Huge Classic Car and Parts Auction

It’s always interesting when a collection of classic cars and parts comes up for auction, and this one is no exception. Barn Finder Derik L spotted this auction for us, so thank you for that Derik. Bidding for these lots is to be done online, and the auction has opened, with final bids being accepted up until 7:00 pm MDT on Monday, June 3rd. You will find all of the auction details listed here at Bentley’s Auctions, so take a look and get ready to part with some cash on some pretty interesting lots.

The first car that caught my eye was this 1955 Buick Special. It looks pretty promising, and it is complete with a motor and transmission. The motor should be the 264ci Nailhead V8, although it isn’t clear what transmission is fitted to the car. The body looks quite good, but the interior looks quite shredded. There is no indication about the condition of the car, but it is being sold with a Bill of Sale.

Another interesting one is this 1960 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible. There are some rust spots visible, the interior will need a full restoration, and a new windshield will be on the shopping list. The catalog indicates that the mileage on the Olds is 38,088, but it isn’t clear whether this is original, or whether it has wound over. Under the hood is the 394ci Rocket V8, which produces 314hp. It isn’t clear whether the car is fitted with the 3-speed manual transmission or the 4-speed Hydramatic, but the car is being offered with a clear title.

It’s hard to go past a Bonneville Convertible, but this 1965 model is going to need some work. There is some rust to deal with, along with a few dings and dents. It does appear to be complete, but it isn’t clear whether what is hiding under the hood is a 389ci or 421ci V8. The car does feature those desirable 8-lug wheels, and it is being sold with a title.

Of course, if a whole car isn’t what you’re after, then you can always have a bit of a look around the decent catalog of parts and pieces that are on offer. There are plenty of body panels and mechanical components. Maybe an engine is on the agenda. If so, something like this 1958-1964 GM 283ci V8 might be what you are looking for. There is no indication of its condition, but it does look clean, as do the other engines that are on offer.

If you get too carried away at the auction, then you might need to bid on this. Even if you don’t buy anything else, a car hauler can always come in handy. This has just been a quick overview of what is on offer. All up, there are 134 lots up for grabs, and there are some pretty nice project cars and parts to be had. So, take a look, because you might find just what you’re looking for.


  1. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    All these old accumulations, now coming to market all at once. Anyone else notice?

    Partly it may be environmental regulations getting to junkyards (as many have noted), but I’ve also heard quite ominously from many in the vintage car business that the clock is ticking to cash in on vintage vehicles, for one very simple reason: the hobby is aging out, and there is virtually no young cohort to take our place.

    think about it – flat prices, increasingly shrill and unrealistic televised auctions selling to what appear to be the same, 55-and-up group.

    Maybe it is true, and the clock is ticking. Hope not, though.,

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    • Mike

      I wonder if the prices would get better if electric conversions start getting a foothold in the vintage market?

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      • h5mind

        With the billions being invested in electric and autonomous cars, I wouldn’t be surprised to see gasoline-engine cars become slowly phased out, only returning to the roads once they have been properly “rehabilitated” with green-friendly power sources. Remember the movie, ‘Gattaca’? The main characters drove classic 60’s cars with plug-in drive trains. Or ‘In Time’, where Justin Timberlake buys an electric XKE. I’m sure I’m missing plenty of other references.

    • Kenny

      I keep hearing this, but if you’ve been around the car hobby awhile you couldn’t help but have noticed… it’s always been primarily the 55 and over group. They are the ones with the disposable income, the free time (post retirement), and the paid off homes with room to pursue the hobby. There has never been a glut of wealthy young people with the time and means to do this. Some, of course, but it’s always been the Seasoned Citizens and likely always will be.

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  2. IkeyHeyman

    I think that the clock is indeed ticking. Who’s going to be buying up all the old cars when we geezers move on? Many Millennials and Generation Z’ers don’t even want to own a car, let alone a “classic” that requires frequent tinkering, a decent set of tools, and a place to keep it. For the young folks who do like wrenching on old cars, there should be plenty to choose from if they don’t all get shipped overseas.

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  3. Michael Member

    Seems right to me– we buy what we wanted when young, there are STILL avid collectors for BRASS era but 30’s cars have probably dropped but for bits for a rod. Vintage racing is big and growing but not for the now impoverished middle class, Cuba may be our model in that the average not affluent car enthusiast CAN have A old car but it will be a major possession as the scrappers here haul everything they can for nickels and dimes.

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  4. Mitch Ross Member

    In every country I go to, except the US and Canada, there are plenty of young people in the old car hobby. Why is that? Maybe because they are not trying to relive their glory days, but just like the old cars for what they are.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Maybe the millenials et. al. could appreciate the old cars, but they never look up from their I-phones.

    I have noticed that when I drive one of my classics, boomers take notice, but the 20-50 group doesn’t seem interested. Surprisingly, one group that perks up when they see my Riviera or BMW 2002….little kids! I look now to see if the toddlers check my cars out, and they do every time! I even see babies in strollers with binkies in their mouths take notice…it’s a thing.

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  6. TimM

    There’s a problem everywhere with old junk yards leaching oil into the ground water table!! This is forcing guys who collected car that were hit or tired into cleaning there lots up!! It’s a DEC and Encon thing!!! I think those same guys should go look at all the oil stains in a parking lot like Walmart that washes the oil off ever time it rains into storm drains that end up in the local streams and rivers!!

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  7. steve

    How many of us want a nicely restored horse buggy? My great grandfather might have enjoyed a Sunday ride in a nice older rig even after those new fangled motor cars were all over. With the right polish and pinstripes, he’d have gotten smiles and waves. Flash forward 90 years..So cars from the 30’s? I know that I can appreciate the work that it takes to restore one and keep it running but I don’t FEEL it. I just picked up a bright red Sunbeam Alpine. I pull in with it on the trailer and tell my 15 year old grandson “No you can’t take it to the prom”. He makes a face and says “That’s ok, why would I want to?” He likes cars,but to him, like me with the 1930’s cars, it is just an old car. I really can’t blame him. He never saw Maxwell Smart, you know? This hobby is for your enjoyment. They will have their own touchstones..

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