Stored Since The ’90s: 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible

The seller of this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible seems to be torn on whether or not he wants to sell the car or keep it himself to restore.  I guess that’s a somewhat common dilemma, but in any event, he claims to not know a lot about the vehicle as he bought it as a flip and also mentions that if it hasn’t sold by Thanksgiving the listing will be pulled and he’ll go the restoration route.  If you like the mid-sixties style convertibles and have been looking for a project, perhaps this one may fit the bill, and while it’s gonna need some attention to get the car up to driver status it would definitely be a cool droptop once that work was completed.  It’s located in Middletown, New Jersey, and can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $6,000.

I’d like to thank Barn Finds’ own talented editor Adam Clarke for finding this one!  The story goes that the present owner has had the car for about the last year, but prior to his purchase it had been stored since the nineties.  We don’t get a whole lot of information about the Galaxie’s past, other than it’s a barn find with a claimed 79,000 original miles and the previous owner had documented all of the oil changes.  It is equipped with one of Ford’s larger V8 offerings for ’63, the 390, and the engine is said to crank and will fire up from starting fluid, but with all that time sitting I’m guessing it may need a good going through.  There’s no word on the condition of the automatic transmission.

The seller says the fenders, doors, and hood aren’t showing any visible rot, but once you get behind the doors those long quarter panels are definitely showing some on both sides, as is the inside trunk area.  We don’t get to see any photos of the Galaxie with the top-up, but it’s stated to be in need of replacement as well, along with the gas tank.  No photos are provided from the underside, although it’s said to be rusty but not rotted, so hopefully, he means just surface rust.  I’d probably ask for a few down-under photos before getting too serious about this one.

Things inside are going to need a lot of attention too, and that front seat just looks plain painful.  It’s kind of hard to see if all the gauges are still in the dash, but if they are I’m guessing they’re going to need to be restored too, especially if the car has been sitting with the top down for all this time.  Some good news is the glass, as it’s all stated to be good except the windshield, which is cracked.  While this is for sure not a project for the beginner, if you’ve got the time and skills maybe this one might be worth the effort.  What do you think?


  1. Ramone Member

    The frame will need a really close look. Lots of rust repair lurking here. Hope it gets saved.

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  2. Harvey Member

    Good from afar, but far from good.

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  3. tiger66

    BF: “The seller of this 1963 Ford Galaxie Convertible…”

    Galaxie 500 convertible, please. There was no Galaxie convertible for ’63, just 2-door and 4-door sedans.

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    • Mike Stephens Staff

      Hey tiger,

      Many thanks for the clarification, and update made. Thank you and thanks for reading BF!

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    • Jranders Member

      Galaxie 500 badge there on the front fender…..

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    • piper62j

      I owned a black one. Red interior, 260 v8, 3 on the tree.. Black rag top. No ps. no pb. Loved it till I wrapped it around a construction trailer.

  4. CCFisher

    For the love of Snoopy, please, whoever buys this, get rid of the wheels, even if you do nothing else.

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    • Gary

      “I wanna be a lowrider”

  5. Curt Main

    Yes there were 2 dr hts & convertibles & 406 fe motors.

  6. Troy

    This old girl is a little too far gone for what I have the skills and money to tackle but I do think she’s worth saving would be a fun car and the asking price isn’t ridiculous.

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  7. Thomas Shea

    They did make a Galaxie convertible in 1963…I almost bought one years ago…same color too. Missing from the front fender is the 390 engine designation.

    • Mike

      Because it’s a 352, not a 390

    • tiger66

      Nope. No Galaxie verts in ’63. ’61 saw the last of them. When they moved the Fairlane name to the new mid-size car in ’62, they demoted the Galaxie name to replace the Fairlane name in the full size lineup and created the new Galaxie 500 name as the top line series, which had the hardtops and verts.

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  8. Blue

    My older sister received a twin to this beauty for her 16th, it would have been 2 years old. For my 16th, I paid $250.00 of my savings for a ten year old Buick. Plus I had to buy my own insurance.

    My sister was an only child.

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  9. Mountainwoodie

    Wow. Six grand is the new two hundred and fifty bucks!

    Ok, five hundred cause its a drop top.

    Hope the seller does a good job “restoring ” it. And get rid of the wheels unless you’re a banger :) In which case, lower the car.

  10. Wayne

    Car was for sale near Staunton va month or so ago.. new owner must have found fault in it..original asking price was about 5k

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  11. Steve Douglas

    I bought a sport roof 63 Galaxie 500, in pretty solid shape body, but all original, a dud and gasping 352 2 barrel with column shifter. Started from scratch. A total restomod, a corgeous car – Porsche sport classic gray with custom dyed Ferrari orange interior, built 445 ci stroked motor, street strip shifter, probably 500 hp. A gorgeous car, but it took me a fortune to get it there, and 2+ years of agita A guy with THREE GT-40s at the far end of a car show pored over it and described it as “perfect.” And it is. But oh….., the freight. Ugh.

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  12. John Young

    Not true. I had a 1963 white with black top Galaxy in 1972. Sold it when I bought a 67 Vette.

  13. George Birth

    At $6K for the condition of this one I’d offer $4K to $5K max. This one needs everything.

  14. Lloyd Grisham

    Unless the engine is a replacement it is a 352. All 1963 galaxies had flags for 390, 406 and 427s on the front fenders I had a 63 fastback 390 and the valve covers were gold. I believe any stock 390 had gold valve covers.

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