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Sharp Daily Driver: 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V

When one thinks of FCA, the names Jeep, Fiat, Ram, Dodge, and Alfa Romeo come to mind. But did you know that the Lancia marque was part of that conglomeration too? Well, it is but in a very small way with what amounts to a single model. There was a time however when Lancia played a prominent role as a builder of compact Italian cars with sporting intentions. And the Delta Integrale, like this 1990 example, is a perfect example of Lancia’s efforts. Worthy of a closer look, this Lancia is located in Mystic, Connecticut and is available here on craigslist for $25,000. Thanks to Dave F. for this tip!

The Lancia Delta was produced between 1979 and 1994 with the Integrale HF, and its successor, the Integrale 16V,  occupying a performance and Group A&B road rallying niche for Lancia. Total Integrale production was about 44K units and a single, four-door, hatchback (five-door) body style was employed.

This Lancia has a very purposeful appearance with its blistered side panels stretching across the wheel openings, it recalls the mid-’80s Audi Quattro. The what appears to be a charcoal gray finish shows well considering that it’s 30 years of age. The seller notes some clear coat degradation and the usual nicks, chips, etc. but there is no sign of rust of misaligned body panels. Considering that this 92K kilometer (57K miles) Lancia is a daily driver, it looks pretty darn good! The seller advises that the daily driving stops, however, when Connecticut’s winter road salt starts. Interestingly, this Lancia was imported from Japan, and being over 25 years of age, non-compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards shouldn’t be an issue. The sale will occur via a transferable registration as there is no title for a CT car in excess of twenty years of age.

The heart of this Integrale 16 V is a two-liter, sixteen valve, turbocharged, in-line four-cylinder engine. With the help of a Garrett Turbocharger and intercooler, this diminutive engine produces about 197 HP which is directed, via a five-speed manual transaxle, to all four wheels. The seller details a long list of mechanical service that has been bestowed on this Integrale, it’s extensive. As for road manners, he states, “It’s very reliable and fun like only an Integrale can be.” The seller further adds that he has replaced all four coil overs as well as all of the suspension bushings.

The interior has a typical business-like feel to it as found on Italian cars of this era. It takes a detour with the colorful seating upholstery. It’s attention-getting but tasteful in a way that a splash of colors frequently isn’t. The fabric is clean and shows little sign of use though the seller mentions some expected bolster wear. The seller advises that the Tachometer is “lazy” and reads low but all of the other gauges work, as do the lights, wipers, power windows, and interior lights. The radio and A/C, however, are non-operational.

Even considering all of this Lancia’s attributes, and its reasonable mileage, the price still seems out of line. There is a special appeal, to a limited market, and being an enthusiast’s car, it should find a new home. But at what price? It would be good to hear from readers that have owned a Lancia Delta Integrale such as this example. How has your experience been in terms of reliability, operating cost, and parts availability?


  1. Brett

    The Lane Motor museum in Nashville has one of these and it looks just like this one. I have had the joy of driving it on many occasions and it is a great car.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      The Lane Museum is one of the coolest places
      I’ve been.I stopped by there on a day they were supposed
      to be closed on,but they let me walk all around it & see
      the cool cars.They didn’t charge me either.
      I later sent them the money for what I would have paid,
      had they been open.

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      • Brett

        That is a great story, thanks for sharing. The folks at Lane are great! They are true car enthusiasts and it shows in everything that they do. I have had the privilege of driving many of the cars at the museum and look forward to each visit.

  2. nycbjr Member

    Very handsome! I too wonder it’s reliability….

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    It’s cool but not 25k cool

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    • Martin Horrocks

      You could not buy this car in Europe for the asking price.

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  4. alphasud Member

    This is definitely one of the cars on my bucket list. As far as the price being out of line I think the price seems fair. In fact I would think the asking would be higher. From my experience once you have owed classic Italian cars you become smitten and are forever drawn to own another.

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  5. Wolfgang Gullich

    $25K for a car you could source in Europe and have shipped to the States for around $7K… gorgeous and fun yes, but the price is ridiculous. To someone else who posted about reliability, that’s the one of the greatest differences between Lancia and other Italian marques: they’re actually reliable

    • Clipper

      See Martin Horrocks’ comment. In Europe you can’t touch this car for $25k USD.

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      • SubGothius

        Yeah, the days of 4-figure Integrales are long gone, and even if you could still find one in that price range, it’d be in such woeful condition that a better, pricier example would be cheaper to own in the long run, unless maybe you’re willing and able to do all the remedial work yourself.

        The time to buy would have been when they were still that cheap and 23-24 years old, then store in the EU or UK for a year or two before importing after the 25-year mark. Now that they’re finally US-legal, demand has far outstripped supply, leading to prices like this and far higher.

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    • bill tebbutt

      I”ll take all the $7k Integrales (in anywhere near this condition) you can send me. Please advise as to timing of first truckload.


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  6. Araknid78

    These are fabulous cars.

  7. BlackTa

    Lane Museum, every car I have never heard of under one roof. Spectacular.

  8. chrlsful

    guys dida great job this issue w/10 of 14 vehicles on the face page…

    this one, nxt to nother of my favs (the FV) is built to a similar application but just a lill different (esp in the Evo variety). 4 WD rally car to challenge the alfa, beemer, audi, and others…

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