Shoe Horn Special: 1959 Ford Anglia Gasser


The Ford Anglia is a small, yet humble car. This specific Anglia has a little more aggression than a standard Anglia, powered by a 400 Chevrolet small block V8. Wearing a mostly stock look, and a lovely patina this is one cool Anglia. Bidding has reached $6,500, with the reserve unmet, or there is the buy it now option for $10,900. Find it here on ebay out of Galena, Maryland.


The 400 small block Chevy is tucked away nicely under the hood.  There is surprisingly more room than we imagined. The engine bay looks nice wearing some patina on the firewall shelf, and the inner fenders looks quite nice as well. The engine is very clean, and looks more like a show car than a fire breathing Anglia. The 400 small block has a mild camshaft, a 650 cfm carb, and a Mallory Distributer. The power is transmitted through a Turbo 350 automatic transmission with a 2,200 stall converter. From there the power is spun down a custom driveshaft to a shorted 9” Posi rear.


The interior is simple but nice. This Anglia maintains its original dash, but there are a few extra gauges added to the interior. The Aluminum door panels are a nice touch and look to have been nicely executed. The roll bar looks to have a swing out section for the door bar to ease getting into and out of this Anglia. We aren’t exactly sure about racing rules, but you if you are looking to play with this Anglia in a racing environment, you may want to double check racing rules. The wiring is nicely organized, and tied together giving a beautiful and non-chaotic appearance. The seats are simple racing seats with harnesses. The body is solid and is listed as having no rust or rot. We couldn’t find any evidence of any rust in the photos. The patina on this English Ford is wonderful. There is no exposed metal, just a distressed paint scheme. Aside from the hood scoop and the wheels, this Anglia has a stock exterior appearance. Although this is a “Gasser” this Anglia maintains all of the needed features to be street legal.


We imagine that this little Anglia is a riot to drive, and that this one is likely a turnkey fun car. It may not be the fastest at the strip, it may not be the most practical for the street, but either way this thing is going to be fun. What would you do with this awesome Ford Anglia?


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  1. erikj


  2. JW

    Cool, I like it !!!

  3. bcavileer

    You guys do as you like, but last weekend if one more person at the car show told me to put a small block in my TR6 ( which won at Oakburne Mansion and took 2nd at the AACAeasternmeet ) i think i was gonna put a bullet in my head. Not my cup of tea. Ruined another cool car IMHO. Sorry for the rant, but if they advertise the show as AACA then they should judge by originality, not for who crammed the biggest motor in their car. This is just another example of that mentality. I would pass it without a second look.

    • Peter


      THANK YOU!

      I am SO SICK of people stuffing SBC’s into FORDS! (And many OTHER NON-Chevrolets, for that matter….)

      Henry FORD made the V-8 affordable, and therefore popular, with it’s introduction of “flattie” in 1932. Later to be endorsed by “Clyde” of Bonnie & Clyde, and embraced by hotrodders the world over.

      Chebby’s SBC came out in…what, 1955? (Maybe the “I’d put a SBC-into-EVERYTHING” crowd are trying to make up for being 23 years late to the affordable V-8 party????)

      But today, what do we here, over and over–even here on BF’s?

      “Huh huh–I’d ‘chunk’ (sic) a SBC in [insert your favorite, UN-mutilated survivor HERE) that thing, and GO!”

      Yeah…because nothing says creativity or originality like an incorrect crate motor with a 2-speed Powerglide. Gak!

      Pro-tip: a SBC is neither creative nor historic–it’s just C-H-E-A-P, boring and DONE-TO-DEATH.

      What’samatter, you Bowtie fanatics–Cheby didn’t build enough interesting cars, so you have to take every Model A, Datsun Z, TR6, etc…, and put YOUR favorite brand’s cheap powerplant in it?

      If Chebbies are so great, why not BUILD Chebbies???

      Wait–lemme say that again:

      If Chebbies are so great, why not BUILD Chebbies???

      By the way, bcavileer, the TR6 is one of my all-time faves–Bucket list material! So congrats on the awards your has garnered–it sounds like a jewel, and with that healthy “Big Six” in there, and the large (for the times) 15″ wheels (with period redlines, like the GTO?) it (and you) are getting the admiration of those who TRULY “get” what cars like the TR6 are TRULY about–and should be!

      Plus, that inline six, in addition to being:
      a) CORRECT for the freakin’ car, and therefore COOL IN IT’S OWN DAY, it’s
      b) Got inherently-perfect “primary balance,” as do all inline sixes (due to equally-spaced “firing impulses,” every 360 degrees) and, something it would LOSE, were the six swapped with an SBC (or any V-8, for that matter):
      c) SOUL

      /rant over, unil the next “SBC-‘chunker'” vomits up a fresh, steaming order of boring, false-machismo….


