Stored Over 50 Years: 1934 Studebaker Dictator

After being held up in a barn for over 50 years of dry storage, this 1934 Studebaker Dictator has finally seen the light of day. The seller claims he needs to sell it because he no longer has a proper place to store it. This Pre-war sedan is an amazing example that appears to be original. Back in 1934, the Dictator was the affordable model in their line of cars behind the Commander and the President. So although it may not be the rarest model, you do not come across these in original condition like this often. All of the glass is there, the Flathed 6 cylinder engine is not stuck and it rolls. What’s not to like? This Studebaker is listed here on craigslist near Valparaiso Indiana with an asking price of $7,250.

Although the seller states the car is very complete I see a few things missing on the dashboard. But with most of the difficult parts there, this would be a great restoration candidate. The seats show wear but there appear to be no large tears. This car has so much going for it that it really deserves to be on the road and I hope the next owner is able to take it to that level.

Dry storage is the reason why this vehicle was so well preserved. For the engine to sit over 50 years and still turn over is impressive and we have the current owner to thank for not parking it under a tree in the Midwest elements. It features a 205 6 cylinder flathead engine with 88 bhp (Brake Horse Power).

This looks like a great project with some visual surface rust in some areas but nothing that can’t be fixed. The seller also states that the frame and floors are solid which is always what you want to hear when buying a project car. Certainly this car could be fully restored or it could also be mechanically restored and visually left alone. But that is for the next owner to decide. What would you do with this gem?

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  1. Fred W

    Probably destined for a SBC, but that’s OK if it saves it. Shame that it will no longer sport those artillery wheels though.

    • 1st Gear

      Think B I G ! ! ! A 632 with a couple kits just for laughs . . .

  2. jw454

    Very nice lines on this one. I do agree with Fred. It’s not likely to see road use again with the current drive train.
    Also, that plastic tarp over the motor should hold in the moisture nicely. Just another factor that will spell the end of it’s current power plant.

  3. Dirk

    Nice car – love the Deco grill and front end. There’s nothing wrong with a flathead six, I hope someone sees fit to get this cool car up and running with its original drivetrain. Doesn’t the world have enough boring SBC conversions cluttering up the car shows?

    • ctmphrs Member

      You can never have too many small block chevy’s

  4. grant

    Glass is all there but wasted so look at replacing that. Motor may turn but the head is off and there’s corrosion in the bores so there’s a rebuild there. Hopefully the head and all the parts are still present. Still a cool old car but maybe priced a bit high.

  5. Uncle Bob

    I’ll bet the model name “Dictator” seem a bit more innocuous in 1927 when they started with it than it did a decade later when they ended it. :)

    A month on the market hasn’t opened this seller’s eyes yet it appears. A few months ago the, more desirable, ’37 Dictator coupe drew a lower bid amount than this. Short line of buyers out there for these now a days.

    • Frank Sumatra

      It would be worth having just to get a “DICTATOR” vanity plate. Good luck with that in 2018!

  6. jdjonesdr

    Another beast I’d love to have. If I could, it would stay as stock as I could keep it and still use it.

  7. Johnmloghry

    Wash, scrub, clean rebuild as needed then drive.

  8. Don

    The engine bay will support a V10 or V12. There is plenty of room in it. I would never put a SBC in it. That would ruin the look.
    Either that or find a straight eight in it and supercharge it. That would be the ultimate. Just like the Sutds of past.

    • Poppapork

      Any good sources of Inline 8’s? I would love to get one for another project!

  9. Don Holt

    Nail head ,v8

    • Don Holt

      Nailhead ,

      • Johnmloghry

        425 ci 360 hp dual 4 bbl nailhead.

  10. Pete

    That car is just the bees knees, I think I would just try to rebuild that motor if possible, or replace it with a new studebaker engine that runs maybe out of a Hawk or something.

    • Ike Onick

      Bees have knees?

  11. hatofpork

    Nice old Stude. Amazingly well-preserved. Everything comes back into vogue eventually…

  12. Blake Young

    Too far away and about triple the price for me. I love that swoopy grille and the artillery wheels are killer. I need a set for my ’38 Dodge project. Pre-war cars are not selling for what they used to, and a non-Ford four door that’s not running is not going to bring that much money. I hope he realizes that and accepts a reasonable offer rather than letting it rot away.

  13. Rodney - GSM

    This thing is fantastic! Although, by looking at its face, I suspect that it’s mother
    (father?) was a snow plow….

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