Stored for 39 Years: 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire

We looked at this Starfire a while back, but reader Scott G listed it as a Reader Ad, so we thought we’d take a closer look at it! After a slumber lasting for 39 years, the Scott brought the car out into the light of day, completed a comprehensive list of tasks to bring it back to good health, and has now decided that it is time for it to find a new home. You will find this Starfire listed for sale here on Craigslist. Located in Hampton, Virginia, it is listed with a clean title. He has set a sale price of $13,900 for this car.

This car is not perfect, but it does appear to be free of any major rust issues. There is surface corrosion present in a number of spots, the worst being just behind the front bumper on the driver’s side. It looks like there may be a couple of rust spots on the lower passenger side door, and maybe in the lower quarter just behind the door on the same side, but the remainder of the car looks to be quite solid. There is also a small dent just above the rear bumper on the driver’s side, but the remainder of the panels look to be quite straight.

The interior looks quite good and is largely unmolested. The original radio still resides in the dash, and the floor console with factory tachometer is present and appears to be in good condition. The leather on the front seats is quite cracked, but a good upholsterer may be able to revive this without resorting to replacement covers. The armrest on the driver’s door is also damaged and will either require restoration or replacement.

Bringing that 394ci big-block back to life has been done carefully and with attention to details. The engine features a new water pump, new hoses, new cores for both the radiator and heater, new exhaust, new thermostat, hard and soft brake lines, new master cylinder, new brake shoes, and wheel cylinders, and a new fuel pump. The car rides on new American Racing wheels and new tires, although the original wheels, hubcaps and new tires are also included in the sale. Since the Starfire was revived the seller has clocked up 1,400 miles and he states that the car runs and drives beautifully.

I have to say that I really like this Oldsmobile. Mechanically it looks to be quite good, and it doesn’t appear to be suffering from any major rust issues. If I were to buy this I’d be really torn by what to do with it. Part of me would want to address the few rust issues and return it to the condition that it must have been in before it went into storage. Part of me would want to treat the existing rust to prevent further deterioration and just drive it the way it is. Which way would you go?

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  1. Howard A

    Nice,,no wait, nicEST! Top of the line here in ’63. Someone was wise to save it. The old man had a ’63 98 4 door, and it was right around the time me and my brother started noticing cars. We saw the ’63 Starfire with that silver stripe and cushy interior( when kids, you thought the only car brand in existence was your dads) and always hoped dad would come home with one, but he came home with another 4 door 98( a ’65) This was the car we’d wait patiently for the green “cold light” to out with a “plink”, so we could turn on the heat. Incredible find, wheels look sharp, but I’d like the original ones and maybe I’m just getting shell shocked, but seems like a good price for this car. I mean, it’s a ’63 Starfire!!!

  2. clay johnson

    My parents bought a new Jetsar 88 Holiday coupe in 1965. We held on to and still have it today. Not being a purist, I never had intentions of restoring it. I drove it in high school, then parked it around 1978 or so. Took it out of storage and redid the whole car the way I wanted it. This is what it looks like now, and it’s in my garage. Such a great car that gets looks wherever we go.

  3. John C

    This appears to be a genuine rush. This is as close to a turn key at a fair price that I’ve seen in quite a few BF ads.

    My wife would tell me that she has a shovel and a 45 that says no one will miss me if I dare bring this home. And I would love to have it. Just finished a project on par with this one. That took $25,000 to do it but is in super shape.

    The person who gets this appears to have years of driving satisfaction ahead of them.

    • Mountainwoodie

      How do you drive that? One finger or two?

      • Scott

        One finger driving and the right arm across the bucket seat smooth as butter

  4. Gaspumpchas

    Sharp enough with stock wheels but those torque thrust style really nail it, Beautiful Starfire. Good luck to the new owner.


  5. KawiVulc

    The muscle that was still to come is great & all but my personal preference is for cars like this one. And this year has those cool pull-up interior door release handles that I was so fascinated with as a little kid. I had forgotten about those!

  6. Gaspumpchas

    Yea Kawi, that 394 was no slouch. would make a heavy car like this beauty haul the groceries!!!


    • Howard A

      You had to take the top of the air cleaner off to really burn the hides!( hide, actually, I don’t think these were posi) Me and my brother found that out with the old man’s ’65.

  7. Nick

    Nice car, hope it finds a good home!!!

  8. ken TILLY

    Hope it comes with the original wheels !

    • Scott

      Sure does!!

  9. Ben T. Spanner

    I took care of one in 1965. I was in college and had access to parking. The young lady owner did not. She gave me unlimited use if a kept it clean, and available for her infrequent weekend trips home. It came with gas card. It was blue over blue.

  10. Leman

    this is a very nice car but i would think it get’s about 6 miles to the gallon

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