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All for Sale! Carolina Collection of Cars and More!

An amazing array of mostly pre-war classics near Lewisville, North Carolina comes to market with many appearing to be complete and of driver-quality, or at least “ran when parked” quality. The teaser listing here on craigslist includes spartan details other than many vehicles, New Old Stock parts, and more are available. Thanks to reader Ikey H. for spotting this Carolina honey hole.

Check out the ’70s-style flame job on this ’30s coupe! I’ll avoid a lengthy image search and lazily defer to our experts to identify the vehicles shown here, since not even those pictured are mentioned or priced in the listing.

OK; I’m guessing ’63 Impala on this one. What can we tell from the trim level and badges? That Ermine White looks shinier than a new Maytag.

I’m guessing the aluminum? spoke wheels would help identify this stately straight-eight cylinder sedan. It’s hard to believe a car of this magnitude wouldn’t have sported a graceful hood ornament. I picture a leaping Elk or an art-deco woman thrusting a chrome teaspoon into the wind. Scones for all!

A tidy inline engine of six or eight cylinders powers this stylish two-door, and what is that hydraulic pump-looking thing against the firewall? I know the ’53 Buick Roadmaster had a hydraulic pump, similar-looking, for power windows and seats, but this is too early for that I believe. Or maybe it’s a central lubrication system; push a dedicated pedal on the floor once a month and it magically lubes the whole car. I do so enjoy a good flogging in the comments, but if someone knows the answer please chime in! Judging by the expansive side glass I’m guessing this is no small automobile. The spare tire gives your Thompson-toting thugs something to hold onto as you floor. Make way, coppers!

It looks like you could buy this truck on Saturday and show it on Sunday. This beauty’s stone-carting days are over. Be sure to wrap that 2×4 in bubble-wrap before heading home from the lumber yard. If any locals can share details about this collection we’d love to hear more in the comments below. Which is your favorite?


  1. 50grit

    The can on the firewall is the vacuum tank. Engine vacuum was used to draw gas from the gas tank to the vacuum tank which is obviously mounted higher than the carburetor. Fuel was then allowed to flow by gravity to the carburetor. Fuel level is controlled much the same as your home toilet, only in this example the whole chamber/tank is evacuated until filled to a level then a float shuts off the fuel flow.

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    • Solosolo UK Ken Tilly UK Member

      I had a 1930 Austin Heavy Twelve with the same awful system. It was much like the Model T Ford, if the hill was too long then the vacuum tank would empty and you were at a standstill!

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  2. Jamie

    Isn’t that a 409 badge on the Impala?

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Can’t enlarge it enough to tell for sure, but there is something over top the emblem from what I can see.

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    • Angrymike

      I really think it is, I’m not an expert on Impalas, but I think that the 409 was the only engine with a emblem.

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      • Big Mike

        You are correct, I have the same model and trim package as the one shown, only difference mine is red!

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Yea Jamie Think it might be a 409 badge, as Bogie said, its the stuff that dreams are made of. Wonder if its a 4 speed. There are some drop dead gorgeous cars here. Now I got the beach boys in the back of my head:
    My 4 speed dual quad positraction 409

    So Righteous

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  4. Kevin Harper

    I grew up in Winston Salem and Lewisville is a suburb of WS. I now live about an hour and a half away but still have relatives in the area. If anyone wants me to have a closer detailed look at a car I can probably do it. Just drop me a line.

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  5. Grid

    6 cylinder, no emblem (or an I, at one time); 283, a V; 327, flags; 409, digits atop the flags. One comedian here used to put small blue oval or Mopar stickers under the flags for races he won, like WW2 fighters and pictures of Japanese Zeros, etc.

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    • Frank Riggs

      Correct on emblem. Back in the day I purchased a new ’64 SS. Mine was bright “pull me over” red. Memories are starting to run down my cheeks. Those were the days !

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  6. Jay E.

    That flame job is beautifully done.

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  7. Bing

    I have been fortunate to have owned a number of cars.. I find them, fix them up, all are licensed and I drive them. Keep the stable to around four or five. Some are stone stock, others are hot rodded in one form or another. One of my dream cars is the 63 Impala SS 409. In white of course. Six years ago the father of a friend found one (true barn find) and he was talented as hell, so he had it show car ready in a year. He untimely passed and his collection was dispersed among his close friends… His was a white two door hardtop just like this one. Poverty hub caps are usually a give away… Great find…

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  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    The green sedan with aluminum spoke wheels and slanted grill bars has me stumped. It definitely has the body style of early to mid 30’s G.M. Cars yet when I searched the net I couldn’t identify it. Anyone know what it is?
    God bless America

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  9. Bob McK

    The (probably passed) owner had quite an eye for collecting cars. I bet they were his pride and joy for a long time.

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  10. Chas Gaffen

    From grill shape and ‘substantial’ appearance with heavy wheels I would guess the Green one with the aluminum(?) wheels is a Chrysler product. I don’t remember if all ‘63 Impalas had the badging on the side, in that position either, tho’ I thought the 409 would be more prominent.
    I wish the photographer hadn’t used a vintage camera because I know pix from my iPhone would have allowed enough zoom to answer our questions.

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  11. Mountainwoodie

    I want the sedan delivery and the 49/50 Chevy fastback?

    Oh my god. I could spend three days looking at those cars!

    Van Der Brink cant be too far behind :)

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  12. Lee Matthews

    The green sedan w/sidemounts is a 1934 Oldsmobile

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks Lee! I found this picture of what looks like a five-passenger Touring Sedan. Nice! http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/olds/o34/bilder/7.jpg The wheels may be later or optional? No mention in the brochure of anything but steel wheels.

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      I believe you’re right Lee, but still the grill is different from all the pictures I can find of 34 and 35 Oldsmobiles.
      Thank you for your input.
      God bless America

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  13. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Thanks Lee & Todd. My dad had a 35 Olds before I was born. We have pictures of it, but the grill just don’t quite look right on this green one.
    God bless America

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