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Sturgis or Bust: 1985 Pulse AutoCycle

1985 Pulse

It’s a motorcycle, it’s a plane, no it’s a 1985 Pulse AutoCycle! Now that is something you don’t hear everyday. We spotted one of these plane-bikes a while back in the corner of a garage so when this one came up for auction on eBay, we couldn’t resist. It’s strange, but should make for an interesting conversation piece.


Don’t get too excited, it can’t actually fly. It is obviously a motorcycle based vehicle with a two-passenger plane-inspired body. The exterior is convincing, but a quick look under the tailfin clears up any confusion.


The wings do have “outrigger” wheels that are only used when starting or corning to provide the occupants with a flying sensation. We are not sure how well that works, but we would love to jump in that cockpit and go for a fly… er ride.

1985 Pulse AutoCycle

Just think what people will think when you show up at Sturgis next year with this thing!


  1. Dolphin Member

    I think people at Sturgis will think this is cool, funky, retro, and just a big hoot.

    Who wouldn’t like it, especially after a couple of 6-packs?

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    • Foxxy

      I think sturgis will look at it like me, just a car with a scoot engine. Now if you take it to Daytona bike week they will love it. jmo

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  2. john whittet

    man i would love to find something like this havnt been able to ride for the last 6 years due to a stroke left me paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair! , man the thought of being able to ride again knowing that there is something like this still out there would be one of the greatest days of my life!

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    • Dolphin Member

      I hope you can find a way to ride again, even if it’s not quite as free and far as you used to. Maybe a local motorcycle club could help you find someone with a bike that has a sidecar who would be willing to give you a ride. Never know until you ask.

      Best of luck, John.

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  3. Dan Farrell

    Without A/C I don’t think you would ever make it to Sturgis unless it was on a trailer.

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  4. Larry

    This thing has to be hotter then hell inside. I will say this is different. can’t make up my mind on this one. Anyone out there ever drive one of these?

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  5. Charles

    A cool novelty. It would be fun for parades, festivals, and car shows. It looks like a death trap if driven on the street in traffic.

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  6. krash

    ….make sure your license hasn’t expired, (or you last name is Rutan) because there isn’t one patrolman who’ll let you pass without a thorough inspection and a damn good explanation…

    ” oh, I’m just on my way back to Area 51, officer…”

    The folks at Top Gear (the English version, please) would love to get their hands on this baby..

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  7. Don Andreina

    It looks like the thing Roger Moore flew in Octopussy

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    • Newport Pagnell

      Bede BD-5j. Maybe some leftover fuselages.

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  8. TMC

    There is one of these runing around the NE side of Ft Worth. Looks funky goin down the road.

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  9. Trucker Dave

    I was working in Carroll, Iowa in the early 80’s for a newspaper. I did an article on a local company that was trying to build this type of motorcycle. Wish I could remember how many they had built at that time (1983). The out-riggers and cockpit look similar, but that was a long time ago. May be more of these in that area (west of Ames, IA, NE of Omaha, NE about 100 miles).

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