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Neoclassic Ford! 1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit

A neoclassic automobile is a modern car made in the image of the classic rides of the 1920s and 1930s, but not intended to be a full replica. The Zimmer Golden Spirt is one of these vehicles. It was the flagship of Zimmer Motorcars Corp. which produced about 1,500 of them in the ten years between 1978 and 1988. This 1983 example has just 10,000 miles and looks ready to cruise, but I must admit it takes a certain amount of courage to hop behind the wheel of a car with this kind of “in your face” styling. Located in Pardeeville, Wisconsin, this rarity is available here on craigslist for $25,500 OBO. Thanks for the cool tip, Pat L.

Zimmer Motorcars was founded in 1978 and changed hands among family members over the years (Paul, Bob, and Art). The company is still in business today, putting together 10-20 custom automobiles and 10–20 tricked-out Silverado trucks annually. The idea for the Golden Spirit surfaced on a cocktail napkin at a private dinner party one night. Although the exteriors and interiors of the cars were custom-made, the original Golden Spirit used a stretched Ford Mustang chassis and stock drivetrain. In 1983, the cars retailed for $60,000 whereas today’s examples are priced at $175,000.

This low-mileage ’83 edition has a Ford 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood, along with an automatic transmission. The car is loaded with power goodies and accessories, and we’re told it’s been recently tuned and ready for a road trip. As was the case with all these cars, they were specially built to cater to the preferences of the specific buyer, usually someone with deep pockets or celebrity status.

The body, paint, and interior look to be in excellent condition. Four exhaust pipes are coming out of both sides of the hood, but those are more for show than go. It would be easy to think of this as a kit car because of the reliance on another pre-built automobile, but since so much of what goes into these autos is unique to the Golden Spirit, let’s try to avoid that comparison as that sounds like a Meyers Manx dune buggy to many people.


  1. Todd J. Member

    I’m looking for a pen right now. I want to add this to the growing list of “Cars I Never Want To Be Seen Driving Let Alone Actually Owning.”

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  2. nlpnt

    That is a gorgeous interior, I would want it in an otherwise-stock pre 1987 Fox Mustang.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      So, I guess we can call this a silver fox body?

  3. Jpl

    Seams like these have been popping up on the market a lot lately.

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  4. Jpl

    Cocktail napkin you say? I find that very believable.

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    • Steveo

      Perhaps a few too many cocktails before and during the napkin work.

  5. Stan


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  6. Frank Sumatra

    Neo-classic train wreck.

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  7. Claudio

    Wow , these pimper specials were usually white ?!
    I only remember them as white
    Nevertheless, it doesn’t change my mind ,
    It is still a 4 wheeled proof of lots of money bad taste !

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  8. DeeBee

    Specifically designed for those with deep pockets and extremely shallow taste!

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  9. luke arnott Member

    There was one at a show here in the UK a couple of years back.The owner had documentation proving it originally belonged to Frank Sinatra.Hideous car!

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    King of the “Pimpmobiles”!”

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  11. Kenn

    A few folks on this site very knowledgeable on how to find the services pimps are selling….

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  12. Mike

    I thought the typical owner of these car would be an over tanned retired agent in the entertainment business in his 70’s still sporting sans-a-belts and bedecked in gold jewelry that moved to Florida.

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  13. Howie

    Low miles cause nobody wanted to be seen in it.

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  14. grant


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  15. Billyray

    It certainly is a bargain now! I don’t understand how people can be so critical of a car like this but be all gaga over a hideous resto-mod where in your face styling exceeds all boundaries of “good taste!” What hypocrites!

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  16. Rw

    Big pimpin!

  17. Larry

    Just a fun car. Comments remind me that so many like to be alike and forget to have fun. A trip to town, questions at the gas station and a laugh about cursing in a unique style has its own fun. My Saab 96 gets fun responses also. Love this thing!

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  18. Hollywood Collier

    I love this car. I am 65 and would cruise this baby on any highway i could give a big thumbs up to people passing by me on the highway. Now is the time to buy for $25,000…….great deal.

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    • Bob McK Member

      Hollywood, you should buy this, they usually sell for 35K plus. If you like it then you have found a “deal”.

  19. Terrry

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat, then get a big ostrich plume in my hat, a purple suit and a stable of girls. I’ll be in business in no time.

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  20. chrlsful

    seems like the 80K$ broncos w/all the ‘bolt-ons’ to me. It’s all ‘pimp my ride’ when going (as above) garish add-ons. Notice along w/the rest there’s a hair gel guard on the driver’s head rest…

    It all fits together for one coherent.. x .. (your adjective choice). Amazing how highlights from beautiful OTHER cars (late ’30s merican classics) jammed together ALL here on one – look so ‘off’ !?! Even the continental (brit, german, italian) looked better when taking only 2, 3 notes form the usa symphony…

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  21. Autoworker

    That is one polished turd…

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