      Like 1
  4. Howard A Member

    This thing is just the coolest BF in a long time. I hope you can stop it. Great find, be a blast to drive.

    • PAW

      Having a close to 100 point original restored car, I can attests that these are far from blast to drive. They drive just like a fifties low end cars used to drive

      The obvious changes here of replacing a straight axle with another with ladder bar or changing independent front suspension with straight axle with 100% certainty does not improve it either.Or if one drops a 6x bigger and 2x heavier engine to the same chassis.

      If kicks are gained only going, sort of straight, for first few yards and crossing fingers that it eventually stops. Or cruising slow and listening noises it makes. Then I rest my case

  5. Brigham!

    Not my cup of tea either, as I’d rather have an original example. But still lovely for somebody!

  6. Lee Hartman

    Back in 1972, I bought one of these things for $15. I rebuilt the engine, upgraded to insert bearings, milled the head, and installed a carb from a Capri. Went to a 2″ exhaust with a cheap glass pack. it was a ball to drive, sounded fast but really wasn’t. Great memories!

  7. Jay E.

    I’d put side pipes on it. But that’s just me…

    • Hitman

      Side Pipes, and flames down both doors.. but then i’m trapped in the eighties, and my dream car is Billy Gibbons’s 32 Eliminator hot rod.

  8. 68 custom

    cool looking Anglia and the swap looks clean and well executed. be real hard to do the same for less than 10k so if you want one this is the one to buy!

  9. Kevin Murray

    Love the creativity , especially the air cleaner modification


    The Anglia was a two-door version of the Prefect, fyi.

  11. D. King

    My father had one of these, back in the day. I remember it pretty well–probably why I drive a MINI today (and have a classic Mini arriving Monday). Just love the British quirks. I’m with those who wouldn’t chop it up with mods…


    If you “love the British quirks,” you may know why we Brits drink our beer warm. The reason: British refrigerators are made by Lucas.

    • TC

      Tony, with the cold weather you guys get is it any wonder you drink warm beer, who needs a cold beer when it’s 25 below outside? Do you really need fridges?
      Down here in Oz it’s a whole different story in summer.
      On the Anglia, I bought one for the wife 30 years ago, okay around town but the car always seemed like it needed another gear between 1st and 2nd in the 3 speed box, should have been a 4 speed in my opinion, you had to rev the crap out of it before shifting into 2nd.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      One of the Best quotes I have read in a while! Thanks for the laugh Tony Waters!

  13. D. King

    Groan, Tony–if I told you how many times I’ve heard that one….

  14. Peter K

    I saw a similar Anglia in Ohio once that had a blown 454 stuffed into it. Straight line only.

  15. Bapid

    My father had one of these and it was a great car as long as the weather was good. If it was raining( which it seldom did in the UK (choke choke)) it was not a good car to be out in as it had pneumatic wipers which went slower as you went faster. That meant you had to either have your head out the window or you were squinting to see through the windshield.

  16. kevin

    TC, just a quick geography lesson for ya. Australia has more or less the same land mass as Europe and as such has varied weather patterns and climates just like Europe. Northern Australia has unbearably hot summers and mild to warm winters, as you move south the climate becomes more pleasant and liveable, further south still to Tasmania (which is an island but still part of Australia) it becomes some what cool, serious snow in winter etc. Melbourne in Victoria has a very similar climate to the UK, four seasons, plenty of rain and annual temperatures on par with England. One further fact, Brisbane in Queensland has more annual rainfall than the UK, the difference being that in the UK the rain is spread out over the year whereas in Queensland it comes all at once and destroys every thing. Here endeth the lesson.

    The car? Yeh pretty cool, would look awesome in black.

    • TC

      Kevin, I live in S. Australia so the geography lesson isn’t necessary, I was commenting on Tony’s need for warm beer, when the temperature gets to 25 or 30 degrees in England they all start dropping like flies, that’s when you need a cold beer! All the homes are fitted with heating, no one has an air conditioner so when it gets hot they have nowhere to run and hide. I spent 12 months in the UK and over the period of a summer we had 5 full days of sunshine in those 3 months, but according to Bapid it seldom rains, yeah right !
      As for cars in the UK they’re all small, the roads were designed by the Romans for their chariots which had a narrow track so all of the roads are narrow, try negotiating a narrow country road in, for instance, my 1962 Imperial you wouldn’t have a hope in hell! None of the houses have a garage or driveway, they’re all joined together, so they all have to park in the narrow streets, not easy to get around in the towns.

  17. rich voss

    Seller has high hopes…didn’t make it to his reserve. I’d “re-Ford” it. 289 or 302 with an actual four-speed. Shelby and Ford Racing has a “gazillion” parts, or buy an entire crate motor. Finance by selling SBC and auto box as a package. Paint it like “Maccas” Prefect. Gloss black with flames. (and make a brake upgrade, for gosh sakes !)

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