Stunning Survivor: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

By Jeff Bennett

As a Corvette owner, and as someone who was formerly active in a local Corvette club, I can tell you that there are three types of Corvette owners. I fell into the first group, which is basically a bunch of hooligans who drive the snot out of their cars and who aren’t afraid to mash the go pedal at every opportunity. The second group is made up of people who are on a first name basis with their local Chevy dealer because they always have a deposit on file for the next new Corvette. This 1972 Corvette featured on eBay is obviously the beloved child of a member of the third group.  These folks are loyal to one Corvette only, and no expense is spared in keeping the car perfect from tires to T-tops.

When I look at the pictures provided and read the description, I am just floored at the condition of this Corvette.  If you told me it was restored professionally, I’d believe it.  It is just that beautiful.  Part of the reason is that it has only been driven 43,000 miles since new, and those miles had to have been only on beautiful, sunny days.  The other reason is that the previous owner babied it, driving it to mainly car shows, cruise ins, and other car buff gatherings.  The rest of his time must have been spent polishing its rare Ontario Orange paint.

This unbelievable level of care is continued inside. The vinyl seats look brand new, and the dash is simply perfect. It has the original radio, which was often the first thing replaced. Even the map pouch on the passenger’s side of the dash doesn’t sag. Amazing!

Under the hood, the engine looks almost as nice. There is a smattering of dirt and grime, and I believe that the valve covers aren’t original to the car. The good news is that important factory original parts, like the wire shielding and distributor, are still there. Hard core restorers cherish these pieces, and will spare no expense finding the correct parts and making sure that they have a factory correct finish if they are going for a Bloomington Gold level restoration.

Underneath, the lack of rust and road grime lead me to believe that my never driven in the rain theory is correct. Even the exhaust pipe looks amazing for being 45 years old, and I believe it is probably original. The frame looks great as well. Many prospective Corvette buyers never think to look at the frame, because in their mind fiberglass cars don’t rust. Well, the frames and the metal around the windshields and cowl sure as heck rust on these! This one will undoubtedly last another 45 years if given the same care it has enjoyed previously.

In the end, what you have here is a very solid, very well kept example of the Corvette before safety and emissions laws changed it from a sports car to what some derogatively referred to as a “secretary’s hot rod.”  These were machines built to go fast, and do it with style. When ordering a Corvette of this era, you could check the option boxes to make it just the way you like it. The original owner must have wanted a comfortable cruiser, because they ordered options such as the lower horsepower 350, an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and a luggage rack. While hard core collectors foam at the mouth for high compression big blocks, rock crusher four speed manual transmissions, and delightful options such as radio and heater deleting, this is a car that can be used and enjoyed.  Let’s just hope the new owner treats this special Corvette with the same care as its previous caretakers.

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  1. leiniedude

    Beautiful car! I have owned my 1972 for 17 years now and fall into the first group as you Jeff. Even the Hooligans. I love the color but can’t recall ever seeing one in person. 4891 Ontario Orange cars left the plant that year. The most popular color choice. I cannot stop looking at this car! Thanks, Mike.

    • Angrymike

      My buddy’s stepmom has a 72 in this color, it was repainted once because of fading, but yes I love this color and wish I could get my hands on that lil old ladies 72 !

  2. Jim B

    Read the Q&As on that eBay listing. Trust me LOL.

    • PaulG

      Yiiiikes, Gary ain’t too much fer the English language…Thanks Jim!

      • Jim B

        Told ya! LOL Just part of what I love about eBay.

  3. dw

    What?! The map pouches are non saggy? This car is clearly a non GM imposter, possibly manufactured by aliens.

  4. Tom Member

    Owned the twin to this one in 1989. It was my first Corvette. I sold it for the same reason I won’t be buying this one, Automatic Transmission.

    Nice car.

  5. Rustytech

    Looks like a nice Corvette in a stunning color, it will be interesting to see what the final bid is, and if it sells.

  6. Rich 1

    It is a great looking, factory correct, ’72 Corvette! I wish I could add it to my collection, but I would have to sell another to make room. My preference would be to not have the trunk rack, but it’s gorgeous either way!

  7. Mountainwoodie

    Man oh man………I is no going to look at birdcage…fraid birds fly out quickly.

  8. Johnsgarage

    Note: 1970 was the last year of REAL GM performance automobiles. This car can only be but so original with 40K miles. The brake calipers leaked like a seive, the exhaust heat riser side muffler rusted out about every two or three years at best, the rear axle bearings were a continual problem, the radios were made In Mexico and, when they worked, sounded great. …when they worked. Originality – correctable things – get rid of the damn radial tires (I know, I know, it rides better and handles better, blah, blah), the aircraft hose clamps, the early valve covers. Even a 1970 and earlier vette with an automatic transmission and A/C was not a performance car. Unfortunately, many owners of my generation have grown soft and want slush boxes, air, mega sound systems… Real music – a vette with a solid lifter engine running through the gears of a close-ratio four-speed…

  9. Peter


    Nice write-up!

    A childhood neighbor’s father had a “flat window” like this, in Ontario Orange, but I don’t recall the year. (I know it was a 1977 or older, as that was the last year for the “flat windows,” which I really like–I don’t care for the “bubble-back” backlights of the ’78- through ’82 C-3’s.)

    I’m not a fan of the automatic trans, but A/C is a huge blessing, here–hope it works.

    I agree with the Seller–ebay doesn’t seem like the strongest venue but, as he says, it can’t hurt to “test the waters.” It’ll be interesting to see how it does.

    My favorite ‘Vette color–Great ‘Vette!

  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Call me a skeptic, but the overspray on the weatherstripping for the hood should not exist if this is a factory painted car.

    It’s too bad that the nice chrome ignition shield that covers the distributor is missing.


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