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Stored 25 Years: 1968 AMC Javelin

By 1968, there was only one American Motors car left that carried the Rambler name, the American. The powers-that-be felt that the name – which had been used by AMC since 1954 – left the company with a stodgy image. One thing the new Javelin wasn’t was stodgy, its new pony car entrant that debuted for 1968. Because resources were always limited at AMC, the new car was built off the American’s platform that also served as the basis for the new two-seat GT, the AMX. This first year Javelin, a 1968 model, looks to be in good overall condition and might not take a lot to get going again. It’s available here on eBay in Manahawkin, New Jersey where the bidding is up to $6,600.

The Javelin was always available in just one body style, a fastback, which no doubt hurt sales as competitors offered convertibles and notchbacks. The Javelin would be produced across two generations, 1968-70 and 1971-74, before being retired. 1968 would be its best sales year, with more than 57,000 cars coming off the assembly line. About 29,000 of them were “standard” models (not the higher trim SST), like the seller’s car. Thanks, Planet Houston AMX, for Javelin production data.

This 1968 Javelin is said to have been off the road for years, perhaps in the company of other AMC products as there is at least one AMX visible in the photos provided. As a throwback to days gone by, the car is still wearing its black California license plates. While the burgundy paint looks pretty faded, there isn’t much sign of dents or rust. However, the seller does mention there is damage on the driver’s floor that may have been caused by an aggressive jack. The undercarriage is a bit crusty, but much of that could likely be blasted away. A good application of rubbing compound and wax might make the car at least look presentable initially. The interior, while dirty, doesn’t seem to have a lot of glaring issues that need attention. The radio and speakers have been removed, but that may be the extent of the flaws.

We’re told that if you have some starter fluid, a can of gas and a battery, the 290 cubic inch V-8 will come to life. That’s encouraging regarding the health of the motor. We hope the automatic transmission is still up to par. A good flushing of the entire fuel system would seem like a logical first step, as well as changing all the fluids. The seller suggests that brake work is also going to be needed but doesn’t indicate whether than would impede loading the car on to a trailer. The car is approaching 100,000 miles, so it certainly saw its fair share of use (but not abuse) back in the day. The tires, while some appear to have decent tread, all must be rock hard by now.

From what we can tell, this Javelin looks as though it would be an easy restoration, if there is such a thing. Javelins don’t command the same prices today that Mustangs or Camaros do from the same time period, so $25,000 is about the limit that Hagerty says they’ll go for. At the current level of bidding, that would leave a fair amount of room to reinvest in the car. With the base V-8 and an automatic, it would be a decent performer and a car you don’t see all that often anymore.


  1. Troy s

    AMC had to stand out, be recognizable so to speak, if they ever hoped to compete with the other guys. This body style did just that, everyone knew a Javelin from a mile away, what would a coupe version look like? The Hornet maybe?
    Nice color on this one, I’m picturing it with mags and better meats in the back at least, it’s got that vibe to it. Nice ride.

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    I am surprised the bidding is where it at. Lots of 1968 290 Automatics were made. Non running 68-69 Javelins don’t get this much attention. Many of these were used as parts cars for many of an AMX. Nothing really special here. The same seller has a more desirable 1970 390 Ram Air SST which for about the same money has no bids.

    Lets see what’s going on here.The 1968 here is wearing a California black plate is (a plus) The car appears to be very solid.

    My it is wearing a lot of different colors around the edges. Color on the exterior not original….. Hey someone bidding must have looked at the trim tag. It has 00 for paint color. That means SPECIAL. It was pulled aside and painted a non standard color. Kinda looks looks pink to me. Did AMC paint a Javelin with the Playmate Pink AMX? Could this be a one of one? The bidders know something

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    • DON

      The paint color in the trunk looks like a 1967 color, flamingo burgundy. My neighbors mom had a 67 Rebel that color .Maybe this was an early build ?

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  3. Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet looking car. I’ve always loved the 1967-69 Javelin.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    Nice unmolested ’68 in stock condition. Shouldn’t take much to restore it. Hopefully, someone will not be tempted to make it into a hot rod!

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    Are any body panels in steel being reproduced? The rear lens may be cracked – hard to find a replacement?
    Shocks mounted low here & on Chrysler unibodies – ez to change plugs – wonder why ford mounted them high up on a wide shock tower making it a pain to change spark plugs on some of their cars/v8s.
    I can’t remember the last time i seen a 1st gen Javelin.
    Fan shroud missing/optional?

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  6. Steve Clinton

    I would gladly take the AMX sitting next to it!

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    If you buy it don’t put a sbc in it. 290 not a powerhouse but adaquit for a cruiser. (spell check don’t work)

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  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $6,600.

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