Stored For 40 Years! 1956 Continental II

After 40 years of dry storage and some “restoration work”, this 1956 Continental II is being sold here on eBay. Bidding is currently below $2,400 and naturally the reserve hasn’t been met at that price. The car is at a classic dealer in Sunnyvale, Texas–it’s not disclosed where the car has been stored for all this time.

While the car looks relatively solid in the extensive pictures, the seller basically states what’s good and doesn’t detail what’s bad in the verbiage. To me, it looks like the rockers and lower extremities of the car are pretty rough. However, apart from the lower rocker moldings, the car is complete. How can that be, you ask–there’s so much missing in the pictures above?

Someone has removed all of the trim, some of which is extremely difficult and expensive to find. The seller does a great job of showing the trim in the extensive picture album attached to the auction. Knowledgeable Continental enthusiasts will note that all four of the incredibly expensive to replace wheel covers are present and look pretty nice! All kidding aside, the wheel covers alone may be worth what the bid is currently.

That sure is a handsome profile, isn’t it? I have to question the order things have been done in–why would you leave the tail lights and bumpers in place (or perhaps the front one has just been hung on temporarily) when you are doing body work? I’d want to have a long conversation with the seller before bidding too high on this one. That being said–it’s an almost-complete Continental II! With air conditioning!

Those floors look remarkably solid! And there’s a much nicer steering wheel in the spare parts as well.

And here’s the best part. Unlike almost every Continental II we’ve featured on Barn Finds, this one actually runs and drives! Now, before you get excited and bid through the roof, it doesn’t stop yet, but you can fix that, right? Okay, go ahead and bid like crazy and send us pictures when you pick it up!


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  1. Ben

    This one has been off the radar since it was sold. Below is from the hard work of Pat Marshall at the Mark II Forum.
    VIN: C56A1727
    SPEC: 15-1A1A-1110-2
    PROD ORDER NO: ????
    ENG#: ???? BODY TAG NO: ????
    NAMEPLATE: ????
    1955-William Waeber,
    New Rochelle Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.
    New Rochelle NY
    1978-79 Unknown LA (L)
    No Ownership Record Found After Original Dealership Information
    None Reported
    None Reported

    (C) Continental Mark II Association
    (D) Lowell Domholdt
    (F) FoMoCo Records
    (I) Internet Research
    (L) LCOC Records
    (H) Buddy Holiday
    (M) Mark II Forum
    (O) Owner Supplied Information
    Last edited by Pat Marshall; 05-18-2011 at 02:01 AM.

  2. Bob_S

    Hi ALL,
    Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas.

    As for the Continental MKII, It is not a factory A/C car. If it was it would have scoops in the top of the bulge in the rear fender.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Years.

    • Ben

      The intakes were there for 56’s (which this is) but removed on the 57’s. The factory air cars had vents in the ceiling and the return was in the parcel tray by the rear window.

      • Robert stickels

        Heres an uodate on the AC quarter panels ports.Only the late 55 built delivered as early 56 and early 56 built MKII had the AC scoops, by mid 56 production of the scoops were removed as water was getting into the vents. The AC was setup as delivered on the 57 models. I kniw this as i have a late 55 build delivered in jan/feb 56.

  3. RicK

    If ever there was a Mark II to Rat Rod this is the one. Sell the unneeded parts and recoup your acquisition cost

  4. Jim

    I wouldn’t surprised if it goes well over $10k

  5. Richard Prokopchuk

    I’m one of those guys who gets irritated when obvious details are omitted or are wrong. The MK II was not a Lincoln. It’s one of only two years, 1956 and 1957 where Continental was a separate division of Ford, along with Lincoln and Mercury. After 1957, Continental was absorbed into Lincoln. Each MK II was hand built. Ford introduced the new Continental in October 1955—but not at a big American auto show. Rather it was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, and later that October at Ford headquarters in Dearborn. The design was so clean and understated, very European. I saw my first around 1960 and I’ve been in love ever since. If I weren’t a retired vet with problems, I’d happily spend my retirement rebuilding this. The short rear deck and long prow were to become hallmarks of American cars. Love this. Sigh. :)

    • Ed P

      The Mark II’s were some of the most classicly styled cars of it’s time. There

    • Trickie Dickie Member

      Richard……..I contacted the lister of this MarkII and explained that it was not a Lincoln. He was very nasty in his reply, calling me DUDE every fews words and told me eBay has no category for Mark II Continentals, and must be listed with Lincolns.

      • Ed P

        Many folks make the mistake of calling this a Lincoln Continental. It probably is true that eBay does not have a separate listing for Continental. This is not the only problem with eBay listings. The problem probably lies with the fact that Continental II’s were sold thru Lincoln Mercury dealers. The later ‘Jumbo Marks’ were branded as Lincolns and must also add to the confusion.

    • rich voss

      You and me both Richard !

  6. Trickie Dickie Member

    I THINK…………..the most beautiful American car built to date. A very close second, even tho you didn’t ask, was the 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special…….mainly because I had one for 15 years.

  7. Rustytech Member

    These were great looking and well engineered cars. They were largely ignored by the collector car market for years. Fortunately that has changed and values have skyrocketed in recent years. That said, this car is going to be a massive undertaking, and if there are any missing parts, the buyer is going to spend a lot of time with his computer looking for them, there weren’t many of these made. I hope someone rescues it, though it won’t be me.

  8. Ben

    The eBay listing mentions the King of Bourbon Street which was Al Hirt who had many hits and played the theme to the Green Hornet.

  9. David Montanbeau

    You will blow your mind with this scale model build. It will take all day to scan through all the post. BUT well worth it!!!!

    • rando

      Is that your post on the model build site about this car? lol. I go weekly to check progress on the model and was thinking about it as I read this.

      • Richard Prokopchuk

        It may have been. I posted on Facebook, but I do not recall where.

    • RS

      I can’t even find the time to check the oil on my car.

  10. Capt RD

    the 1st 1/25 scale model kit i ever assembled was this car.

  11. Bob S

    I gotta think the guy that built that Continental model could easily solve most of the world’s problems and get the space program back on track.

    • Ben

      He also did a great Toronado and Avanti models before doing the Mark II.

  12. Darrun

    I really like the car, and feel it is a very worthy project. His comment about being ready to block sand and paint, would concern me about his other opinions of condition. “Body preparation has begun with good quality work performed, and ready for final-stage block sanding and paint.”

  13. stp

    Anyone notice the obvious rattle-can detailing under the hood? Also, surface rust where the primer couldn’t reach and bondo behind the wheel wells. Prepare to be surprised when you take it home. Bid with that in mind.

    • rich voss

      The grey primer paint drips on the taillight really drove home the “quick and cheap” nature of the “prep”. The entire passenger side rockers look like they’re held together by paint…

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