Stored for 25 Years: 1966 Pontiac Star Chief Executive

At the end of 1966, Pontiac chose to retire the Star Chief name. This marked the end of the line for a badge that had been a continual feature of the Pontiac brand since 1954. For that final year of production, the car was known as the Star Chief Executive. A total of 45,212 Executives rolled off the line, with 24,489 being the 4-door sedan, the same as our feature car. This Executive is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and is being offered for sale with a clear title. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay.

You have to say that the car looks a whole lot prettier now than when it was sitting in the barn. That had been its resting place for the past 25 years, but it can’t have been too bad, as the only visible rust on the car is actually on the front bumper. You could source a replacement, but I think that it could probably be re-plated with no great problems. The Marina Turquoise paint looks to be really good, although the owner does state that paint has been etched in some spots due to what he believes is bat urine. He also says that there has been a repair to the quarter panel on the driver’s side, but that the quality of this repair isn’t very good. All things considered, the car does seem to present really well, and only a close inspection would determine whether you would want to address these issues or leave the car untouched.

The Pontiac rolled off the production line fitted with a 389ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Those are both still in place, and the owner has done a bit to bring the car back to life. The car has received a new radiator, gas tank battery, tires, and exhaust. The owner says that the cars runs and rides well. The condition of the engine bay makes it obvious what has been done as part of the revival process, and no attempt has been made to go mad under the hood with degreaser, a pressure washer, or spray detailers. What you get is an honest engine bay for a car that’s obviously 52-years-old, not an engine bay that looks like the car has just rolled off the production line.

It’s amazing to consider that this Pontiac had spent 25 years sitting in that barn surrounded by all that hay, and the mice simply didn’t touch the car. There is no chewed wiring or upholstery, and none of the distinctive odor that is all part of Speedy Gonzales calling the Pontiac home. The interior of the car is completely original and is virtually faultless. The turquoise trim is a real standout and it looks like quite a pleasant place to spend a few hours. There is a faded patch on the carpet on the passenger side. The owner believes that this may have been caused by the heater core leaking at some stage in the car’s past. Speaking of the heater core: It began leaking when the car was first revived, so it is currently bypassed.

It’s surprising that given the number of Star Chief sedans that were built in 1966, very few ever hit the market. This one is a nice example that could be enjoyed exactly as it is and really doesn’t need to undergo much restoration. The paint color and interior trim are attractive, and it’s a car that I really wouldn’t mind having parked in my workshop. At the time of writing, bidding has reached a mere $2,600. I have a feeling it will go a bit higher before the auction ends.


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  1. Chebby Staff

    What a beauty! And OMG a seller that washed his car!!

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Boy, who stores hay in a barn anymore? Been in there as long as the car. I agree Chebby, very nice. And another rig with two radios. LOL. I checked there other listings and thought the other car was listed, no dice. Adam, I am confused about the comment ‘It’s surprising that given the number of Star Chief sedans that were built in 1966, very few ever hit the market.’ Great find.

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    • MJ

      I wondered the same thing. My guess most went unsold (?).

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hi MJ, I hate it when an author makes a comment and then does not come back with the facts. I would like to see his numbers. I cannot believe they scapped a bunch of these cars. Look at the winged Mopars. They got a home in time. I will be waiting for Adams facts, take care, Mike.

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  3. Kenneth Carney

    Almost bought a ’67 Executive 30 years
    ago from a customer on one of my paper
    routes. It too had a 389 V-8 and a TH 400
    tranny. The deal was nearly done when
    the customer changed his mind and
    wound up keeping the car. Hadn’t seen another one since then. Once the heater
    core was fixed, I’d sort the rest of the
    mechanicals and enjoy this car as is.
    After all, it isn’t just coupes and ragtops
    that should get all the attention, wagons
    and sedans need love too.

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  4. Markin32425

    My uncle had a 66 Star Chief Executive 4 door. White with blue interior. Great air conditioning

    He didn’t plan on buying it, but s drunk driver wiped out his 64 Bonneville while it was sitting at the curb in front of his house.

    He drove it 6 years. Bought a 72 Bonneville.

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  5. Wrong Way

    And another one gone! Must be a surge in buyers!

  6. Ensign Pulver

    For half a second I thought it was a Cadillac in that barn shot.

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