actually ! Very unique styling; to be honest, I always thought these had a Studebaker look to them.

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  10. HC

    A 1963 version of this is what I learned to drive on the farm. Wow this one has not only a V8 and power steering but power brakes too? Me and my buds used to take the 63 on camping trips and jump terraces at night! That was only with a 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual.

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  11. Will Owen Member

    This is what I helped a fellow Airman drive from Seattle up to Elmendorf AFB, except his was the big six and 3 on the tree. He’d saved about $1000 by taking delivery at the port, or nearby, and we flew down MATS. Nice rig for the trip, too. While the owner was napping, his driver came upon a section of lovely well-paved curves over some marshland and did a nice rapid but smooth transit. Very pleasant! And then the next section got revenge – it was “paved” with small (mostly) boulders!

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  12. Chris Londish Member

    The Travelall wasn’t part of the International range in Australia although there were a few private imports, had the chance to buy one a few years ago at a farm clearing sale only went for $3500 AUD, kicking myself now although it had minor accident damage nowhere as good as this one a very nice example

  13. chrlsful

    cool, no top gait, just the window.
    Also, by this yr 4 dor! Purdy fancy!
    An ‘ex’ had one or a barrow off the property, seemed higher.

  14. Charles D Schultz

    The police in my home town used these as paddy wagons but they were 3 door versions. Travelall is featured in a favorite Greg Brown song, Laughing River, later covered by Robert Earle Keane. Was the motor vehicle of a 20 year veteran of minor league baseball.

  15. 27stutz Member

    In the summer of 1964 my entire family – that is 7 kids, Mom and Dad – yes really – nine total – drove from Oakland CA to Philadelphia PA and back again in our beloved International Travelall. We made it. Referred to fondly by certain family members as “Internall Trashonavel”.

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