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Rust Free & Ready? 1966 Jaguar E-Type


Typically when we feature an E-Type on Barn Finds, we find rust. A lot of it. This car has paint that is truly awful (unless you like satin silver) but the seller tells us there is no rust and that it’s ready for you to cosmetically restore it. The coupe is for sale here on eBay and is located in Laveen, Arizona. Bidding is up to $17,600 as I write but hasn’t yet met the reserve.


The seller tells us that the paint looks the way it does due to having been stored under plastic for nearly 20 years. In most areas, that would be the kiss of death to the metal, but in dry Arizona perhaps you can get away with it. I do see what looks like it might be some rust on the rear valence here, though. Do you think that’s rust?


Part of the attraction of any E-Type is the typically British interior. This one looks completely original. I’m wondering if it’s possible to replace the torn leather portions and save the rest with cleaning and treatment. I’m a big fan of worn but not worn out leather seats! The big original steering wheel and the purposeful looking shifter add to the ambiance. The odometer is showing 89,900 miles and I can believe it looking at the inside. I wish we knew more about the history of the car–why was it stored in the first place? Was it a long-term single owner car? Was anything done with the car during its storage period?


While there is some surface corrosion under here, it does look remarkably good compared to a lot of other E-Types for sale. I wish the seller would tell us whether or not the engine was free, or if attempts have been made to start it. I see those three SU’s and want to try myself! Would you?


  1. David Frank David Frank Member

    The leather can be softened. Then they remove the leather covers and patch them from the back side. The repairs show, of course, but the effect is beautiful and seats feel wonderful!

  2. Wayne

    “The original interior is near perfect”. Mmmmm. I guess some folks definition of perfect is vastly different than mine.

  3. DAN

    $29,600 ! res not meet

  4. Another Bob

    I can’t see why a run of the mill Porsche commands more than this Cat. I think that equation is soon to change.

  5. ccrvtt

    After reading Another Bob’s post I asked myself if I’d rather have this E-type or a ’69 911S Targa in similar condition.

    E-type, no contest.

  6. Puhnto

    As to original interior, I’m pretty sure these came with a black steering wheel, not a wooden one. (At least the ones I’ve driven.) Experts? Anyone?

    • Pete W.

      I’m not an expert, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one without a wood steering wheel.

      • Ross W. Lovell


        They all came with wood steering wheels.

      • Bruce Best

        I have seen both on E-Types but I believe the black one was a special option that was not advertised. The wood was the standard issue.

      • JackT

        All Series I’s had wood steering wheels ex-Coventry. You may have seen aftermarket products.

    • Wm Lawrence

      Probably a factory option or a period upgrade. The wheel center is OEM.

  7. Rustytech Member

    Bought one of these (1963) at a repo sale back in the late 70’s for $800. After spending about $150 on repairs and detailing, I sold it for just over $2k. The thing I remember most was IT WAS FAST. I was also surprised at how well it hugged the road with those narrow tires, having been used to driving American iron with 60’s profile tires. This is an incredible find, and these have been coming on strong. Given my choice I would rather have one of these than the 911 any day.

  8. bcavileer

    These were 2x’s the car the porsche’s were. The coupes are very stiff and really well balanced. Latter Bimmers are good too, but i still like theses big cats.

  9. Black Cat

    Steering wheels were wood-rimmed on Series 1 and 2. The black, leather-wrapped wheels arrived with the Series 3 cars.

    This car is beautiful as it sits, the kind one dreams of finding for restoration, be it a full resto or sympathetic revival. This one won’t go cheap.

  10. Bruce Best

    As for the triple SU carbs. They are far easier to balance than you might expect. Take off the brass cap on the top make certain that there is oil and the right kind at the proper level and then find the air adjustment screw. Place a thin scaled tube. (the shop i worked at used old mercury glass thermometers) and adjust them so each one as at the same level as the others. Then take out the scaled tube, put the caps back on and you were done. Shockingly easy to do once you know the trick. I wish you could do that with webber.

    If there is rust it is minimal but the interior needs real care by an expert. It can be saved and keep the patina but I would certainly have it re dyed. What I saw in the photos that bothered me most was the heater on the right side of the engine compartment. There was a lot of corrosion there and that is not common. SO BE CAREFUL AND CHECK EVERYTHING.

    They feel old today but they are fast and great fun to drive. In some ways much better than the Porsches in the other posts, most of which had a terrible need to exit a corner backwards. Do that just once and you will become a believer.

    As for why it might have been parked, I have seen a number of older owners that have lost the flexibility to get into them with ease or without pain. The love them so much they can not part with them. I suspect that maybe the case with this car. I may not be perfect but it shows signs of being loved. That is important.

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