Survivor Wagon: 1959 Edsel Villager

The seller of this 1959 Edsel Villager says this car speaks for itself and is all original. Assuming that extends to the photos of it, I’d say this Edsel looks like it’s lived a pretty easy life. This wagon was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Tacoma, Washington. This no reserve auction has received 29 bids, setting the high bid so far at $6,800.

The Edsel was a short-lived brand from the Ford Motor Company that began in 1958 and ended production in 1960. Initially based on Mercury and Ford platforms, by the 2nd model year, they became Ford-based only. This 6-passenger Villager wagon was one of 5,687 built-in 1959. Total Edsel production across all 3 model years was 118,287 – 47,396 of those were from the 1959 model year.

The seller tells us this Edsel is a survivor that they purchased from the son of the original owner. The bright red paint is claimed to be original and still shines. The body and underside are described as solid. The rear bumper looks like it may have been hit a time or two. I’m curious about the origins of the roof rack and its original intended use, but I like the look of it. Wheels are void of covers, but the seller is including some.

The interior is also original. The red and white fabric and painted surfaces perfectly match the exterior. The seats are a little dirty, but in good shape considering their age. There is a small tear on the side of the front bench seat. The dash shines bright and the floor covering looks a little dirty, but again, pretty good considering their age.

There’s little detail on the drivetrain, aside from the “standard V8” mentioned. Assuming it’s original, that would be a 361 cubic-inch engine. A column-shifted automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels. The seller tells us it “runs and drives, but will need some work to be road safe.”

If you’re a long roof fan like me, I’ll assume this one piques your interest at least a little bit. What’s not to like about an all original, well-preserved 1950s wagon? Even if it is an Edsel. This seems like a good opportunity to not only wax nostalgic but get into a solid, classic wagon.

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  1. IkeyHeyman Member

    I haven’t seen the car so I’m not going to doubt the guy when he says it’s the original paint, but I’m amazed how good it looks after 61 years.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Load up the kids and the dog, and we’re off to Jellystone Park! I love it.

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    • Weasel

      Yogi the bear…and Boo Boo too

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Probably the best looking Edsel ever built. Cleaned up the model lines with this year’s product. Only one I ever drove was a friend’s police cruiser. Ugly but pretty fast.

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  4. William Fox

    Beautiful and solid, let alone somewhat scarce. I’d lose that roof rack, which isn’t factory anyway. I’d also source a set of Edsel Spinner wheelcovers with white centers–the Edsel Owner’s club is an excellent source to network with other owners & locate needed items. Could not tell if this wagon had AC or power windows as options, but I seriously doubt it anyway. No matter; I’d take this any day of the week regardless! You WILL garner attention at shows. Just be prepared to answer lots of questions by admirers.

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    • 370zpp

      William, I am sure many will agree, loose that “canoe-roof rack” and source some reasonable rims and tires and this one is a winner.

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  5. Wayne from Oz

    William Fox, if you can’t tell if it’s got power windows or not, the window winders might give you a hint.

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  6. Pietro

    It seems there is a light but quite extended crack in the windshiels.

  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Decent looking wagon. I have three daughters, grandchildren and great great grandchildren living in the greater Tacoma area, this would certainly make a nice gift for one of them except they’re all into ultra modern junk. Perhaps my oldest daughter(52 years old) might be a little interested. I think I’ll forward this to her to see if she has any interest.
    God bless America

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  8. Vince H

    I always like the tail lights on the 58. They made for cool custom jobs on other cars. The front of the 59 was a improvement imo.

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    • DAVID G

      Totally agree Vince – much prefer the 58 NON-wagon ‘Gullwing’ Taillight scheme to the 59 Edsel non-wagons. And the 58 Edsel wagon ‘Boomerang’ rear lights are way-cooler than the ones on this 59 wagon.

      I believe the base V8 for a 1958 Wagon was a 292 Y-block, or 332 FE for upper models? 361 FE was optionally available as the top engine for all 59 models (except Ranger?)

      The featured wagon seems a good get since if truly original, condition is amazing. Most Edsels weren’t treated very well at all thru the decades…

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  9. Bob Mck Member

    Wow…talk about rare! Wish I had room for this beauty.

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  10. Howard A Member

    The old car hobby sure is goofy. Here you have a car that has a bunch going for it. Rare and unusual, a wagon, relatively clean, V8, automatic, and “only” $7878 ( going up by single dollars means the end is near) seems like quite a deal. I thought Edsels were really cool.

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    • local_sheriff

      Now, isn’t that great for those of us in the hobby that don’t have access to piles of $? Searching for alternative models is fun and vehicles like this could possibly offer plenty of vintage car without a massive tag. Could it be the find of the month?

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      • Stevieg

        Absolutely this the find of the month. Great car with simple mechanicals. It’s a Ford so parts are available, but it looks different so it is cool!

