Stored 26 Years: 1968 Saab 95

The Saab 95 has to have one of the most unique profiles of all time. Two-door wagons do anyway, but with that unique quarter panel treatment, the double side rear windows, and the mini-fins on the back, that’s just cool. This 1968 Saab 95 wagon is listed here on eBay in Fremont, New Hampshire, a region that has seen its share of Saabs over the decades. The current bid is $7,600 and there are still five days left on the auction!

What is the selling bid going to be for this beauty? $15,000? $20,000? More? There is no reserve so whoever throws down the last bid is going to get an incredible car. Or, it looks and sounds incredible, we never know the actual condition of the vehicles that are shown here unless they’re our own.

The Saab 95 was the two-door wagon version of their two-door 96 and I’ve always wondered what a four-door Saab 95 would look like… hmm… The Saab 95 was made between 1959 and 1978 but they were only available until 1973 in the United States. The seller says that they bought this car in Vermont a couple of years ago and have put a ton of time and money into it after it had been in storage for 26 years. It looks great, doesn’t it?

There is no mention of prior rust or rust repairs but they say that there is no rust at all and the body was stripped and painted the original white color. It looks like the underside has had some type of undercoating material applied to it. The seats are reportedly original and the carpets were just cleaned, although they look incredibly dirty now, unfortunately. The rear cargo compartment looks perfect as does the fold-out third seat giving this car room for seven passengers in a pinch.

They mention removing and cleaning the gas tank and cleaning the fuel lines, and doing some cosmetic work on the engine and engine compartment along with giving it new valve covers, a Weber carb, new plugs, wires, hoses, and clamps, and more. This is a Ford Taunus V4 and they say that it runs great and everything sure looks great. Have any of you owned a Saab 95? What’s your guess on the final bid price of this one?

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  1. Rustytech Member

    This truly surprised me being from New Hampshire. New Hampshire is definitely in the snow belt, and uses lots of salt. I don’t know much about Saabs, but I do know rust was a big problem with them, so finding this in this condition is a near miracle.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Always wanted one of these, going back to since I was a lad. It’s one of the 1st cars I ever drove any distance ( even though it was in a big back yard), and certainly the 1st 4 speed on the column. Years ago( 60’s) my parents had some friends in Franklin, Mass. owned and operated Franklin Fence for years, if anyone is from the area, and they had Saabs. They had a 93(?) coupe, with ring-ding motor, and that they didn’t drive, and a “new” ( at the time) wagon like this. Me and my brother got the 93 running and drove it all over their yard, fogging out the bugs, but I’ve wanted one ever since. If I had somewhere to go, which I don’t, by choice, I’d love to have this.

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  3. Jay Morgan

    Had a two tone red n white one. I drove it around my yard and out on the lake once. It went very well through 8″ of snow, had good winter snow tires on the front.

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  4. dirtyharry

    Interesting. I think this either looks really interesting to you or you fall in the other camp and all you can see is freak show. Either way, it is always nice to see something different, but I can’t imagine spending my money on it either.

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  5. Paul in Ma

    These cars are so much bigger in person than you would think just seeing in a photo.

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  6. hatofpork

    I had a 1971 edition of this. Quite spacious inside and kept up with traffic. Handled pretty well and reliable. Fuel economy not great but better than a contemporary Buick.

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  7. Tommy Guzzi

    I had a 96. Fantastic quirky car. Unstoppable in the snow and that little V4 would keep up with traffic. Great vintage rally cars too.

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  8. Rick

    Seems like a decent price for a rare car that is lots of fun. I owned the 2-stroke version of this car back in the day. I drove it until it no longer had a floor and holes in the fenders you could put your hand through. But it never broke down and could go anywhere. So much fun to drive.

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  9. GREG MILLARD Member

    My son has one, gr8 ride and excellent aero – minimal noise even with the wnindows down.

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  10. Steve Clinton

    One of the ugliest wagons to ever come down the pike, IMHO.

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    • Solosolo Member

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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  11. Puhnto

    I had a 1968 Saab 95. White with red interior. It was one of the best little cars ever. Drove it coast to coast and all around in between. LOVED it. Mine got great mileage and could cruise at 80 across Nevada without a hiccup.

    The one shown has the 1968 dashboard but the front end, taillights, and seats have been upgraded to at least a 1969. The ‘68s didn’t have headrests or the big turn signals on the front fenders. The grille had less chrome and the taillights were a little smaller. This one has had some things done to it. But, I’m still loving it!

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  12. Malcolm Boyes

    A true , rare beauty IMHO..would love to have this..might be tempted to go the vintage rally route with is..already has the spotlights, mudflaps and roof rack…one of the few cars that looks great with wide whites too..very nice..but I also have a VW Thing!

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  13. Terry J

    Under $20k for a high performance sports car? A bargain. What else would you call a car that was first in the 1960,’61,’62 RAC Rally’s and 1st in 1962 & 1963 in the Monte Carlo Rally? Erik Carlsson, the famed Swedish driver behind the wheel of course. Just a few of the many victories this little car won. :-) Terry J

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    • Bill McCoskey

      Terry J,

      I actually owned one of the 1963 SAAB 850 Monte Carlo race cars used by Carlsson. It was sent by SAAB to the USA where it toured all the way from New England to California, ending up in San Franscisco, where the SAAB dealer sold it to one of my dad’s best friends, when the guy was in college.

