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Supercat: 1967 Sunbeam Tiger


We have seen a lot of Sunbeam Tigers over the years, but I think this one takes the cake as being the most odd. Tigers are very collectible because of the V8 under the hood and their connection to Carroll Shelby. This one takes things in a strange direction though with a Superbird-esque nose job and an automatic transmission swap. Luckily, the original four-speed are included with the sale, but you would have to find your own fenders. Take a look here on eBay where the seller is asking $48k or best offer. This MK II suffered an older restoration and could use some freshening now, so you could take it back to original or just keep things weird. Which route would you go?


  1. Howard A Member

    As a purist, the front end struck me as odd too, however, it seems to be well done, and I’ve always liked the idea of the tilting hood, like the Spitfire. Certainly not your basic Tiger (if there is such a thing) Being the new guy, I’ve noticed a general lack of likeness for cars with automatic transmissions. Being a truck driver all my life, I’ve shifted gears, like 8 billion times, so all my vehicles (where applicable) have to be automatics. I’ve shifted enough.

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  2. Tom S.

    The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the photo was that this was a crash repair. Nice of them the seller to confirm that in the ad. Those weld-on fenders must be a PITA to swap out. I love the Alpine/Tiger profile, but I think that’s a huge design flaw.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    I don’t care for the look of the replacement front but the car looks like it could be put back to original. That would be my route if I owned it, especially since there are still old Alpines around to donate parts.

    Being a Mk II it would probably be worth it, especially since it’s a West coast car and the chassis looks mostly OK. There is some rust to fix in what looks like a dog leg and there’s some rattle can paint in the trunk but the sheet metal there looks good. The buyer would need to add probably $15-$20K in parts and work to get it right, but with the rarity of Mk IIs and how they are appreciating it could probably still work financially for someone who really wanted a Mk II.

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  4. Mark E

    I liked it at first but the more I look at it, the less I care for it. Add to that it’s not a period kit but a custom modification and I would think that you’d shoot yourself in the foot or rather in the value as an original collectible.

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  5. JohnD

    What an abomination. Anything else is too kind. I would have cut the nose off and marketed it nose-less. . . Would have been better.

    Beyond the metal problems, this car is missing MANY unique MKII parts . .. Wheel opening mouldings and grille come to mind. My MK1A stuff is cheaper, so I don’t keep up, but just those are probably a few thousand.

    Will make a neat car if the starting price was half what it is. . .

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  6. Rick

    If this car had the front end mod done in ’66 or ’67 it woulda been way more cool back then.

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  7. JW454

    The front end… Nice effort but it doesn’t go with the styling in the rear. It now looks like two cars jammed together to me. I’d be for changing it back to original.

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  8. Sunbeamdon

    OK guys and gals – as an original MK II owner, this one brought tears to my eyes.

    I’ve been watching MK II offerings on E-bay – let’s see – Headlight rims $500 – $800; Grill $2,500 – $4,000; Grill opening surrounds $1,000 – $3,000; Wheel arch moldings – $6,000 – $8,000; Restored steering wheel w/new hub – $500 – $1,000; Dash pad – available; Waste roll – available; ’67 Alpine front clip $3,000.00 and up; Body work, paint, interior, top – anybody’s guess, say $5,000 to $10,000; Contingency/missing nuts, screws and bolts $5,000 – $8,000

    Low estimate with available parts $25,000. High estimate $36,000. Value when done – low $55,000 – high $80,000 (because its a non-original rebuilt car)

    Maximum auction value, and you’d really have to want this one, $35,000!

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  9. sir mike

    new definition of ugly..

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  10. hhaleblian

    “Stupid is as stupid does” Forrest.

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  11. Scottymac

    Fiberfab offered a similar front end for the Mustang. I wonder if they were responsible for this, too?

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  12. Peter


    Oh-EM-GEE! That is UUUGLY! The first I thought of was faux-mini-Superbird front end, so thank you, Jesse–great minds think alike, huh?

    Okay, I admit I should not have gone where I did (below), but this is what I asked the seller, on ebay (I post it here for anyone’s general amusement, because I doubt he’ll answer it):

    Hi–nice color!

    But how come no pics of the headlights/grill/front?

    Seriously-a CUSTOM, SUPERBIRD-esq, TILTING, ONE-PIECE nosejob, and we can’t even SEE it?

    Is it possible that, like some creature out of Mythology, this CANNOT be viewed by any man of woman born?

    It is a “face” only a mother could love?

    For $50K, it better be BEAUTIFUL, no?


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  13. aussiebloke

    Hideous, Maxwell Smart is turning in his grave.

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  14. Clay Bryant

    Fair warning,if you do purchase this car,watch out for sidewalk mounted streetlights.Make quick turns or you’ll snag the front end on the pole.Practice,practice,practice.This one is about as bad as a Bocar Stiletto.

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  15. Alan (Michigan)

    Oh my.


    “The horror, the horror.”

    With apologies to Marlon….

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  16. John

    Confusing. Is the pictured front clip part of the deal? This could be a beautiful little car. Unfortunately, the price has already become unreasonable. I would love to have it at a realistic price.

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