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Rusty British Sports Car Collection

If you are like me and have a real soft spot for classic British sports cars, then this is a story that is bound to get your attention. Sitting out in a field in Bellingham, Massachusetts, is a huge collection of classics, with 28 (yes, 28!) cars up for grabs. All are probably beyond salvation, but there are plenty of parts to be had by an enterprising buyer. The majority of the cars are in a similar condition to this MGB (of which there are a total of 6), but there are a couple of potential pearls in there as well. The entire collection has been listed for sale here on eBay. While the listing has been set to open at $1,000, there have been no bids to this point.

The first car is a Sunbeam Alpine, and it appears that this one is a Mark IV, which would have been built in around 1964 or 1965. If it is mechanically complete, there should be a 1,582cc 4-cylinder engine under the hood, and in its heyday, it would have produced 87hp. The transmission should be a 4-speed manual, although there was an overdrive or an automatic available as options. The car is pretty rusty, and I suspect that it will be good for parts only.

If you want a Triumph TR6, then you’re spoiled for choice. There are no less than three here. This one appears to be the best of the bunch, and like the other examples, while there are plenty of parts to be had, rust has taken a heavy toll on the cars.

However, if there is a rare pearl in this collection, then this could well be it. The owner describes it as a Jensen-Healey, and at first glance, that does seem to be what it is. I then took a closer look, and I think that it is something different, and altogether more interesting. I believe that this is actually a Jensen GT, which was the 2+2 “shooting brake” version of the Healey. These utilized a lot of Jensen-Healey parts and panels, but the wheelbase was extended to provide space for an additional two seats. They didn’t carry the “Healey” name, because Donald Healey didn’t approve of either the car’s concept or its styling. The engine and transmission were plucked directly from the Healey, but the transmission remains interesting (and quite desirable in itself) today. It is the “dog-leg” 5-speed, close-ratio Getrag transmission which was also a desirable option when fitted to the BMW 2002. This was not the company’s first experience with this transmission, because it also saw service in the last of the Healeys. The GT went into production in September of 1975, through until May of 1976. It was at this point that the world fell in on Jensen Motors, and the company went into receivership. These are a rare car, and only 511 examples were ever produced before the ax fell. Of that run, only 269 cars eventually found their way to the USA. As a car of unibody construction, rust is going to be its worst enemy, so this one might be beyond being restored. Of course, rarity doesn’t always equate to high values, and while these don’t get listed for sale terribly often, sale prices usually hover around $22,000.

That’s just a sample of the collection, and that’s without touching on the Spitfires, GT6s, the Peugeot 505 V6 (no photo) or cars like this little MG Midget. It is an amazing collection of cars, and while I might not be inclined to buy them myself, I would love to have a bit of a poke around to see what I could find.


  1. Spud

    Well, if you want to go look, head to Michigan…as that seems to be where the “cars” are actually located. It’s a strange ad for sure. The eBay-generated text says Massachusetts, but the seller’s text says “Potterville, MI”. Although he gives a MA phone number. There is a Potterville in Michigan. Not in Massachusetts. Plus, none of the cars have MA state inspection stickers, so I’m guessing that they really are in Michigan. Probably some kind of estate sale thing.

    Sounds like it may be buyer-beware….and not just of tetanus ;-)

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    • Dan Mar

      This is most likely the reason of this scenario, :

      This collection IS in fact in Michigan, where the owner amassed this collection on his property. However, the man Died and it was left to his children or another relative that happens to currently live in Massachusetts. And he is Liquidation the estate from there.

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  2. Skorzeny

    I perked up when I heard Peugeot 505, but alas, no photo, and it’s probably an automatic.

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    • Bryan Cohn

      Being that its a 505 V6 its almost certainly an automatic. There were some manual 5 speed V6 cars but they are pretty rare today. Hell they were rare then…….

      I am thinking of calling the number to get photos of it sent my way!

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      • Little_Cars

        I loved mine. Most comfy seats in a sedan I have ever owned. Mine was a turbo 1984, a survivor belonging to the wife of the Poo dealer in Nashville, Tennessee. (Madison Smith….Naturally!), They even painted the horizontal surfaces of the car as the clearcoat had begun to fade.

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  3. Del

    I see a crusher in their futures

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  4. Superdessucke

    Is there any other kind?

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  5. bobk

    Sorry, not a collection. A salvage yard would be more accurate. What a shame.

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  6. Roarrr Rogers Member

    For someone nearby, the start of a olde Brit sports car parts business. Flogging bits to those with the need would be a good retirement.

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  7. Alex78

    The first car looks like it’s been in an accibent…

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  8. Ira Ball

    Seller should pay someone $1000 to take’em away. Believe me NO spare parts in that bunch

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  9. Ralph

    “Soft Spots”……sounds like a description of the body work on these cars….

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  10. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Never saw so many cars beyond the parts car stage in my life.

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  11. Bernie H.

    I drive by Potterville, MI quite often on I-69, just south of Lansing in the middle of the state. I see a Michigan and Ohio licence plate so I’m betting there here. I have also been in the British car business over 50 years, and I dont really see anything to get excited over. Very few usable parts here, the TR 3’s and 4’s may be useful to someone. The engines are now boat anchors, I’ll bet none will turn over. I do hope they get sold rather than crushed, the scrap market is down currently so most scrappers are waiting for the prices to rise.

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  12. Coventrycat

    Just let them peacefully go back to the earth. Any northern car outside like that is useless for any real parts. It would cost more to get one pulled out and brought home than any part could be worth.

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  13. TimM

    I’m with bobk it’s not a collection it’s a British grave yard!!! I even think I saw a headstone that said the Duke of death!!! What a shame I love TR-6’s!!!

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  14. Little_Cars

    Same seller as the Alfa shown elsewhere on BF, and same seller as a $60k Guiletta Veloce. When I sent this listing to my entire British Car Club, not one person wanted to jump on these. Really sad is the yellow TR that has literally collapsed on itself. And….no photo of the Peuguot? Seller says they only have so much room on eBay listings but has four listings going at once!!!

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  15. Michael

    ” Ran when parked “.

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  16. Little_Cars

    Being a shadetree British car cracker, I can tell ya most of these have already been scavenged for useful parts. Just look at that one GT6 where someone cut out the side vents and center spear and left the rest of the bonnet behind. Who does that when the bonnets on these come off in one piece with a couple turns of a wrench? Blown away there are Sunbeams here, and those Jensens, but most if not all of these vehicles selling at pennies on the dollar will not make sense to anyone but a local with a nice big rollback or flatbed trailer. The field also looks like it has been known to flood so there will be nowhere to hang the hook of your winch to yank these out! Well, maybe those frozen mills…

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  17. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    MG B(anana).

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  18. Kevin

    Isn’t “Rusty British” redundant?

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