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1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 327 4-Speed

I’m always up for an old Impala find and this 1967 SS two-door hardtop definitely caught my attention! Built in the days when full-size high-performance options were still available, the ’67 Chevrolet Impala was a popular choice. Of course, the attention-getter here is the four-speed manual transmission. Offered through the ’69 model year, four-speeds started to become scarce in B-body (full size) cars by ’67 so I’m thankful that JMB discovered this example. It’s located in Vancouver, Washington, and is available, here on craigslist for $15,000.

OldRide tells us that 649,600 Impalas were assembled in ’67 and 73,600 were designated as Super Sport (SS) models. The SS breakdown was still possible in ’67 as they carried a unique model ID that year, the last in fact before the SS reverted to an option package (RPO Z03) for the ’68 model year. This car’s 6887 model designation assures its authenticity.

Now one might assume an SS badge meant lots of “get up and go” under the hood but that’s not the case as standard power was a 155 gross HP in-line six-cylinder engine with options extending all the way up to a 385 HP 427 CI V8. Our subject car splits the difference by coming equipped with a 275 gross HP 327 CI V8 – hardly a slouch but not really muscle car material either. The seller states, “The motor turns over I think it would run without too much trouble“. OK, so it’s a non-runner but it’s not stuck – good to know. Also observed, but not mentioned, is the installation of exhaust headers. Interestingly the seller identifies the four-speed manual transmission in this Chevy as a “Saginaw” unit as opposed to the preferred Muncie – most sellers probably wouldn’t know the difference. The Saginaw is a perfectly good transmission but lacks the strength of the Muncie – probably a moot point with this powerplant.  There’s no image of the underside and  GM’s archives indicate that a standard ten-bolt differential should be installed. The seller, however, claims that his Impala is equipped with the stronger twelve-bolt variety.

The seller tells us that he purchased this Impala from the original owner. It was parked in ’92 and then moved four years ago when the seller acquired it. It is stated to have 42K original miles but there’s no documentation to authenticate that claim. The body is in fair shape – there’s evidence of faded paint, cracked Bondo, a bit of rust, missing front-end components, a dented passenger quarter, and the obviously mismatched hood. That said, this appears to be a pretty sound car – at least compared to many B-bodies from this generation that turn up and are in the slowly-reverting-to- cinders-stage thanks to all of the rust. This SS looks like it’s still in possession of at least three of its original four “SS” wheel covers – they’re a one-year-only deal and are hard to find today.

The big identifier of a ’60s vintage Impala SS is the center console and bucket seats – found as expected here. The vinyl upholstery is cracked and coming apart but these are easy interiors to replicate and this one can probably be brought back to presentable shape pretty easily – I have seen a whole lot worse! The original Delco radio is gone but it seems that most replace those with something that looks original but is modernized for sound quality and blue tooth connectivity.

This is a sound project based on a full-size sorta muscle car. The four-speed manual transmission is what sets this example apart from most others. If I were interested, I’d definitely go for a stock restore. This 1967 Impala SS is just too complete and original to ignore wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Jerry Bramlett

    Neat car, and a decent description for a Craig’s List ad. There’s probably not a high demand for this big car model, though, especially one lacking factory A.C. and power steering.

    By the time you got it painted and made it reliable, you’d have $50,000 in the project. I think that’s why the seller is flipping it rather than fixing it.

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  2. Blyndgesser

    These had something relatively rare for Detroit full size sedans in the ‘60s: a dash that was simultaneously attractive and legible.

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  3. Bill W,

    I doubt the 42,000 mile claim. That must have been extremely rough miles if true. Plenty of rust and cracked bondo? In a 42,000 mile car? Really?
    I think the whole front sheet metal has been replaced, probably in a front end collision. I’d have thought it would have a Muncie, but maybe not, with a small block. Then why the 12 bolt? Sorry, but a non-running car that needs everything, I’m not seeing 15K.

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    • bowmade

      I’m waiting for the muscle car market to start selling short. I’ll take a Torino Talladega for penny’s on the dollar…. I’ll wait…..

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  4. George Birth

    Another pipe dream special!! This one at todays prices is worth about $1K. I wonder where these guys get there prices from? The last motor I had rebuilt was a 4 banger Toyota and it cost me $1200.00 and that was before gas went to $5.00 a gallon. Today to rebuild an engine would probably cost 4 times that. I would not trust a probably “minor ” work to get an engine to run claim.

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  5. Rustytech Member

    Well let’s see. We have a $15k car that needs $50k in restoration and a finished value of maybe $35k! What could go wrong?

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  6. Danny

    Hey, if you do not like the asking price, that is your opinion. However, for many who are not evidently rich like the rest of you on here and evidently can pony up 50k for a restored car, the 15k is a cheap buy into the market, especially, if a vast majority of the work can be accomplished by the new owners. Please remember, not every car purchased is determined by a immediate buy and flip attitude. I have been in this market place for a very long time, and very much like the stock market, long term investment is where you grow your Capitol. In ten years look at the price and check loss and gains. I promise you, this car will make you money.

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    • mick

      capital, not Capitol.

      • 8banger 8banger Member

        HA HA!

      • Danny

        Thanks Mick for reading my reply.

      • mick

        Danny, my apologies. OCD got a hold on me that won’t let me go. Embarrassing at times. Peace.

  7. Bill W.

    Whoa, Danny,
    The comments made were made because that’s an awful high starting price for a car that needs everything. It’s not even running. It’s rusty. The interior is rough. I’ve bought cars like this myself, and not to flip. I paid much less for my 56 Chevy 210 2 door sedan as a non running project and it was a zero rust Tucson car with a good interior.
    It doesn’t matter if you keep it a long time, it needs lots of time and money spent on it. I’ve bought and completed cars for about what the asking price is here. Buyer beware.

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    • Danny

      Bill, thank you for the response! However, yes here comes some clarity, to entertain or food for thought. When you have an item that is rare, or no longer being produced, the value will always exceed condition, regardless of market place. Many many people on this venue only see what they choose to see, a rusted piece of junk that to them is valued as scrap or less. To others, they truly see automobile history, that will never be produced or seen again. In the very near future, this discussion will go from negative critic about a rare 50 year old rusted muscle car, to crying about paying 50k or more for the same car because that piece of junk car no longer exists in the market place to purchase. Once again, rare equals big money, either on the rusted end or restored end. You choose, while you still have a choice.

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  8. RMac

    I love anything with a 327 and 4 speed man that engine looks lost in that engine compartment especially without power steering pump or ac compressor or air filter on it easy access to change the oil filter plugs wires and distributor cap and points well… maybe not the plugs with the headers

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  9. timothy r herrod

    A big car with a 4 speed is cool, only thing cooler would be a 4 door or a wagon with a 4 speed

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  10. george mattar

    While I agree with the comments on being under water with a car never worth what it would take to correctly restore, what a beauty when new, red on red in the best year of GM quality EVER. I remember these cars new. Today, GM builds nothing but JUNK.

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