Still In The Wrapper: 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88


Sadly, this 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 comes onto the market as the result of an estate sale. It’s obviously been very cherished since purchase. Aftermarket clear plastic covers are still on the seats, and from the looks of things, they have been there since new. It has only covered 51,000 miles from new, and for once I believe those are original miles. This one really is a beauty.  Thanks to VaTex for this great find! It’s located in Edenton, North Carolina and is for sale here on craigslist, where the estate is taking offers. The car is in truly great shape from what we can tell from the pictures, especially on the inside. And with a 455 cubic inch V-8 and a factory limited slip differential, I’ll bet it would move along pretty good for it’s day. Where else are you going to find interior stitching and embossing like that!




  1. DREW V.

    Hell yeah!!! Would style and profile in that every day…

  2. Cassidy

    What a nice car! I thought about making an offer for my daughter, but its really too big. I hope the next owner takes great care of it!

  3. Andrew M

    Wowsa, now that is an automobile. Big Olds with a bench seat and no A/C… don’t see that every day.

    • Ed P

      With no A/C and in North Carolina, maybe they did not drive in the summer. In the mid 70’s, a guy I worked with bought a Olds 98. He wanted a Cadillac but A/C was standard by then and could not be deleted. He bought the Olds 98 because he could get it without A/C.

  4. MH

    What a beautiful car! I sure wish I had the garage space.

  5. Cory

    Not my style, but I like it. This would be a great deal for someone looking to get into a usable classic, assuming the sellers are realistic. Getting this on the road would be far cheaper than restoring another one. While it isn’t a highly desired model it does have style and would be very well received at any show.

  6. don

    miles may be actual this time, but the someone has some some customizing. nice condition. the plastic seat covers were something you could buy, my grandparents had them on their 72 caprice (two door).

  7. The Walrus

    Wow! Because its original, I’d say that’s a #1 condition car by almost any measure. Doesn’t look like it’s even spent one night in the big barn with the blue roof. Even so, you’d have to really like big Oldsmobiles to fork over what it’s worth. Even without many options, it must be somewhat special, as the ‘Royale’ has its own line in the book. Best part is, its not green like so many cars from the period!

    1970 Delta 88 Royale, V-8, 124″ wb

    2d HT 6-660 5-1,980 4-3,300 3-7,430 2-11,550 1-16,500

  8. Chebby

    The torque on these pre-smog 455s is pretty amazing. Almost like a giant electric motor, you just feel huge thrust in near silence.

  9. randy

    This car was bought by and old school person that knew how to take care of their stuff! I’d like to see the rest of the estate that is up for sale.

    I also like old Olds’. but this is also not my style.

  10. Jason

    Fantastic shape, though these “Still in the Wrapper” cars make me a little said. Did the original owner ever really *enjoy* it? Smoke the tires a bit? Sit on the damn fabric, whydontchya!

    • Ed P

      A friend had plastic covers put on his first new car. After about ten years the plastic started cracking and splitting. When he tried to pull it off, the cloth upholstery was stuck to it and was rotted.

  11. Jason

    P.S. Those side “vents” are horrid.

  12. randy

    Those fake vents were called “shark gills” on my old ’70 Ranchero GT.

    Hard to find I bet.

  13. JW

    Too big of a car for me but I got to give credit to who owned it for taking such good care of it. How I wish I had done the same thing to half my old cars back in the day.

  14. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m 100% in favor of this car! Great land yacht GM cruiser from the era.

    As always I got a complaint: Why do so many car ads NEVER include a picture of maybe the most important part of the car…that is…the part of the car that the driver will always be looking at?? THE DASHBOARD!!! The steering wheel!

    That’s my pet peeve, (and about 600 others) but thanks for letting me vent. I’m OK now.

  15. Don E Member

    Pet peeve: add no engine bay pics to the missing list.

  16. ben

    I don’t know looks like a repaint ive never seen one with trim like that across the roof and the wheels are not factory so its had some things done intiour is real nice that I admit but the pass door jam looks to have some touch up as well but is a nice olds but no air not a plus but cruise night a plus

  17. John

    Must have belonged to a pimp! JMO

  18. Chris A.

    A nice over the top ’70s car even w/o the AC. The roof may have been a dealer add on. I recall that “landau style” half padded roofs were popular back in the ’70s. Truly a time warp back to the ’70s with the landau roof, gold interior and wire spoke full hubcaps for the “sporty” image. And two big pluses with that huge 455 engine and limited slip differential. it has the feeling of a RWD version of an Olds Toronado.

  19. Joe Moss

    I do not think any one had the half V top at that time. I feel this was a full V top when new. Also think it looks like at least a partial repaint. Know the wheels are not stock. And do not think all of the pin strip is correct. Looks like a nice driver though. These were awesome cars when new.

    • Ed P

      I don’t think pinstripes were a factory option. Most were applied by the dealer or after the sale.

  20. anthony

    Great car. Fyi those wheels were made by Superior and Im sure put on in the mid 70s and look great on that car. The only wheels that should replace the stockers on this type of car. The 1/2 top most likely added around the same time.

  21. Bob Joiner

    The ’70 Olds “B” body was a high watermark for GM; great driving cars and durable. The stripes on this car are factory correct for the Royale package. The vinyl top is not correct and should cover the entire roof. The wheels are also not correct. No A/C probably explains the low miles. A/C is a must have!

  22. ron

    does anyone know where this car is please let me know

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