Stored 31 Years: 1968 Dodge D100 Custom Sweptline

Over the years, it seems as though Dodge has always played third fiddle domestically to products offered by Ford and Chevrolet. In effort to narrow the gap, Dodge totally redid their trucks for 1961, offering the D100 Sweptline, which were models with straight-sided beds. As Hemmings perhaps best put it, “Dodge’s stylized D100 Sweptline helped usher in an era of car-like trucks” as they were certainly more modern-looking than before. This 1968 edition has been in the same family since the year it was built and has been up on a lift for more than three decades. Located in San Diego, California, this D100 Custom is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $45,000.

New in the early 1960s was the D/W line of trucks from Dodge. Although they would get restyled several times over, the same basic design survived through the 1993 model year when it was replaced by the Ram. 4X2 models were designated “D” and the 4X4 models were called “W”. D100 was the entry point into the full-size Dodge trucks, much like the F150 was for Ford. The D/W trucks entered their second generation in 1965 and it would run through 1971. 1968 models were little changed from their predecessors other than a new front grille and some safety advancements.

The ‘68 trucks, like the seller’s D100 Custom (with upgraded trim), had more V8 engines under their hoods than before as buyers were beginning to want more spirited performance like they were getting from their cars. The 318 was the starting point for V8 power and this is what was installed in the seller’s trucks, along with a TorqueFlite automatic transmission. But everything shy of the 426 Hemi could be ordered.

While the seller’s family may not have purchased this truck new, it’s been in the same family since 1968. For whatever reason, it was put on a lift in 1990 and has stayed there ever since, with no work having been done all this time. The odometer has a low mileage reading of just 35,700. We don’t know if the truck runs or what it might take to change that.

The body and paint look original and in excellent condition. No dents, dings or rust can be seen, and the truck looks as though it’s been covered most of its life. There’s even a mat in the truck bed which also suggests a gently used machine. What we can see of the interior looks really nice so the pickup looks as good today as it likely did when it was just 12 years old and put away. Was there a malfunction at some point or did this truck simply get lost in the garage over time?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    And that’s all the more description they can give for a 30-year dormant truck they’re asking $45,000 for? And we’re not sure if it runs?

    Come on people, get off your butts, get the truck running and driving, present it with some decent description, and then ask a price that isn’t 8000 bucks over what would be considered a concours example. It laughable.

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  2. Shawn

    It’s a nice truck, but for $45? Uh, how about big no. For that much you should be able to to eat off the undercarriage and have a mile of documentation. I’m shocked the seller is listing it here on BarnFinds but doesn’t bother with even getting it out of storage for fresh pics in the sunlight. This ad looks more like something you’d see on Craigslist.

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  3. Steve R

    Maybe now people on this site will stop complaining that shortbed fleetside F-100’s and Chevy pick ups aren’t overpriced.

    Steve R

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  4. Daniel Wright

    The truck was 22 year old not 12 when it was put on the lift and put away. 1968 to 1990 =22

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  5. Gary Rhodes

    Smoke much dope? I love these trucks and have owned many but it is WAY overpriced. Cover it back up for another 30 years.

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  6. KC John

    I guess someone watched barrett jackson last week.

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    • TimS

      Yeah. They saw a running, immaculately-restored or sparingly-driven survivor go for something like that, and decided that theirs must be worth at least that much if not more.

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  7. S Craig MacDonald

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that the lift arms are the same color as the truck? I’ve never seen lift arms that weren’t red.
    And why not remove the cover completely for the photos? Or pull back that bed mat? Or show the upholstery?
    I’m getting a whiff of mackerel here.

  8. Daniel Wright

    Even if it has been up un the air for that long in a dry environment all the rubber bits in the suspension and under the hood are going to need changed. All the fluids are going to need flushed.
    Seals will have dried out and will need replaced.
    Hopefully the gas tank was drained and flushed beforehand too,
    Yet they want a premium price for the truck..
    I want a hit of what the owner is smoking.

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  9. Kevin

    $45K!? C’mon man.

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  10. Dean Wilson

    For $45k you can buy a show quality (stock or modified) Ford, Chev or GMC truck rather than a questionable condition, ugly Dodge.

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  11. Richard

    That’s only about 5 times what it is worth. I would love to have a short bed like it though.

  12. Mark

    Had to look three times before I was sure they wanted $45K.

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  13. Tony Primo

    Yes, drugs are a big problem in my city too.

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  14. Eric B

    Hope it’s comfy on the lift.

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  15. Cooter914 Cooter914 Member

    I quit reading after seeing that price.

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  16. bone

    The 61-71 Dodge trucks are totally different from the 72 -93 Trucks, they were not just restyled versions of the early trucks.

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  17. Carbob Member

    Every time I think I’ve seen the most ridiculous asking price for a collector vehicle; some other one comes along that is even more unrealistic. If this seller can find someone who would fork over 45 large for this crapshoot; then there is no hope for the future of this hobby. Simple greed and the many investors trying to strike a quick profit are ruining the hobby.

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  18. Naptown Mark

    Always liked these trucks’ aesthetic in a kind of weird utilitarian (or maybe primitive?) sense. It calls San Diego home — maybe the ask was supposed to be in pesos.

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  19. Will H

    Obvious they don’t want to sell it!

  20. Beignet at the Beach

    Just sold one with NO RUST, and yes a 225 for $7200…what pharma item are they a-puffin?

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  21. Mountainwoodie

    I’d like to see the above ground lift that can stay in the air for over 30 years. Super nice least what I can see of it.

  22. Mikey P

    I’m SUPER confused… just at a loss for words…

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  23. Maverick

    4500 maybe.

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    • Jeff

      At the absolute most. I have a 1969 with the same running gear, drove it home for $950…

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