Six Cars, One Price: $20,000 Firm!


This is a rather odd listing: Six seemingly unrelated cars, of which three I would call classics and at least one more will probably interest you, all for $20,000 firm. The cars are listed here on craigslist and are located in Cartersville, Georgia. The ad is more than a little cryptic, so if you interpret something differently from me, please share!


Of the three classics, the one that interests me the most is this 1966 Thunderbird. The only thing we know about the big bird is that is was a barn find. It sure looks pretty nice, though, although obviously closer examination is in order. We’re not told anything about its mechanical condition.


The El Camino is a 1982, and supposedly has a rebuilt transmission, rear end and brakes, and is powered by a 350 cubic inch V8. Unfortunately we don’t know any more.


The seller tells us a little bit more about the 1975 Chevrolet Nova. The seller tells us that the wheels are Cragars and that the 350 V8 has less than 400 miles on a rebuild.


This is the other car you folks might be interested in. It’s a 1996 Corvette with a rebuilt “top” (I’m assuming they are talking about the engine) and a new clutch.

The other vehicles are a 1992 Chevrolet Silverado truck with a new air conditioning compressor, shocks, bearings and struts and a 1999 Honda Civic or Accord (it’s called both in the ad). I’m guessing no one (unless you own a used car lot) is going to want to keep all six cars, but perhaps you could work out a split deal with one or more partners–or maybe just sell some to recoup as much of your initial expenditure as possible. What do you think? Would you keep the three “classics” and sell off the modern cars? Or does the C4 Corvette push a button for you? Let us know what you would do in the comments!



WANTED 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible Looking for the rear seats or bare frames. Must be from a convertible which are smaller. Contact

WANTED 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Looking for parts for this project. Especially seats Contact

WANTED 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 cabriolet I am looking to buy foreign classic car projects Barnfinds call adam (203)-507-7900 Contact

WANTED 50s 55.56.57.quad cab looking for asamy as we can find Chevrolet 3100 Any gmc,gm,50s Quad cab Contact


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  1. Cassidy

    He’s so excited to be selling all these cars that he’s completely forgotten everything he was taught in English class starting with “no run-on sentences”!
    People selling on FlakesList tend to forget that its free, therefore, you can go beyond cryptic and actually go into detail on whatever you are trying to sell.
    The Tbird looks great, but with all of these, a closer inspection is a must if not for no other reason than to get a translation from the ad. Might be hard to talk to him, with all those dollar signs clouding is vision…

    • Bobsmyuncle

      The ad looks like many of the posts here.

      Maybe these folks think they are adding entertainment value in having to decrypt their submissions like a puzzle.

  2. Howard A Member

    Sadly, here we go again. Selling off dad’s collection. Nobody in the family, if any, wants them. Jamie and I think alike, the T-bird was an awesome car. I mean, just look at that interior. Unlike anything at the time. Aside from the gas guzzler 390, which I’m sure it has, would be the car for me. I guess the El Camino would be pretty handy ( although, I liked the Ranchero styling better), and the rest, no interest.

  3. Mike H. Mike H

    Grammar, punctuation, and capitalization would go a long way toward letting the prospective buyer know what they’re trying to sell. I read the ad no less than (6) times and I’m STILL not sure about any of these cars.

    The only thing here of any interest is the Thunderbird. The Corvette might be cool too, but if it has the low mileage claimed (or are they claiming something else when they say “Corvette lt4 motor on a twenty thousand miles just redid the top 10 brand new clutch pressure plate z rims”?) then I’d wonder why “the top” needed to be “redid”.

  4. Dave

    Wow, I lost my breath just reading the ad. A little punctuation would help.

  5. JW

    Wow that was one terrible ad, I’m no grammar wiz kid but come on. He should have had his middle school child write up the ad then he might get them sold. T-Bird is the only one worth looking at IMHO.

  6. NotchNut

    Now my head hurts. I just lost 8 minutes out of my day and have nothing to show for it.

  7. piper62j

    If you ad up the cost of transportation to your favorite location, the package is quite a bit more.. That said, if you have the $ in your wallet, this could be a lucrative investment. Sell some off as is, or keep and restore what lights your fire..
    Nice find.. Cool cars..

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Insisting that these be sold as a lot is silly.

      The cost of transport alone could ruin chances of selling this lot. The seller is clearly naive to the realities of classic car ownership.

  8. Glen

    Wow, that was irritating. (I hope I spelled that right! )

  9. flmikey

    two words…lazy freakin’ seller…

  10. Fred W.

    I own a nearly identical T Bird and am glad to see someone else thinks it has value. Looking at the interior, I can see it needs at a minimum carpet, dash pad and horn button along with a lot of clean up. Most any TBird that has been motionless in a non heated/ air conditioned space will require weeks of work to get all the power systems working, especially the windows, heating and air, power vent system, etc. To me, this one looks like 2K-3K as is and maybe 7K after sorted, if paint is not needed and there is no rust at all and little body filler.

  11. Chebby

    Six cars, one price, two words: No thanks.

  12. paul

    Im going past Cartersville on hwy 75 to Blue ridge for Halloweeny, if any are still there I will check

    • BMW/Tundra guy

      Where you going in Blue Ridge? I gotta place up there on the lake.

      Luckily I’m too late to read this apparently awe inspiring ad. Hope they ALL found a good home. Very glad it’s NOT mine!!!

  13. Mike

    I wanted to send this ad to Jeff Foxworthy to have him translate it for me, he was also from Georgia. I am sure he would add a couple of Redneck jokes about it and we would understand what this guy has.
    The only car I would want to get my hands on would also be the t-bird.
    Is that shining duct tape on the fender of the Corvette?
    Some kind of Redneck bondo?

    • Robert

      I HEAR You, Some ONE thinks its JOKE DAY.

    • brian crowe

      If you’re mowing your lawn and you find a car, you might be a redneck.

  14. Robert

    Take the First 0 out and then it might be a DEAL.

  15. Old geezer

    Estate sale=garage sale
    Classics= old used cars
    Collector= no one cares
    New top end= new valve cover gaskets
    New shocks=rode like crap, still does
    Rebuilt less than 400 miles=needs more work
    20k firm= I watched all those car shows

  16. Keefer Zeller

    I just can’t imagine why you would have these 6 cars in your possession at one time. Other than the T-Bird, there isn’t one in good shape. Crazy!

  17. kyle

    No if ands and buts? Lol… not worth 10,000!!!

  18. Allan

    Wow. I started to re-read the ad. Then I realized that for the asking price, it wasn’t worth wasting my time, trying to understand what I just read.

  19. Ck

    The perfect redneck car lot starter kit.

  20. george

    I think the whole group can’t be worth 7500–and then restoring them would be a waste of time. None of them are very desireable/popular so can be purchased on the market for nearly nothing.

  21. Mike D

    a guess would be whomever is selling them doesn’t want to bother with dragging out sales for weeks, or months . The duct tape on the ‘Vette has me scratching my head too, crack? hole? being from the northeast they all look pretty solid , would drive the Nova as is, unless it needs work to pass inspection. None are show worthy, but would attract attention at an ice cream or hamburger stand would eventually go with a good paint job and whatever else to make them look good ,,, but then, again, I am getting old.. agree the T-Bird looks nicest of the bunch , but for me, it would be that to sell to fix the rest

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