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Sitting 12 Years: 1956 Plymouth Belvedere


It may look a little crusty on the exterior, but this 1956 Plymouth Belvedere (is anyone else thinking “Belvedere, oh Belvedere, come here, boy“?) has been the sometime daily driver of the current owner several times in the years they have had it. However, it’s been sitting for the past 12 years! It’s located in Boston, Massachusetts, and is listed for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of $3,000 and lower offers encouraged.


The seller tells us the typical tale of driving it regularly for years, but now it has sat long enough that either fuel or spark issues are keeping it from starting (my bet’s on fuel after that long, but the seller states it’s spark as well later in the posting) and it’s time to let it go. The two-toning and trim are really unique on this design; I really like the difference! You can see where the seller has used dollies to be able to move the car around, and I’ll bet that tarp hasn’t done the finish any good (although at least it’s better than nothing)! Without a B pillar, the seller explains how it looks like a convertible with the top up when all the windows are rolled down.


I can just picture folks cramming themselves into that huge trunk to get into drive ins! In the area of problems, we’re also told there’s a rust hole in the floor on the driver’s side and that side’s front door doesn’t open from the exterior handle either. We’re also told that the interior fabric is “awesome” but we’re not shown anything about the inside of the car.


The seller details what sounds the engine is making as it turns over in a short video. Personally, I think it is getting spark, although a check over would be a good idea–I suspect this car would fire right up if bottle fed. S0 what do you think? Given the limited information, what would you offer for this car, and are you interested?


  1. Ron E Bee

    “Belvedere, oh Belvedere, come here, boy“? Classic

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    • grant

      The bugs bunny cartoon, right? I remember it as “Beauregard…”

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  2. Steve B

    Sold already. Birth of the Forward Look.

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  3. Jeremy

    I’d bottle feed that old girl……just a pity im in South Africa

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  4. Oingo

    I think these were rustomatic. (Gramps had 57 Savoy one with a hole in the floor the size of a volleyball in the 60s) so if it is intact it might be a good deal.

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  5. Skip

    Decent old car. My first car was a 1956 Belvedere. It was white over black and had 42K on the odometer when I got it for high school graduation in 1963. Still miss the old beast.

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  6. charlie Member

    I think the 4 door “hardtop” was pretty rare, lots of 4 doors with B pillar were made.

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  7. stillrunners

    looks like a decent car for the money….and yes the 4 door hardtop was new for 56 – like the Chevy….not many made or saved…..did take a picture of my 56 Fury today…just by coincidence…..

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  8. Pete,s customs

    I had a 56 2dr station wagon. Used to surf fish the Jersey coast on Evey rock pile.from Atlantic city to cape may. Slept in her cooked in her and no one said nothing. Many of weak fish I caught and cooked on the tailgate. How’s that. Fish eat n sleep.for 2 weeks.hit a guide wire with it .they were known for brake failure. You had to keep fresh fluid in them.plus on a rainy day bring your tools with. Or rags to dry the distributer cap.wires were a problem back then.I knew it back then and didn’t care.so when the sun was out the car started. Lol I.m sure some old guys remember. But when your catching fish living in the old 56.ply,mouth. Your in heaven. Ride on folks

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  9. Bryan

    My friend recently restored his yellow 56 Belvedere convertible. Interestingly, his New York state car has this same sharp yellow color, as all eastern U.S. Plymouths offered that year. He told me that 56 Plymouths sold in the western U.S. we’re not painted this same shade of yellow; instead, the color was a much lighter pastel yellow.

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  10. Skip

    I goofed in my comments above. My first car was a 1955 Belvedere, not a ’56. However, my dad’s work car when I was in high school was a ’56 Belvedere wagon. I loved driving it, as it had the pushbutton tranny.

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  11. Glenn

    I bought this car; indeed, it did run when bottle fed. The problem was a dead fuel pump, and to a lesser degree the distributor, which was not an original; and the fuel, although very clean, was suitable for cleaning parts only, it was so old. Two engine flushes, and now there is very minor blow-by. I’ll be adding a PCV to eliminate that.
    I’m in the process of removing rust patches, and restoring it to “driver” quality.
    It is apparent that this car was well maintained until shortly prior to it being parked.

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