Stored 40 Years: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

We see a lot of the early Ford Mustangs here on Barn Finds, but this one seems kind of special as it may be still wearing its original paint and was stored inside on a concrete floor for 40 years. It was running until recently when something gave way in the engine, so a rebuild may be in order. This one was built in September 1964 as the production of the 1965 Mustang was just getting underway for its first full year. So, it still has a few traces of the so-called “1964 ½” in its genes. Located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, this fastback is available here on eBay where the Buy It Now price is $28,000 with offers considered.

By the time this Mustang rolled off the assembly line, the new pony car had been on the market for less than five months. And the fastback model only joined the lineup a few weeks earlier.According to the seller, some of the leftover 1964 ½ hardware on this car include the hood with no chrome molding, its hinges, and beveled headlights. The door handles and window cranks also differ slightly from the full-scale ’65 models. This Ford was a minor celebrity in that it was part of a Schroll estate auction that was seen on the Iron Trap Garage show. We don’t know why this Mustang was underground for four decades.

After the seller acquired the car, he/she spent a small fortune ($30,000) on parts and labor to get it back on the road. The list of the work performed is virtually endless and all that detail is made available in the eBay listing. This Mustang is equipped with an A-code 289 cubic inch V8, which meant it has a 4-barrel carburetor and was rated at 225 hp. Once the seller got it going again, the engine gave out after just a few rides, which shouldn’t be surprising as the Ford has amassed 140,000 miles in its lifetime.

The body and Rangoon Red paint look good for being 57 years old, but there are several metal patches where rust no doubt once lived. This was a factory air-conditioned car, but the seller removed said hardware and kept it for the next owner. This was a fancier Mustang as it has power steering and disc brakes; the latter maybe having been added later. The interior is red, too, but the bucket seats at a minimum will need to be reupholstered. When the buyer comes to get his car, a trail of paperwork about the auto and its heritage will follow the deal. Considering the cost of reworking the engine (and maybe the automatic transmission), is this a fair asking price?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    No way it’s worth 28K with a blown engine and who knows what else is wrong with it.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Patches on the left side fenders are a ice touch….

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    • Robert Lopez

      That’s about a $10,000 car at best. There’s nothing special about the car and the engine is shot. No clear shots of the body and it needs repainting and no pictures of the undercarriage. The suspension with that mileage is probably shot along with the exhaust system, so $10,000 would be more than it’s worth in my book.

  2. Greg B Greg B Member

    Blown motor, bad paint, and what else? Too steep for what it needs IMO. Seller probably knows this as he or she has the “make an offer” option. Once done though it is an “A” code and hopefully the motor can be rebuilt. Paint and materials have sky rocketed up and who knows if it needs metal repair work?

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  3. Fred

    Most of that $30K must have gone for beer.

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    • Dean Miller

      Only if your a cold coffee drinker…..and a warm beer drinker….a true “Hot Rodder” is jus a waiting for a ‘rebuild’…..😎

  4. John Mangum

    Cars rough shape. Don’t know what he spent 30 grand on. Not worth 28k in present condition

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  5. Willy Bones

    20k…if you pay to have it delivered to me here in Ohio.

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  6. John S

    Photo looking through rear window clearly shows an under-dash A/C and engine photo shows A/C compressor. Another interior photo shows no A/C unit. What’s up with this?

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  7. Ray

    No there is no ACCompressor but a PS pump is visible

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  8. Macfly

    If you read the ad the AC is explained. He has the parts, removed from the car as it is an original AC car. I’m most confused why he doesn’t fix and continue. He claims main bears were replaced, and valve stem seals. So someone already went part way into the engine. Maybe he’s just discouraged, but there are a ton of parts already gone through. I say it’s an attractive project. Minor rust repair and interior with AC and you have a mighty desirable fastback.

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  9. dannys mustangs

    $30 grand where ??????? I have restored over 77 6566 mustangs and cant figure what you did the only thing that is valueable is nthe A code engine and the rally pack the paint looks like a rattle can job. 13 thats it love Dannys Mustangs.

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  10. TJ

    How do you spend $30k to get it running again, and NOT rebuild the engine? Where the heck did $30,000.00 go??????

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  11. Dennis Tjaden

    I would give him 10 I remember selling mine 70 and gad to beg someone to 1k. Mine was Rangoon red as well my brother had one to same color . Awsome little cars

  12. McFly

    Um… did any of you read the actual auction listing, or just the article here about it? A lot of your questions would be answered if you click on over to the ebay link. I agree 28k is way too much, but some of you are making complaints that are addressed in the auction listing.

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