Spotlessly Clean: 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop

If appearances count for anything, this 1959 Pontiac Bonneville looks to be one really nice car. Everywhere that you look, the presentation of the car is extremely impressive. From my perspective, this is one of the nicest color combinations that I have seen on a Bonneville, and it makes it a car that is guaranteed to attract attention for all of the right reasons. I have to thank Barn Finder local_sheriff for referring this stunning Pontiac to us. Located in Lakeland, Florida, it is listed for sale here on eBay.

The Pontiac doesn’t wear its original paint, having undergone a repaint in its original Canyon Copper Metallic at some point in the past. Everywhere that you look the presentation is pretty good, with a nice shine to both the paint and exterior trim. There are also a number of photos of the underside of the car, and it looks clean and solid. The wheels aren’t original, and the originals don’t actually come with the car. However, the owner is willing to source original wheels and hubcaps for the car if the buyer wants. I think that one of the reasons that I’ve always liked the ’59 model is the fact that this was the year that Pontiac introduced the split grille, which would go on to become a distinctive feature of the brand for the remainder of its days.

The interior of the Bonneville is probably even more impressive than the exterior. The three-tone Metallic Light Copper and Beige interior trim is close to faultless, with only a slight abrasion of the outside piping on the driver’s seat to report. The car has recently been fitted with new carpet, and it is the correct Copper Sparkle color. There are lashings of chrome on the dash, and the interior appears to be complete and original. One thing that I do find surprising on this car is the fact that apart from the WonderBar radio and a power seat, there are very few other major optional items, such as power windows or air conditioning fitted to the car.

Under the hood is the original 300hp 389ci V8 engine, which is backed by the original 4-speed Super Hydramatic transmission. Also included are power steering and power brakes. Once again, the presentation under the hood matches the rest of the car, with no obvious signs of oil or coolant leaks or spills. The owner doesn’t provide us with any information on how the car runs or drives, so we’re left to form our own opinion on that.

Some people like to buy a project car and then work away tirelessly to create their dream car. Other people will buy a car where all of the work has been done because time, skills, or circumstances mean that a project is not viable for them. This Pontiac Bonneville is for a person who fits into the latter category because it appears that there is very little work to do. It’s a car that the new owner can climb into and enjoy. At the time of writing, the owner has set the opening bid at $22,500, but there have been no bids. However, there are 24 people who are watching the auction, and with good examples selling for in excess of $45,000, you have to wonder whether one of those individuals is going to be this car’s next owner.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Wow! Let me be the 1st to say, what a car. I don’t care for the cheesy exhaust tips, wheels, ww tires or headlight covers, but just the epitome of Pontiacs. Right on the edge of becoming the famous performance cars, and still leaned toward luxury,,,with a kick. I don’t think you could buy a nicer car in ’59, or today, for that matter. And people are willing to pay twice( or thrice) as much for a stinkin’ VW bus? There’s a noodle scratcher for ya’.

    • Will Fox

      I agree 100% Howard. Knowing your taste in cars, this would be a gorgeous addition to your stable. My personal favorite color combo. I built the original `59 AMT model kit of this car in this exact colors! But yes–it needs correct wide whites & 8 lugs (first year for those!) and lose the exhaust tips. This is easily a $40K+ car. Neat as a pin!

  2. Dusty Rider

    Beautiful car, but there’s something about the chrome strip on the side, I think it would have looked better if it had run straight to the rear bumper. The curve back to the wheel well looks out of character to me.


    The seller represents an excellent presentation. This is how I remember seeing these in the early 1970’s. A typical clean 1950’s car on it’s first repaint and some period at the time wheels. Nice. The seller has it right for me. I wouldn’t change it.

    Good find and good luck to the seller

  4. Bear

    Beautiful old Pontiac! :-)
    Looks pretty sanitary all over, even underneath!
    (…I ALWAYS like to see underside pictures, as it tells SO MUCH about the true condition of the car!)
    I expect to see that bidding price climb significantly before it sells!

  5. Had Two

    Stunning car. Wow!
    But shame about the chrome Crager type wheels…..what happened to the originals?

  6. Mike W H

    Wow! This is another family car we had back in the day. Only picture it in that Pontiac green (with matching interior).

    I LOVED those big old Pontiac cruisers. My family had in order a 53, 56, 58 and 59 Pontiac. Then suddenly, starting in 64, station wagons. Thanks to dad, each had a killer drivetrain (don’t tell mom). The ’56 was my favorite, two tone black over red Star Chief with a 317 and two four barrel carbs. How I loved to steal that thing late at night when I was like 12 or so. And I have no story about getting caught! I was a VERY lucky kid.

    • Anthony in RI

      What were engines in the 58, 59 and 64? 389 Tri-power? 421?

  7. Kenneth Carney

    Wow! Yhis car is less than 30 minutes
    (Allowing for traffic in Lakeland) from
    me! And when it came to space age
    styling, you couldn’t beat GM. Seemed
    like every one of their ’59 offerings looked
    as though it could fly into space!! Think
    this is great looking? (And it is too) Then
    have a look at the 4-door HT version of
    this car. GM did a really great job of
    making sure that there was a flat top
    for all its devisions. Of all the flat top
    models, Pontiac looked the nicest
    followed by Oldsmobile. Reminds me
    of the ’60 Olds flat top I almost bought
    in ’91 for $2500! Yeah, it needed work
    but it ran and drove well for its age. Just
    couldn’t talk my wife into it though. About the only fault I can find with this
    car is that on a hot summer’s day, you’ll
    roast under all that glass but you’ll look
    very cool doing it!

  8. daCabbie

    I’d cut a hole in the side of my house and park this in my living room… it’s better than porn… and won’t give you hairy palms or make you go blind.

