Terrific in Taiga: 1974 BMW 2002 Tii

Among any collector car circle, there are certain colors that usually cause people to take a closer look, even if the car’s condition is rough. Take, for instance, Irish Green Porsche 911s, or Hugger Orange Camaros – almost without exception, we gearheads will give even a total basketcase a fighting chance due to the color combo. This 1974 BMW 2002 Tii here on eBay wears a desirable shade of green called Taiga, and is a recent barn find located in Ohio. 

As many of you know by now, the Tii was the hotted-up version of the already capable 2002. Right off the bat, this car appears to be an unmolested example, but we are limited to exterior photos. That’s not to say it hasn’t been banged up, as there’s some not-insignificant accident (or storage) damage and rust in a number of places that 2002s are vulnerable to corrosion. But when you combine the paint code with the more desirable engine configuration, it’s not surprising bidders are still pushing the price up.

The seller claims this 2002 has been stored for the long-term, and it sports a salvage title from Ohio. No word on how or why that label was applied, but I’m guessing a rather minor fender-bender pushed this aging 2002 into the “totaled” column and into storage it went. The motor will turn over but they did not start it due to fuel system contamination. In addition, one of the gas tanks will need patching, and rust repair will be needed on the rockers and both turn signal areas on the front fenders.

Here’s a shot of the rust. I’m not a body shop guy, but if the panels are original, I’d sure try and save them – but only if the rust hasn’t spread significantly further. The seller has some other interesting parts he’s willing to throw into the deal, including some Recaro bucket seats from a later E21 3-Series, some 13-inch basketweave wheels from the same car, and a 4-cylinder engine from a much-later E36 318ti. I sure hope the motor swap never happens, and this lovely 2002 is restored back to its original Taiga Tii glory as sympathetically as possible.

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  1. Rocko

    Thumbs down

    • Bill H.

      I finished the car last year and thought you folks might like to see the result. Ended up restoring every nut and bolt. The only thing not original is the euro bumper conversion. Bill H. file:///Users/hunt/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail%20Downloads/BD98C9F7-46ED-4130-9547-DBD2073D0CC7/3F60317A-9C33-4BC5-8962-E249F778884A.jpeg

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      • puhnto

        Dying to see it, but the link didn’t work for me!
        Is it just me or is there something wrong with it?

  2. tiitouring02

    Someone seriously needs to rescue this car. 74 tii’s are a one year car, and taiga on top of that? There surely weren’t many made new. Restored, this car would be gorgeous.

    • Bill H.

      I won the car auction this morning for $4,800 bucks. I am interested in finding a restoration shop in Southern California. My goal is a beautiful and very stock restoration. Any suggestions for a trustworthy and capable restorer?

      • Jesse Staff

        Thanks for the update Bill. Good luck getting her back on the road!

      • Doug

        Hi Bill,

        Text me at fivethreezeronineonethreethreeninenineeight

  3. HeadMaster1

    71 tii’s are also a one year car, as are 72’s 73’s, and 75’s ;-)

  4. bob S

    I’d ditch the bumpers and get Euro ones. This will be a very desirable car if done properly.



  6. Puhnto

    Everyone who is saying “yuck” or “thumbs down” never got to drive one of these when they were new. What you’ve heard isn’t hype; they were amazing!

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  7. Chebby

    If you found this deep in the trees, would it be a Taiga Woods?

  8. KEN TILLY Member

    I had a 1969 model back in 1980 and at the same time a ’67 Mustang Coupe and a 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mk 1 and the BMW was by far the best driving car of the lot! From a standing start the Mustang was ferocious up to 70 mph, the Healey was a piece of crap at anything over 70 mph and at that speed the BM would have passed them both! It was the standard 2002 with single Solex downdraught carb. Several times I had to scream up to Johannesburg and back in one day, 1300km (800 miles) only the first time did I use the Mustang. Thereafter it was always the BM.

  9. Melvin Burwell

    Beautiful. My cousin had a 74 non tii. Fast good looking car.

  10. Jerry A

    nice looking straight car, but count on repairing rear shock towers, spare tire well, rockers and lower a-pillar. the rust on the front fenders suggests a fair bit of salt was slung around the front wheel wells. a Clear title would be a better incentive to fix this fine car. a good DIY project for the ambitious out there. BTDT.

    would be unwise to swap out the engine. original versions of these cars are starting to be appreciated more than modified ones. it’s about time.

  11. Mike S.

    I had a 74′ tii and it was a love/hate relationship. Loved the car but hated having to continually deal with the problematic fuel injection. The rust issues on this car make me wary, especially the shock towers. From my point of view I see multiple dents, 11 foot pole marks.

  12. bcavileer

    Congrats Bill, that is a great find. A real driver’s car for sure. Wish you were here in the east, there are several COMPETENT shops here to reccomend. I hope someone can help you out west. Best of luck, hope to see you at an AACA meet some day. I was a master BMW tech when these were young… if you have a question, feel free to ask. My memory is still good.

    • Bill H.


      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I spoke with the seller, he said that the rust underneath the floors and in the shock tower is only light superficial. All the trim is there (except the taillight lens and the rear badge). Lets hope so. Sounds like the interior is in like-new condition and the rubber is still soft. Out here in California, the interiors and rubber are usually cooked. My wife can be a pessimist on deals like this (after 37 years with me, she has the right to be so). Lets hope that it rolls off the trailer if fairly solid condition so I don’t have to live with another round of “I told you so.” Bill

  13. KEN TILLY Member

    Hi Bill,

    Congratulations on your purchase. I also have an “I told you so wife” who on occasion has known to be correct, however, 95% of the time so have I. After reading the sellers comments on the 2002 I’m sure that you have done the right thing and will live to REALLY enjoy the BEST BMW ever made in my book. All the best.


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