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Stored 30 Years: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Second generation Chevelle’s caught fire in the sales department – and for good reason. They were attractive, durable cars that could be had in mild to wild form from 1968 through 1972. Styling changes were evolutionary, and, in my humble opinion, the 1970 models were the best-looking of the five model years. This Malibu coupe has spent more time off the road than on in the past 50 years. It’s been stored indoors since at least 1990, but it’s said to be a solid runner in need of some repairs. Beaverton, Michigan is where the car can be found and it’s available here on craigslist for $13,500 OBO. Ikey Heyman scores again!

This ’70 Malibu is described as a one-family, two-owner car that’s been in drydock since perhaps the late 1980s. And it comes with a trail of paperwork that will prove its lineage. The car oozes originality starting with the body and paint. There is evidence of rust around the rear quarters and the bottom lip where the trunk closes, as well as one of the rockers. Undercoating when the car was new can probably take credit for it being no worse than it is. For its age, the paint looks pretty good and hopefully the patches will blend in so it can be retained. One of the wheel opening chrome moldings have taken flight.

Hop inside and more originality abounds, down to the seat covers that are good except for a couple of places. The door panels, dash and carpeting are all tidy. If you push buttons for this or that, they work like they’re supposed to – except one high beam is out and the heater is disconnected due a leak. The mileage is said to be under 43,000 which – given the car’s length of time in storage – is very realistic.

While the engine compartment is as dirty as any you would find, the 307 V-8 and Powerglide automatic run and drive smoothly and quietly. But the dirt also tells us that all the hoses and belts are original or older and should be replaced. So, pressure wash everything and see what needs attention. This was a fairly basic Malibu when new, with options limited to the vinyl top and power steering and brakes. No factory air conditioning was ordered with this car.

Since this Chevelle isn’t an SS model with a big engine, resale values seem to run from $8,400 for Fair to $20,000 for Concours, with this one being somewhere in the middle. This looks like the kind of vintage car that you could buy, invest a few dollars to clean it up and fix a bit of rust, and have maybe $20,000 in it when done. Except for no A/C, this was exactly the same car I remember driving when I took Driver’s Ed in high school and loved it!


  1. Howard A Member

    I have to laugh, whenever someone mentions “1970 Chevelle”, images of 454 , wheelstanding, tire burning monsters come to mind, it WAS the peak of the muscle car, but in reality, I bet 90% of the Chevelles were just like this. These are the cars the librarian, English teacher, or your dads single, ( and not hot) secretary would drive. I hate to sound like a broken record ( even THAT statement dates me) but, 5 figures for a car like this, only proves my point. Due to the lackluster offerings today, a car like this we trashed, is now worth $13+g’s. THAT, my friends, is nuts.

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    • mike

      I remember growing up my neighbors had a Chevelle just like this one. The only difference was that it had the 350 motor and the Turbo Hydra Matic automatic. But otherwise a simple car like this one. And this car is barely worth 1300 dollars definately not 13 thousand dollars.

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      • Steve R

        When I was looking for my first car in 1981-82 I would have been happy to find a 70 Chevelle in this condition for $1,300. I’m not sure where you guys come up with your valuations, but they are decades out of touch. The majority of $500 cars everyone on this site keeps referring to had significant problems and were usually well on their way to their ultimate resting place, a wrecking yard.

        Steve R

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      • Dennis Jorden

        It’s really nice to see one not turned into a phony LS6. Chevy made regular Chevelles and Malibus, too.

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      • Howard A Member

        @ Steve R, location did play a big part on prices. In the midwest around 1980, $500-$1,000 bucks bought a decent 10 year old car, that easily could have 10 more years and many times, they WERE ’70 Chevelles with big motors. Everybody wanted small cars and cars like this were literally given away, because nobody wanted one. A V8??!! HORRORS!!!
        I will agree, I am decades out of touch, and begrudgingly, after seeing time after time here, simple cars bringing 5 figures, tells me, I’m glad I had my time when I did, and want no part of this foolishness today.

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      • Chuck

        Mike, you need a time machine to buy a car like this for $1300.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      What I recall seeing were boatloads of these as 4 doors.

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  2. Frank Farrell

    My sister had this car with a straight six. When that motor ran it ran great. Then it would just stop. What a weird motor. This car drove like a dream though.

    • JoeNYWF64

      My friend’s ’68 nova with original 6 & powerglide has YET to stop! BTW, there is a fuel filter hiding inside the carb, & points & condenser under the distrib cap. Were you guys aware?
      THAT is the motor (& trans) i would want in “the Walking Dead” world. lol

  3. Frank Farrell

    But 13.5G for what is a lame ass column shifter is insane. Good luck on blowing the bankroll. Does the rot on the rear quarter come with it for free?

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  4. Jcs

    And she’s gone…..

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    • Steve R

      That’s because the seller had it listed with a reasonable starting price.

      Steve R

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  5. Charles Sawka

    Had a new one, 307 pg, vinyl top. Less than a year. DOG is the word that comes to mind.

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  6. Skorzeny

    It’s official gentlemen, this website will now be called Ikey Heyman finds…
    (Steve R, it seems most of my life looking at cars since the early 80’s, that $2000 seems like the cutoff for something decent. Anything less seemed to be too far gone.)

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    • IkeyHeyman

      Dang, reading the “Ikey Heyman finds” comment makes me think I need to take a break from Barn Finds, the writers do all the heavy lifting on this site.

  7. EPO3

    Its realy green but a nice car

  8. David Castine

    And like that – it’s gone….

  9. Jeff

    I had one just like this but 350 4 speed that my brother gave me after he hit a truck with a trailer hitch and made the bumper look like a v. I think I went thru 4 motors in that one. Then I bought a 70 396SS with 40,000 miles on it for $400 drove it for 2 years got married and sold it for $275.. wish I still had them both.

    • Chuck

      The wife and the car?

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  10. Rick

    I had one that was almost identical to this one. Bought it in 1977 for $900.00 had a 350 with dual exhaust and Craig your rims love that car! I own a 1970 Chevelle 454 SS That is being restored, can’t wait until this spring it will be on the road again!!

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  11. Tort Member

    Bought a new one identical to this one except a darker shade of green. Drove it out of the dealership and within
    less than 3 miles a rocker started clattering. Turned around went back , they tightened the rocker and I drove that 307 with a power glide Malibu for over a 100,000 miles with not even a minor issue. 307’s get a bad rap but if you didn’t plan to street race or go to the track were good reliable engine.

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  12. John Oliveri

    You know that green bench is going in the dumpster, rite next to the 307 and the power glide, if someone paid 13 grand for it, they got a motor and plans

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  13. Superdessucke

    It went fast. I think it’s a much better car than that ’68 LeMans that’s on here that didn’t go fast. 307 isn’t great but wouldn’t be hard to swap in a good crate 350 H.O. and leave it otherwise stock.

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  14. CharlesMann

    PS: I have one :-)
    May sell it in Spring when prices recover…

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  15. Mike

    I am interested how do I find this guy?

    • noreply

      His Links page

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