      When he came back to Maryland in 1964, he became busy with a new job, house, wife, and a new baby, so the SAAB was parked in the garage because it needed “regular” seat belts installed to pass Maryland inspection. [The 4-point belts were not allowed!]

      When I first saw that dark blue Monte Carlo sitting in the garage, I wanted it. Equipped with the large 850cc engine, oil injection into special triple carbs, and disc brakes, I dreamed of driving it someday. He promised when he was ready to part with it, I would get the car. About 1994 I got that call, so we pulled it out onto my rollback truck & brought it up to my shop. After a complete fuel system cleanout, a tune-up & tires/belts/hoses, exhaust system, and a total brake overhaul, It was ready to drive.

      WOW! what a little screamer it was. The car still had all the lights across the front, even the Halda rallye equipment was still in place on the dashboard. One of my neighbors was a true believer in American performance cars, and he scoffed at my “little bug”, vowing to squash it when ever I was ready.

      About a week later I gave him the chance to show me what his high performance Camaro could do against the little SAAB. I chose the route; Maryland Rt 650, from Briggs Chaney Road to Georgia Avenue. At that time the route was a 2-lane road built about 1920, with many twists & turns. His Camaro never stood a chance of winning that run, providing I didn’t wreck the SAAB.

      About 1/2 way thru the run, with the SAAB and I way out in front, the Camaro’s rear axle lost traction coming fast into a curve [I wonder why?!?] and he spun out, his left mag wheel hitting a curb and braking in half. Done!

      I had a lot of fun with that car, I gave my dad a ride in it when we drove to show it off to the original owner, and after that ride dad swore he would never ride in it again, probably due to my driving cars hard and fast! [And I’ve never had an accident.]

      But not all good stories have a good ending. In May of 1995, my large restoration facility and attached storage building was hit by lightning, and the SAAB was a victim of the fire. I offered what remained to the local SAAB club members, as it did have all the Monte Carlo bits like the triple carbs, oil injection, and disc brakes, but no one was interested, so it was scrapped.

      I did pull all the Monte Carlo bits off before scrapping it, and a guy in Sweden ended up with them a few years later. I did keep the VIN plate and one of the 850 Monte Carlo emblems, & still have them today.

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      • Terry J

        What a fun story Bill. Thanks for sharing. :-) Terry J

  14. chrlsful

    yup these were all over the NE us of a as (like soCal) we would try the ‘specials’. Even hada 1 bay dealer in our town (’59/66 so never to the ’99’ or type 4 chassy). The frnt WD and 7 pass seating could not B denied. VeDub Bug buyers, Hillman, Simca – we tried them all. Wish the co was still around.

    “…most unique profiles…”
    copied from the Czech’s Tatra 87 (porche’n Bug too).

    I’d B proud to dive this as a daily. Sure won alota ralleys ! The tannus is one I’ve all ways wanted to own/wrench (blow-thru/low pressure turbo-ised?). Sure Y not…

  15. Kurt

    I would like to own the two cycle version just for the sheer novelty of it. They are the perfect car for Portland OR with Jerry Seinfeld at the wheel.

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  16. Jerry K

    What no turbo?

  17. Stephen L

    Bought one new in 1972 from Paridise Motors in Corta Madera CA. We paid 2,828 out the door.

  18. adolph rettmer

    Adolph R

    I had one years ago. I am 84 years old but still love SAAB. My kids were young then Every year we we drove to Florida and spend 2 weeks in St Petersburg. About 20 years i also had a SAAB sport cars.

  19. martinsane

    Cool rig and a great yesr imho.

    Whats e
    With all the mud in the driver side photo, good grief looks real bad if your looking for top dollar.

  20. martinsane

    Cool rig and a great yesr imho.

    Whats with all the mud in the driver side photo, good grief looks real bad if your looking for top dollar.

  21. GOM

    As Punhto said, not totally original (the rims are later, too) but a great ride. We had two 96’s–New England rust eventually consumed both–and they were a superb vehicle. Handled beautifully, unstoppable in snow, ruggedly constructed, more spacious inside than anyone would believe, and with the rear seat folded and the passenger seat removed, could be used almost like a small van in terms of capacity, the limitation being the size of the doors and trunk lid. Other than short lifespan of exhaust parts (again, New England) the only major issue we had was with the original water heated choke thermostat, which we cured with a hand operated choke—-I believe I see a choke knob and the choke cable in the ebay pictures here, too. The 96’s and 95’s, either two strokes or V4’s were all excellent vehicles and incredibly practical, utilitarian and well-engineered.

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  22. RexFox

    I bought a 5 year old two stroke 96 in 1972 with only 55,000 miles on it. The dealer wanted $500, but I got it for $350. It was a very solid car and almost perfect in and out. The free wheeling 4 on the column was OK, but the Hurst T shift knob I cast in shop class was too heavy for the tiny shifter lever and I broke something that held the shifter in reverse. You could chirp the tires in first and second and it was a good road trip vehicle, but I did not like driving 50 miles to the nearest dealer (Portland, OR) for parts. Anyway, I wanted a VW bug with a sunroof and a proper floor shift, so I sold it 10 months later for $450.

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  23. JoeJ56

    Back in the 70s there was a minister in my small town that had a pair of these, I thought they were the goofiest things ever. I haven’t laid eyes on one since up until now, so thanks for the memories!

  24. John

    Cool car!

  25. Bernie Chaziquasidence

    A ’67 SAAB 96 two-stroke!!! It was the epitome of fun. Give me a winding road, a heavy snowfall and I was one happy camper.

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