The Killer Cuda: 1966 Plymouth Barracuda


This really is one Killer Cuda! The seller sadly doesn’t offer up much information. It’s powered by a 440, which has been heavily upgraded and power gets to the ground via a 727 and an 8 3/4 rear end, but that’s about all the seller offers up. The body is a bit rough, but that’s what gives it such a great look! I bet it would be terrifying to see it pull up next to you at the track, not because of how fast it is, but because it might fall apart on the way down. Given the build quality of the mechanicals and underside, I don’t think that’s a legitimate fear. It certainly would be fun to see the looks of people’s face when you pull up in this Barracuda though! Find it here on eBay in Winchester, Kansas with a current bid of $5,300. Special thanks to Richard B for letting us know about this one!


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  1. Glen

    Hot Wheels should copy this! This is awesome.

  2. Fred W.

    Takes me right back to Saturday night at the races, 1970 or so. Good memories!

  3. JW

    Pretty Awesome !!!

  4. Steve B.

    A fighting fish. Should have an awesome nasty idle with the 2×4 tunnel ram, I’m guessing it has a huge cam also. Seeing more and more A-body gassers lately.

  5. scooter8

    BADNESS! we had a 70 bout when Hearts’ barracuda song came out. can’t stand that song anymore!! wrecked it doing a water burn out on 4th. of july. open headers, 11.5slicks,tun. ram.neighbors REAL happy!…. got a 69 dart body.swapped 440/matic. younger bro. took away my keys! gave me his KZ1000 HMMM? still alive,bros’ not RIP !

  6. Jim Mc

    I can’t believe this is plated and street legal. Looking at the pics, it looks burly as heck. The body panels are toast (which actually helps the vibe) but the mechanicals look solid. It’s super cool, and I’ll bet driving and or dragging it could give ya some brownstain moments.

    • Tom S.

      Plated and street legal are two different things. Cool car, but as others have noted, some aspects of the build are pretty scary. It really should have a driveshaft hoop.

  7. Rocko

    Reminds me of the 67 Hemi Under Glass that i found 20 years ago in Quebec. I sold it to Bob Riggle from Arizona , who sold it to Bill Sifton from Chicago, who gave it to the IRS who threw his ass in jail, he’s still sitting there today. Shoulda kept it!

  8. Howard A Member

    I built plastic models of cars like this as a kid. I could do without the “Killer Cuda” ( while period correct, looks a little silly now, and painted with what looks like a 2″ brush), I don’t know if this car would be competitive anymore, or even pass the inspection, but what a cool street rod. When you mashed the foot feed, sure would set you back, and terrorize the passenger(s) ( until some LEO pulls you over and begins writing tickets, that is. I see half a dozen right off the bat) With as much as someone stuck into this, I can only imagine they left the body kind of rough for a reason. What a great find!


      Foot feed? Gas pedal

    • rockribbedrushy

      I also built those same cars in the 60’s such as planes, cars and novelties such as the Munster Koach and Drag-u-la by George Barris.

      They are both found on this page:

      I would buy this car just to cruise the neighborhood or go to the endless car shows we have round here in the summer. There’s a chain called Steak ‘n Lube that holds small car shows in their parking lots.

    • rockribbedrushy

      Forgot to mention that I had one in the early 80’s, but it needed work and I had no place to keep it or much money to fix it up, so I sold to a mechanic who could. Still wish I had it. Had a slant-6 that had pretty good pickup and one guy in the back that always said “we’re only going to McDonald’s, no need to go that fast”. Hah!

  9. Chris Buchaniec

    calling gas monkey garage…

  10. kyle

    Love it!

  11. JP

    Great car for a gasser build. I would be a little hesitant to put my foot in it off the line after looking at the welding that was done/attempted. This thing looks like it was built from scrap steel that was laying around. Frame connectors made in pieces and not even straight. Definitely a 40 mph looker…… still a lot of parts to build a stout gasser you would feel good about hitting the track with.


    That’s an original factory Formula S thats the original back stripe showing through the very faded re-paint. I had a ’65 when we sanded through the old white one-a-day re-spray we found the same stripe and candy red maroon original paint,, very cool.

  13. Rolf Poncho

    awesome love it great car pity
    im so far far away

  14. RNR

    Straight front axel – best way ever to work around the rusty torsion bar mount visible in one picture!

  15. the one

    rear air shocks? Really?

  16. Hope nichols

    Looks like mine ,but a 64 ” push button transmission on the interior ,koolcar* love it

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