Stored 25 Years: 1966 Corvette Stingray Coupe

This 1966 Chevrolet Corvette is described as a recent garage find that was discovered after 25 years in storage. Showing just under 35,000 original miles that are believed to be accurate, the Corvette is equipped with a 327/300 HP and four-speed manual combo, making it a survivor with all the right boxes checked. While you can’t go wrong with a Stingray in practically any form, one with three pedals is clearly the way to go.  The Corvette is listed here on craigslist near San Jose for a reasonable price of $29,000. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt R. for the find.

When you see a car this original, it’s hard to look at examples that don’t feature the same level of preservation. You just know when looking at it that it hasn’t been messed with. The engine block paint appears to be just faded enough to be original, and the sticker on the air cleaner is a nice detail that often goes missing when the factory assembly is swapped out. The engine bay really shows no major alterations and even the hoses look to be in good shape. The seller notes that this two-owner car runs and drives well, so despite its years’ of storage, it hasn’t turned into a basketcase that needs everything.

The bucket seats are in excellent condition, and are described as wearing factory upholstery. Blue over black is a handsome combination, and the seller notes the coupe has had just one repaint since new. The Stingray is an interesting specimen from a collectibility point of view as there’s no doubt it’s a sought-after model. But we often forget that the 327 cars are still by and large obtainable – not cheap, but obtainable – whereas the 427 examples are priced a fair bit higher, especially in original, as-delivered condition. It’s incredible to think about slipping into a classic muscle car like this for $30,000.

And slip into it you will, behind that thin-rimmed steering wheel overlooking the multitude of gauges and the upright radio controls. This Corvette looks correct in all the right ways and while we don’t have 100 percent verification that there’s no rust underneath, it seems unlikely given the condition of the rest of the car. Finding a Stringray with matching numbers and in unrestored condition doesn’t happen every day, and with the added bonus of a manual gearbox, this garage-find ’66 coupe looks like a terrific option for the summer car show season.


  1. GuernseyPagoda

    I smell scam. Car is priced too low, for what it is. Secondly, “kindly leave me your phone number and email, and I will get back in touch with you”…. Ok, would you like my credit card info and SSN too? Good luck!

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    • MattR Member

      I think that is a little jaded. Email reply on CL is working and the default setup. He’s just asking for a number in your reply. I agree the price is low, but what’s the harm in replying?

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  2. alphasud Member

    I want to be all over this for my boss but it is just too good to be true. That’s like 30k under book in this market. I am tempted to be that fish. Hook, line, and sinker!

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  3. Ron

    I’m also skeptical about this one, if it seems too good to be true…

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  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Agree that it’s way too good to be true even if it is the “baby” Stingray with the 327/300 plant

    This should be twice the ask

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  5. Slick

    Liked to see under the car

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  6. Todd J. Member

    This car was posted on craigslist 4 days ago. If this was for real, it would be sold by now anyway. The guy’s trolling for suckers.

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  7. Greg B Greg B Member

    That is just too good to be true. I feel that this is a scam and I think this article should be removed to protect anyone from losing their money.

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  8. fran

    Instead of Barn Finds, website change, “Barn Scams”

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  9. Russ Larsen

    Headers are not original so wonder about the engine being likewise?

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  10. rudy

    This is criminal, I have had so many friends (great car guys) who have sent money to Ads like these.. The reality is that the police and FBI won’t do anything cause they consider it a “small crime”. This car was posted elsewhere the seller wanted north of $75k. The VIN 194376S100696 of actual car- please do not get scammed we should all be helping each other out.

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  11. FrankD Member

    Welcome to the 21st Century! A scam around every corner.

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  12. George Mattar

    Way under priced. Do not fall for this scam. 34,000 actual miles for peanuts. Don’t think so.

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  13. Greg B

    Seriously remove the article and let’s not support scammers while also looking out for our group of enthusiasts.

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  14. Bamapoppy

    I sold my ‘64 coupe for $23k. In 1988. Just saying.

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  15. Terry

    I just sold this car .. they copied my ad TOTAL SCAm!!!!!!

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  16. oliver Member

    “there is one born evry minute” ..
    Sucker and Scammer begin with the same letter .. Your turn

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  17. MattR Member

    Well, there seems to be a big consensus here… I flagged the ad. Anyone else can do that as well at the top of the ad.

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  18. Jon

    So could one of you enlighten those that may not have a clue on how this guy and other shady individuals would play the scam out.

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    • Racer417

      You send a deposit and never hear from him again.

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  19. Racer417

    Scam IMHO.

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