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Southwest Patina: 1967 Dodge D100 Pickup

The D/W series of Dodge trucks ran from 1960-93 and 4X2 models were marketed as “D” while 4X4 models were “W”. Hardly catchy marketing names like the “Ram Tough” trucks that would follow.  The D100 was your basic half-ton pickup with rear-wheel drive. Located in Tucson, Arizona, this ’67 truck has a 383 V8 and wears its fair share of desert patina. It could use some rust repairs on the floors and then be driven indefinitely the way it otherwise is. Available here on eBay, the reserve hasn’t been met yet by its most recent bid of $4,050.

Dodge’s D/W trucks got a mild redesign for their second generation (1965-71). That resulted in an upgrade in drivetrain choices and a longer wheelbase for models with 8-foot beds. By 1967, you could have a 383 cubic inch V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor, which is the set up in the seller’s pickup. At a supposedly original 63,000 miles, the seller says this long-bed truck with the push-button automatic transmission does its job well. The brakes were redone by the prior owner, but probably need bleeding as it doesn’t stop as well as it should.

Other mechanical work has been done more recently that includes new shock absorbers, a full tune-up, alternator, coil, electronic ignition, and new fuel filter and lines. Also, the truck has new headlights, taillights, and backup lenses, and a new windshield and rubber seal. But there are a few things that need to go on the do-list: fix the gas gauge, replace the accelerator pump, and replace one of the valve cover gaskets (part provided). The buyer won’t have to worry about tires because it’s got new tread all way around.

As the photos will help show, there is some rust to deal worth and the floor pans seem to be the primary culprits. The seller has new rubber floor mats with padding but didn’t wish to install them over rusty floors. There is also a hole in the driver’s bedside from something that may have been leaking but is no longer there. The bed itself seems to be in fairly good shape. If you like patina, you could fix all this and put a layer of clear coat over top or you could bite the bullet and repaint the whole truck.

These older pickups are appreciating and this Dodge is not likely an exception. In Excellent condition, one of these can fetch $25,000 or more, according to Hagerty. Fix the rust and you’d at least have a truck worth $10,000. Oh, and lest I forget, you’ll need to put new seat covers on along with refreshing the door panels if you want it to be right.


  1. Steve R

    For the amount of work it needs I’m surprised it hasn’t met reserve with its current bid of $4,050. It has potential, but it’s a long bed, besides Dodge trucks aren’t as highly sought after as Ford and Chevy trucks.

    Steve R

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  2. Terrry

    The 383 2-barrel ahead of a 727 Torqueflite is a great drivetrain. If only I had a car to put this into…

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    • ADM

      As the 383 was a very tough engine, they never had to beef it up for use in trucks.

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  3. Howard Kerr

    Just a small point:
    The write up says the seller describes this truck as having a ” pushbutton automatic transmission “? Where are the pushbuttons? They aren’t visible in the pictures, and besides, didn’t Chrysler drop pushbutton control of the automatic transmission after 1964?

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    • DON

      That, and the fact you can see the dash mounted shifter on the pics on Ebay

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  4. Dave

    The 383 2bbl, in a car, is rated at 270 hp. There is a Popular Science road test from 1964, IIRC, and the test truck had a 426 Wedge in it, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the 440 was available in this year truck. AFAIK, no trucks with the 426 Hemi came from the factory.

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  5. Roy Clark

    I owned one of these trucks back in the early 70s. 318 V8, automatic, no push buttons, column shifter. Great engine, tranny sucked, replaced it twice. Hood popped open at about 85 and I pulled it off the truck. Drove it every day for two more years through ice, snow, and rain with no hood and it ran like a top. That 318 motor was great!

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  6. tom

    I have had many 318s, not a bad one in the lot.

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  7. Gary Rhodes

    I’ve had a number of these and they were all good trucks. Make no mistake, these were TRUCKS, parallel leaf springs front and rear, minimal cloth/vinyl interior unless it was optioned out. Just good, solid trucks. My latest is slated for a Dakota front frame swap and four link rear when I get time, 440/4spd, as low as I an get it and still drive it alot.

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    “It drives like an old truck.” That’s likely an apt statement. The seller seems honest, and provides good info and pics. I find the ultra-simple instruments, which don’t even fill the available space, to be interesting. Along with the control knobs: L, V, W, D, H, B (Lights, Vent, Wiper, Defrost, Heat, Blower?).

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  9. rick

    My grandfather had this year and model of dodge truck.
    Bought new at a Dodge Dealer in Rock Springs Wyoming.
    Only a short bed version would fit into his garage. D100 with
    4 speed and 318 V-8. Bought a new camper shell for it in 1968.
    Beige with Beige and Black interior. Was still running strong when my dad
    took it in about 1990. A Bugger to Drive with Tricky 4 speed and No power

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