    Needs to be in a showroom or museum… sadly we will never see true American design like this again. I can’t think of anything produced in the past 40 years that has the flair and presence like this.

    Why is the seller selling this? You can’t replace it and it doesn’t get any better.

    • CanuckCarGuy

      Spot on daCabbie! When I look at the detail and style of the A pillar, vent window and door contour it seals the deal for me; that design aspect alone is true art to my eyes.

    • PaulG

      Click on see other auctions and you’ll see that it’s a dealer with an amazing array of vehicles for sale.

  9. Craig

    I’d lose the wheels on it but otherwise, wow what a car.

  10. j liu

    Can you imagine the neighbors looks when the new owner brought this home?
    A Bonneville no less.
    This is a beauty and I’d bet, the pride and joy of that new owner.

  11. JP

    Gorgeous looking Bonneville just the way that it is! Let the new owner decide what changes he or she would like to make if any.

  12. local_sheriff

    I absolutely love this Poncho, not because it’s the coolest 59 from GM but this one truly got me with that unusual copper color and matching interior.A guy in my club has a black with turquise interior 59 Bonneville, and he draws crowds and awards with it wherever he takes it.
    As a Chevy guy I maybe shouldn’t say this , but given what similar Impalas are advertised for, this one sure is a lot better and unique buy especially as this doesn’t even seem to need any work. If I where to get a 50s car today I’d take this on the spot, give it a thorough suspension drop and maybe some other wheels and start the car season right away! Best of luck to the new owner !

  13. Ian McLennan

    When I was about 16 Dad bought a 1959 Pontiac Laurentian (probably the Canadian equivalent of a Catalina?), 6 cylinder, three on the tree, 4-door sedan, kind of a rose colour with a cream coloured roof. Not quite as beautiful as this bubble top, but still a very pretty car.
    Three acres of hood out front, 4 acres of trunk lid out back, enough glass to build a large green house with, a ride that was like floating on air. The back seat was large enough to do anything you could talk your girlfriend into.
    That 6 cylinder could easily push that old girl well over 100 mph, but I don’t think Dad ever knew that.

    • Robert White

      I had an Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe 1966 with an Inline-194 that was bolted to a two speed powerglide. In no way whatsoever could my Canso run at 100 mph until I installed a 350 CID. The rear gear was way too high in second for a six to accomplish 100mph. The 59 came with a cast iron glide & Inline 6. It is doubtful that the rear gear on that 59 would have allowed the car to go 100mph without really stressing the motor on the revs.


  14. Robert White

    A 59 Pontiac ain’t worth no $22k anywhere, or at any time. The firewall paint has been touched up and is not a match in appearance that would resemble a $22k car unless it was a Bugatti.

    Try crashing a 59 Pontiac and then source new fenders & doors from a wrecker or aftermarket jobber.

    Ain’t no 59 Pontiac worth this absurd price.


    • Mark

      So, based on your logic, the same could be said about the car in your pic……
      This Pontiac, compared to the other GM large makes of this era is worth $22k and then some.

    • mlm

      I beg to differ especially if it’s a ’59 Pontiac Bonneville convertible in excellent shape.Those go for some serious coin and way more than 22K and IMO Pontiac and the Cadillac (Eldorado Biarritz) was the best looking cars in 1959 and Ford a close second and a few Mopars.Yes there are some ’59 Ponchos worth this and then some.

    • Howard A Member

      Bob, you’re bummin’ us out,,,

      • Robert White

        Howard, you are a great guy with serious knowledge of automotive history but you like K-Cars!

        P.S. I live in the coldest capital city of the entire world and every year around this time I also get cabin fever. Most CANUCKS that sit in -25c
        get antsy around the end of January due to sub-zero temps over time.

        I’ll be okay by July.



    • Little Cars

      Show me where you can buy ANY Bugatti for $22k? Get your head out of the past man. The seller admits the car has been repainted. Even a wrecked modern Bugatti with a salvage title will set you back more than the BIN of this Pontiac. I too built the AMT model of this car, made it a convert from a hardtop, and even added those period mag wheels. With hand painted interior tub detailed like this car only red. Still have it.

  15. Ron

    Beautiful old Poncho I envy the new owner, Hadone in college and when I married in early 60’s exact same clor except mine was a Catalina equipped the same and the interiorot as colorful as theBonneville tri color and not leatherette like the Bonny a little toned down but it had the optional 3 bar spinner wheel covers . That big wide wheelbase would suck up the road, Taded it when I got out of service for a supposed low mileage 64 with A.C that turned out to be the only real slug/lemon I ever owned. Tranny went out day after I bought it, had the old slim Jim what a piece of crap but the 59 was a great piece of machinery. 59’s seem to be one of the rarest years to find today. I can’t image a 59 Pontiac with a 6 cyl engine? OMG The most unpowered sick thing I almost ever owned was a 59 Impala with a 6 cyl and standard tranny from the factory . Basically the same car as the Catalina must have taken 10 miles to get it up to 50.


    Love the wheels and exhaust tips! Very tasteful custom. What a beautiful car.

  17. Wrong Way

    Now this is a real classic. Very nice car. I am going to call the seller Monday morning and see if it’s still available. I will gladly pay BIN price for cars like this. I don’t know where I will put it yet, but I know what I like, and usually buy what I want. I am hoping that I can get this loaded up for a ride to my house next week.

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    With Howard….wow what a car…..that you don’t see that often.

  19. Mike Akerman

    What? No curb feelers?

  20. Michael Ridley

    needs more chrome

  21. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I still can’t get over the claim that the interior is original, except for the new carpet.
    This must have been stored in a humidity controlled bank vault.

  22. Christofer hansson

    Is it still for sale?

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