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  11. Kenneth Carney

    I made a print of one of these in 2005 for
    a customer who really wanted one. I did
    his in Velvet Touch Maroon with a Creme
    top. He liked it so much that he paid me
    double my asking price! Then he comes
    back and orders a ’58 Citation 2-door HT
    that next week! Come to find out that he
    was the first person in Winter Haven to buy an Edsel when they went on sale in
    ’57. We became close friends after I made the prints for him. Sad to say he
    passed away just before I retired in 2009.
    Seems that when I saw him, he and his wife always showed up in a nicely kept
    old car of some sort. We just finished
    our preps for the hurricane coming our
    way when I saw this car. It’ll be over
    Melbourne sometime Sunday afternoon.
    Sis told me that they’re expecting 4-12
    inches of rain with it as well as high winds. This’ll be the first one I’ve ridden out in an apartment though.

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    • Rex Kahrs Member

      Be safe Ken. My in-laws are in Merritt Island, and they’ve been through quite a few storms over the years. We’re 5 years now in Tampa, and have seen quite a few in that short time, including Erma.

  12. Murray Shane

    Thanks BarnFind for featuring this car. I wanted to buy one in high school and pops wouldn’t let me. Exact same car and color. $350. Well you made my wish come true 48 years later. I just won the bid on it. Hopefully it not to far off of what the pics show it to be. I’m looking forward to seeing in in person. Thanks again for featuring it and bringing it my way

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    • Stevieg

      Congrats Murray! I hope it does well for you.

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    • Howard A Member

      There you have it folks, a success story. The car is so unique, how different from the pictures could it be? It’s not like it’s a ’68 GTO with a patched frame. I think you did great, and above all, have fun! I’ve had several “odd” cars over the years, and get ready for a flood of comments. I hope you like talking to people, because the stories are priceless. Big “thumbs up” here,,,

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    • Bob Mck Member

      You reached your dream! Congratulations. I hope it exceeds your expectations.

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      • Murray Shane

        Thank you Bob

    • local_sheriff

      Congrats Murray! $8.800 for a UNIQUE Edsel longroof is a very decent price in today’s market. Crossing my fingers for you it’s as good as it looks! 🤞

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      • Murray Shane

        Thank you. I’m hoping the same but unless it’s a real turd I think I’ll be ok. Let’s hope😀

  13. Claudio

    48 years later?!
    Enjoy this one my friend !
    Life is too short, you have waited long enough
    Wishing you the best of luck and pleasure with you new car…

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  14. Stan Marks

    1st time I ever saw an Edsel wagon.
    Closing bid was $8,800. SOLD

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  15. Kenneth Carney

    Thanks Rex, we will. We rode out Erma at
    my MILs house in Winter Haven back in ’17. We were without power for 1 1/2 days on that one. Mom took it like a trooper though. She was wearing one of those heart monitors that needed charging so we plugged it into our generator along with the 2 fridges we had
    then. We got through it just fine. I checked with the managment and the young lady told me that our apartment
    building is made to withstand a cat 5
    storm so we should be okay. Got the Charger filled up and ready in case we
    gotta bug out. Got plenty of food, so
    I think we’re ready. Congrats on getting the car Murray! Maybe you could give us
    a play by play report on how your resto
    will be going. Good luck man, you deserve it!

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  16. Murray Shane

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I’m hoping it is nice enough to keep as original as possible. I spoke to the seller and he assured me that going through the brakes and putting a muffler back on is about all it needs as a driver. That’s what I’m thinking for a bit. Maybe add a couple long board surf boards just for fun on those racks. Also has that dent on the pass rear quarter. Supposedly zero rust through anywhere on the car. I’ll know when the transporter drops it off next week. My biggest issue is if I sell my 1975 AMC Pacer with a factory stick shift and 66k miles. Hmmmm

  17. Murray Shane

    Claudio. You pegged me right. The goofier and stranger they are the more I like them. I just might keep both.
    Stan. Not sure about the 2x4s but maybe I should nail the surf boards on the sides of the car instead. LOL. All seriousness I think you are right about no boards. I can’t wait to see it when it arrives. Take care 👍

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  18. Stan Marks

    Thanks buddy. What’s the ETA? Let us know how it looks.

    • Murray Shane

      Stan. Should be here next week. Check out the 59 yellow Edsel wagon on E Bay. Now that’s a sick pup. I almost want to add this one as well. I just hate someone else’s work as you never know what’s hiding under that shiny paint.

  19. Murray Shane

    You got it

  20. Stan Marks

    BTW…. Scroll down to the video of Ronny & the Daytonas.
    There’s also a Smoky promo video, too.
    When I worked at Universal, I drove the Bandit Trans Am, on the first Smoky movie.

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