Solid Survivor: 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Oldsmobile had a major hit on their hands with the redesigned Cutlass in 1968. Actually, all of GM’s A-body cars were redesigned but if you were an Olds fan, you were focused on the new Cutlass. This solid survivor 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme can be found posted here on craigslist in Westminster, Colorado, just north of Denver. The seller is asking $7,500 firm. Thanks to Gunter K. for sending in this tip!

It’s hard to argue with the 1968 and 1969 Olds Cutlass for me, with the 1968 grille and wide headlight configuration edging out pretty much every other year. But, the 1969 model would be my personal second choice and finding a car as solid as this one is would possibly even take precedence over trying to track down a ’68 in this condition. This car appears to be rock solid and that isn’t a small factor when finding a vintage vehicle. Hagerty is at $8,100 for a #4 fair condition car and $12,100 for a #3 good condition car.

The third-generation Cutlass was made between 1968 and 1972 and GM’s A-body cars also included Oldsmobile’s F-85 and 442, the Buick Special, Skylark, and GSX, Pontiac’s Tempest, LeMans, and GTO, as well as Chevrolet’s Malibu and Chevelle, among a few others such as the El Camino/Sprint and Canada’s Pontiac Beaumont. This is the top trim level Cutlass Supreme which was above the base F-85 and mid-level Cutlass S. The 442 was a separate model by this time.

The seller has provided a few underside photos which show the amazing condition of this car overall. Look at those rocker panels, they look as solid as the day this car left the factory in Lansing. But, there are a couple of areas that need work, and they mention some bubbling under the vinyl top. The interior has a few issues with some cracking in the steering wheel, but the dash and seats look great to me for the most part. The seller mentions that the headliner needs help so there’s a bit of work to do inside.

The engine is Oldsmobile’s 350 cubic-inch Rocket V8 which with a four-barrel carb would have had 310 horsepower. They say that it runs well and drives great but they don’t have time to finish the restoration and it’s sitting outside by their garage. I never like to hear of a vehicle being stored outside, especially through a Colorado winter. How would you finish this Cutlass Supreme?

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  1. JCA

    I agree, the ’68 front end is my favorite too

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  2. Bryan

    I had a 4 door 69 Cutlass. 350 rocket with the 4 barrel. It was my first car. Bought it in 1980.

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  3. Ken

    I’ve had a few 69’s, this looks like a real good project, but it’s not worth what the asking price is. It’s going to take 10 to 15 thousand to make it look new and that’s a conservative figure. Might be worth $5,000.00. It’s going to cost a grand to have it shipped in the US anywhere over 2000 miles.

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    • Bmac777 Member

      So by your figures when its finished you would be into this cat for 20k instead of 22.5k plus the shipping costs.
      Doesn’t seem like a big difference in the classic car restoration business.
      Unless you have a way back machine, you have to deal with today’s market and this car is a bargain at $7500, but if you think there’s better ones out there that make this a 5k car, PLEASE let someone know or buy it yourself

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  4. Steve R

    The ad was deleted by the author last night. It seems like someone out there thought it was too good of a deal to pass up.

    Steve R

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  5. Bruce H.

    Not a Supreme.

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  6. Rocketbrian

    It is a Supreme based on CS on the roof pillar, side mouldings along the length of the body and the upholstery pattern. Also, it is a 4bbl., which was standard on a Supreme. Why would you say it wasn’t?

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    • 1-MAC

      It looks like a Holley which is not stock. Should have had a quadrajet

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  7. Frank B.

    Bmac, It just shows what some of the people on this site know. I agree with you that if this car is in that good of condition, It’s (was) a steal. Being able to finish it the way you want and having a fair price in it afterwards gives you the pleasure of enjoying it and watching it appreciate in value

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  8. MDW66

    Beaumonts and Acadians were not Pontiacs, they were sold at Pontiac/Buick dealers. Ask your Canadian car guy friends. 😁

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  9. Rick Chase

    Had a 68 69 71 and a 72 you could say I had a thing for that body style all had 350 4bbl except the 71 had a 70 stage 1 that I acquired from a 70 w30

    • Gus Fring

      Ummmm…what? A Stage 1 is a Buick engine…400 in 1969 and 455 from 1970-1974. An Olds W-30 was a completely different engine. They had nothing in common.

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  10. Kevin

    I had a 69 442 back in 89,needed lots of body work and at 20 years old making 6 bucks an hour and a new baby,had to let it go,this one I’d buy and enjoy as is,and restore a little at a time,no nut and bolt rotisserie deep pockets stuff,just fix what’s needed,and save up for body and paint,love 69,all time favorite year,and 66,then 70-72 s with the hump in the quarter panel, long live oldsmobile, one of the best lines gm,ever made.

  11. Dave

    My wife owned one just like this when we met in 1977. Manual brakes. She complained that it didn’t want to stop. Someone had installed sintered metal brake shoes. I replaced them and two years later she married me.
    I still change her brakes, and we’re still married.

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  12. Poppy

    I’m glad they turned the steering wheel 180 degrees for 1970-72. These just look upside down to me with the horn pad apex pointing down.

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    • Gus Fring

      I always though the same thing, lol.

  13. Vance

    This is my favorite year because I owned one and because of the single lens taillights. It had a perfect black vinyl interior which had bucket seats but no console. It kind of defeated the purpose for bucket seats because of the lack of shifter, and no bench so girls could snuggle up next to you.I lived in Michigan, but those seats got so hot it would sear your a$$. One of my favorite rides that I owned.

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