Solid Project: 1972 AMC Javelin SST

The 1972 AMC Javelin is a vehicle that possesses tough and aggressive styling. The bulging fenders make the perfect home for some fat wheels and tires. Somebody has already given this Javelin SST that treatment, blessing the vehicle with a pretty purposeful stance. Now, all that it needs is for someone to come along and give it the restoration treatment that it so richly deserves. If you think that you could be that person, then you will find the Javelin located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $3,550, and with the reserve met, that restoration could be just around the corner for this classic AMC.

Finished in Jetset Blue, the Javelin appears to be an essentially solid vehicle. The owner provides this YouTube video showing us the vehicle’s underside and the floors, rockers, and the rails appear to wear little more than some surface corrosion in spots. That isn’t to say that there isn’t rust for the next owner to tackle, with the worst of this being at the base of both A-Pillars and in the cowl. Given the structural significance of this area, this rust will need to be repaired correctly. However, the remaining spots in the front of the hood, around the rear window, and in the lower rear quarter panel on the driver’s side could easily be addressed by someone who is competent with a grinder and a welder. The trim and chrome generally look quite good, although the grille is from a later vehicle. Stating the obvious here, the wheels aren’t original. However, I actually don’t mind them that much, and they certainly fill out the wheel wells quite nicely. Taking a look around the car, it appears that all of the glass is also in good condition.

By and large, the interior of the Javelin presents fairly well. The seats have been reupholstered at some point, and while the material might not be to everyone’s taste, it does appear to be free from rips and tears. The dash and pad look to be in good condition, although an aftermarket radio/cassette player occupies the spot where the original radio would have been. Speakers for this have been cut into the door trims, but otherwise, they are in good order. The most pressing need would be to replace the carpet. It is really badly faded, and I have no doubt that replacing that and giving everything a good clean would lift the whole interior. The Javelin also used to be fitted with air conditioning, but the majority of these components have been removed at some point. Personally, I think that it would be worth the effort to address this because it would make the interior a far more pleasant place to be on those hotter days.

The owner supplies no engine photos, but what we know is that the Javelin is equipped with a 304ci V8 and an automatic transmission. When it was shiny and new, this engine would have produced 150hp and allowed the vehicle to cover the ¼ mile in 17.4 seconds. It would appear that the engine remains in good health and the fact that it has been fitted with an upgraded Holley 4-Barrel carburetor, headers, and a dual exhaust, might mean that a few more ponies have been liberated along the way. The transmission is said to go into gear okay, but stopping this beast is a whole different story. A previous owner was in the process of converting the AMC to power front disc brakes but didn’t complete the work. It seems that nothing has been hooked up, so that is one mechanical task for the next owner to tackle. Another could be to clean the fuel system. The Javelin is fitted with an electric fuel pump but currently runs off an external tank. The owner doesn’t specify why this is, but there’s a fair chance that the tank will either require cleaning, or it may even need to be replaced. It seems that there really isn’t anything major that needs to be tackled here. It just looks like it is a number of those fiddly little jobs that take more time and effort and very little money.

In reality, the most pressing needs for this Javelin are to address the rust in the A-Pillars and cowl and to return the brakes to a functional state. With those problems licked, the vehicle will be heading some way down the track to being a potentially roadworthy classic once again. I wouldn’t hesitate to have a professional address those particular rust issues, but as I have previously stated, the rest could be tackled by a competent person with very little drama. This is that moment when I talk about potential values, and the ’72 Javelin SST is a classic that remains quite affordable. Values have been pretty stable in recent times, and while it is possible to find 304-equipped cars for around $10,000, a really nice example will command a price closer to $14,000. If you want something that is pristine, then $17,000 will potentially secure you a car of that standard. This particular car has a way to go to reach that level, but it does look like it could conceivably make it whilst remaining financially viable. Would you take it on?


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  1. Lance Nord

    Ring Brothers have spoiled me on Javelins…. every time I see one, I think of their restomod ’72 that they built for 2017 SEMA. I wouldn’t own an original Javelin, but I would give someone else’s left arm for the opportunity to own the Ring Brothers’ Javelin.

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  2. jerry z

    For the price, it’s not a bad deal. Even like the wheels!

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  3. Raymond Murphy

    I love Javelin”s! But, not this one. Owner won’t even hook up brakes! What? Plus, not enough pics: under carriage, trunk interior, headliner and engine bay. I like the price. But, I would have to rent a place long enough to get the ting running well enough to drive it. Almost said, “I’m sorry.” But, not going to. I’m out.

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  4. Dave S.

    I’ve always been attracted to these cars and have mentioned in here before that I at one point owned an AMX , I wonder what kind of shape the trunk is in ? Also is there a hole right into the trunk right at the end of the bumper on the left corner ? It’s tempting to bid on this one. Certainly sitting at a decent price right now.

  5. Wilburn C Shook

    Have you ever wondered what the first “pony” police car was and who had them? The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro were Johnny come lately’s. The Javelin was the first pony car police car and the State of Alabama was the troopers that had them. Go to Utube and enter Javelin police car. Nothing, at the time, got away from them.

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  6. Rusty Trawler

    I always thought the javelin interior was better than Mustang or the Camaro in its day.

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  7. Oliver

    This vehicle represents a good opportunity. By all means $3,500 is a reasonable price. What has to be done with the disc brake conversion may have to do with replacing the hubs. Doing so, and then putting them back on to the steering knuckle at the front or rear axle takes some grit and strength. The proper tools are required to push hubs out in the front and the rear may involve working with the axle. Google Mustang rear brake conversion and there are examples out there of how to do it. Working the brakes is a time consuming first step and it may take a few tries to make happen, but i agree with love and care this makes an awesome vehicle to own

    Sometimes i look at the Javelin and i do not know what to make of it. There are so many different angles and curves to this vehicle, that someone can get a different impression of it depending on the angle at which they are viewing it. Outside of that it’s awesome, i think it represents a mindset entirely apart from GM or Ford, and it’s refreshing to know that in light of the systemic controls they had in the automotive market, there stood AMC in the boxing ring, ready to put their fists up and do battle.

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