Surprisingly Stock: 1993 GMC Typhoon

This 1993 GMC Typhoon benefits from a recent repaint but has had a few mechanical issues crop up while it’s been sitting. It’s not exactly a secret that vintage vehicles don’t like to stay parked, and sometimes you can see more problems materialize from lack of use than from a weekly drive. This Typhoon has just 50,000 miles and a nicely kept interior, so cosmetic restoration will likely not be needed when the next owner takes possession – but some minor mechanical work will be on the table. Find the Typhoon here on eBay with one bid to $10K and no reserve.

It’s amazing to me that you still see the Typhoon and its truck-bed sibling the Syclone show up for sale as total beaters. When the government’s ill-conceived Cash for Clunkers program was in full swing, enthusiasts cried foul at the site of Syclones and Typhoons showing up as trade-ins for some God-awful economy car. I’m guessing its resemblance to the standard pickup and Jimmy SUV did it no favors when it came time to reminding owners that they had an extremely limited-production vehicle with supercar-like performance in their possession.

This Typhoon has some curious details surrounding it, like the full repaint at 50,000 miles and the recently powder-coated wheels. Nothing wrong with either of those enhancements, but it’s still surprising for a truck with lower-than-average miles to need that sort of work. The interior looks to have been maintained to a high standard, which further dispels the narrative that this Typhoon sat languishing in a California backyard for a few years. The seller does note a small crack in the dash by the VIN tag, and that the tires are over ten years old, which I’m assuming is code for they should be replaced. 

The seller discloses a few issues that aren’t the end of the world but will require attention by the next owner. The Typhoon does smoke a bit on start-up, which the seller attributes to bad valve guide seals. The transmission leaks when the truck sits, so presumably it goes away when being run regularly. Likely something small like a shift shaft seal, would be my guess. Aside from an R134a conversion, the seller claims there are no modifications to be found, which will make any Typhoon or Syclone a desirable find, even with a few small issues to sort out. If bidding stays close to the current number, this Typhoon could be a performance bargain for the next owner.

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  1. Moparman Member

    Panel gap between the right front fender and bumper cover is off. No clear view of left side to compare……I’d love to have this interior/gauge panel in my S-10!! GLWTA!! :-)

  2. local_sheriff

    Together with the Syclone it’s one of the very few 90s US vehicles that will have any collector value in the future. A bit too new(!) for my taste, still I like them

  3. markp

    1) The first thing that comes to mind when I see this truck is “Ice, Ice, Baby” even if its not a 5.0 mustang.

    2) The stock Typhoon decals look better, the ones that are on the truck are not OEM replacements.

    • Gransedan

      The ‘N’ in the Typhoon decals is backwards.

  4. Bob C.

    All those 4.3 Chevy v6 engines smoke when cold starting. The company I worked for a few years back had a fleet of late 80s early 90s Chevy vans and S10 pickups and it seemed the norm for them.

  5. jerry z

    A few yrs back at an auction, there was a red 1993 Typhoon. They had a minimum bid of $10K for it. Not one person bid, it was really rough!

  6. J or Haska

    I have always wanted one of these, they are lots of fun to drive, I had a friend who had Syclone and I got to drive it several I’m times. I think the Sycone might be faster, but I think the Typhoon looks cooler. I Think 10K could be a fair
    number, but this is a high maintenance vehicle so beware !

  7. JoeNYWF64

    “Odd” there isn’t even one mainstream 2 door suv available today.
    I’m surprised you can still get a 2 door pickup, but i bet that won’t last.

    • SG Member

      Sadly, neither Dodge nor Chevy offer a full size 2 door pickup any more, and I am pretty sure that also includes their small trucks too. Ford does still offer a 2 door full size truck for 2020, but I believe you are correct, they are on their way out.
      Dodges don’t even have a real shifter, just a knob like off an old radio.
      I am going through a legal challenge & I was thinking of celebrating my potential win by getting a new truck. I can’t find one I want.
      Oh well, it is cheaper to keep her (the old daily driver).

  8. ACZ

    Sounds like someone has been using gas cut with ethanol. That stuff will screw up any car if allowed to sit without a fuel conditioner. Also, valve seals might be the cause of the blue smoke on startup, but it’s more likely worn valve guides. Not that hard to fix but the heads need to come off.

  9. Rob

    Did the Typhoons come with a Syclone imprinted intake manifold?

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