Super Clean Find! 1960 Ford Fairlane


I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m a little skeptical of the low mileage claim for this find. 28,685 miles, even if it has been stored since the 1980’s, sure isn’t a lot of distance to have been covered! That being said, this is one smooth looking, clean car. It’s located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is listed here on eBay, with bidding currently at $5,000 with reserve not met. There’s also a buy it now figure of $9,900 if you just have to have it right away!


I really think the 1960 Ford is one of the neatest designs of about a decade long period. And this one, with a minimal amount of trim as the base Fairlane model, is one of the best of the bunch. Just look at those terrific sweeping lines! Nice chrome, too!


Here’s the model–the Fairlane Business Sedan. I love the claim that the seat is foam padded at no extra cost! Now that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel! Somehow the center caps and steel wheels make this look extra tough to me. I’ve seen some gorgeous custom cars based on 1960 Fords, but I hope the buyer of this one keeps it pretty much as-is!


And for those of you that like brightwork, there’s plenty of that in the front of the car. The nice thing is, it all looks straight and in pretty nice shape as well! It does look like the car has been kept as a classic car based on the license plate, which is terrific, but also means the seller knows what they have.


While the seats look great, the seller tells us that they have been recovered. All I’ll say is that while I wish they had been done in the stock pattern, after looking at the interior in this car, I think I like the ones here better. The seller also tells us that they have removed the headliner due to it being shredded, but have not replaced it yet. I found them here for about $175.


No, it’s not a V8, it’s the inline six cylinder. Sure does look nice, though. It really looks like this car has been taken care of, whether it’s original or not. What do you think, and do you share my admiration for 1960 Fords?


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  1. Vince Habel

    61 was a much better looking car.

    • JW454


      I seem to prefer the ’60 over the ’61. A friend had a bare bones ’61 that was fitted with a 430 cu. in. Mercury engine and a 3 speed on the column. That was one tire shredding car. We had a ball in that car until he traded it for a ’64 Galaxie convertible with a 390. The fun continued….

  2. JW

    I could see a Mayberry tribute police car here.

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    • Rando

      Noooooooo. not another. As a resident of Mt Airy (Mayberry – Andy’s hometown), we are swamped with these, serveral years’ worth, all doing the “Mayberry Squad Car Tours. They toodle around at 5 – 10 mph with folks hanging out the windows. Feel free, but keep it in your own town. And don;t bring it here for “mayberry days” either. Like General Lees, too many of them. Shine it up and tribute someone else’s car – what did Helen Crump drive…?

      Besides, this is a two door. It’s pretty nice just as it is.

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  3. don

    I used to think the only car uglier was an Edsel, but they are growing on me

    • Chuck

      Edsel guy here–58 Pacer Convertible–my Edsel is coming after you.

    • AE2084

      My 1960 Edsel is threatening a brake failure if you get near it.

      • Mike Williams

        It looks great and reminds me of my 60 Edsel.

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    • Mike Williams

      The Edsel was better looking. This is not mine.

      • Mike

        Nice Edsel. I love the 1960, especially the wagon.

  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    If that’s not the correct seat upholstery pattern, you could have fooled me! Cool car. What was the 6 in those days…170?

    • phoneman91

      223 6 cylinder in the full size Ford in 1960.

    • thomas schweikert


  5. Howard A Member

    Wow, what a time capsule. I believe the mileage as original. Wiki claims this would be a 223-6, the only one offered. The ’60 Ford was one of my favorites too. Just amazing to see one like this. Great find.

    • Jerry Hearn

      223 CID and put out 145 HP,

  6. Ed P

    The 223-6 is the correct engine for this car. My dad had a plain jane 4 door Fairlane sedan. He said he could reach the drain plug and oil filter from the top of the engine compartment. The factory upholstery did not hold up well and he had it recovered. The speedometer broke several times so I don’t know the actual mileage, but he drove that car well over 100k in 4 years.

    • Mike Williams

      Very easy to service, just like my old Mustang 6 cyl.

  7. Eddie

    Cool Car ,But It’s A Boat Lets Go Swimming !

  8. al leonard

    Don,,,,a 2 edsel owner here..(“58 Corsair and a “59 Corsair) better take back waht you said!!!!Ha Ha…

  9. Jim

    It’s not my first choice but someone has spent some time and money keeping the Fairlane nice. I’d hate to have to source that rear glass if it ever broke! Good driver or project for someone.

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  10. angliagt

    Wouldn’t you want a 4 door model to make a Police –
    cruiser out of?

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Repainted and reupholstered… to love those low mileage cars…….

  12. Mark S Member

    Nice car if the paint is as good in person as in the pictures I’d just wax and polish. As for the interior I’d leave it as is except to do the head liner.

  13. Jeepster

    It seems the “survivors” tend to be the same ugly assed blue tones, nearly every time. GM Ford and Chryslers – sunliner take me away( I ment to type calgon )

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    • JCW Jr.

      or ugly green

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  14. jeff

    the 1960 ford is mine. the miles are actual. the car was in a dry clean bugs or mice in or out.under dash not even dusty looks like it was built last week.there is no original cloth for the seat to be found. only the dark blue was replaced, light blue original. jeff

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Jeff, thanks for chiming in and I appreciate the details! Good luck with the sale and I wish I were able to bid!

    • phoneman91

      Beautiful original car,Jeff. I wish I was closer to your location–I wouldn’t be able to resist buying it!

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jeff, thanks for writing. Do you know the story on this car? I’m always interested in the human side of these finds. Now, I’m going to take a rolled up newspaper, and whallop you across the head for wanting to sell it. :)

  15. Rustytech Member

    Nice car. Fix the headliner & swap in some extra go. Then have fun!

  16. RicK

    I’d slap a set of 24s on it and bag it and leave the rest as is and go cruising!!!

  17. Mike Williams

    Looks like it sold already.

  18. Tim Rusling

    Until 6 years ago I had a ’60 Fairlane 500 four door. Good body, leaked rain water like mad. The 221 cid six ran incredibly smooth.

  19. Bob C.

    I like those 223s.They weren’t the fastest engines and some sounded like tractors, but they were quite durable.

  20. Jerry Hearn

    223 CID and put out 145 HP, My folks bought a new 60 Fairlane 500 4 door, standard, AM, heater, dark metallic green with white top and rubber flooring instead of carpet. We drove it for everything, mom got tagged just behind the passenger side back door and made a Nike shaped swoop down to the rear bumper. Had already gone well over 100,000 miles and been overhauled so we just kept driving it because the repairs would cost more than a replacement. Then I inherited it and put another 100,000++on it before totaling it compliments of a little old lady who swore she had the right-of-way turning into her driveway because she had her turn signal on…….

  21. Tim Rusling

    I had a ’60 Fairlane 500, white, red interior, 223/autom. That was the smoothest engine I’ve ever had. Could never figure out why water flooded the front floors – everything I could find was sealed.

  22. r. bruce

    I would like to see an example of the Canadian equivalent, the 1960 Ford Meteor.

  23. Tim Rusling

    Good luck finding a ’60 Meteor. They’re worth it though.

  24. James Turner

    Pardon me but that styling on the green and white Edsel looks like the type of styling some of the Russian cars looked like back in the day. As far as the 1960 Ford is concerned, I much prefer the grille styling and the taillights on the meteor from Canada.

    • thomas schweikert

      lol russian style

  25. Tim Rusling

    So do a lot of people. Those Meteor-specific parts are like gold these days. There are so few survivors.

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