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Third Time’s The Charm? 1957 Ford Country Sedan

In late November and early December, we featured two of these Ford Country Sedan wagons, a blue/white 1957 and a coral/white 1958. Well, this one combines the two with the colors of the ’58 and the style of the ’57, and seems to be in pretty decent project shape. It’s listed for sale here on eBay, with a buy it now of $4,200. For comparison purposes, the previous 1957 is relisted here for $4,450 as it was a no sale, and the 1958 sold for $3,050. This 1957 is located in Syracuse, New York.

The seller tells us that apart from both front fenders having some lower rust and the drivers floor pan also needing work, the only other issue is the tailgate as you can see here. All the chrome is said to be pretty good and the car is also said to be more than 100% complete. How can it be more, you ask? Well, if the car is 100% complete and comes with additional spare parts, I guess that makes it more, right?

Hopefully this view is where the car is being kept nice and dry before being transported to the new owner! I have to admit, the trim and bumpers look pretty nice, don’t they? As the car was originally from Pennsylvania, it must have been at least halfway decently cared for to remain as solid as it has.

The seller says that we have a 100% original interior here. I would not have expected green & white seats, gray and white door panels and coral and white paint. Oh, don’t forget the black dash. I’m guessing at least two of those combinations aren’t original components, but maybe I’m wrong. Can any vintage Ford fans enlighten us?

Although this is a Ford V8, it’s not the one that this Country Sedan left the factory with. This is a 1970 302 cubic inch V8 out of a Torino that has about 70,000 miles. We’re not given the reason for the changeover, but we are told that it runs “very good.” There are no brakes, however, so don’t get your hopes up about driving it immediately. What do you think about this re-engined wagon?


  1. RayT Member

    The upholstery on front and rear seats don’t match; the rear is likely original. The seller’s insistence on the car being “100% original” bothers me — with the wrong engine and some obviously incorrect interior pieces, one has to wonder what else is not “as advertised.” I’m betting his claims about the minimal rust would no stand up to close scrutiny.

    Still, a cool car, and finding a replacement Y-block should not be terribly difficult. There’s so much obvious work to be done — look at the master cylinder! — that I couldn’t imagine going near the seller’s asking price.

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  2. Woodie Man

    Looks like a frankenford. With the coral exterior I’d expect to see a grey interior…and the block of course is wrong,,,,downhill from there. I love the styling of the ’57…..on my bucket list is an OEM Ranchero.

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  3. Ikey Heyman Member

    My parents had one in tan and white with the 292 V8 – I always keep an eye out for one of these, but this one scares me: east coast car and no underbody photos.

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  4. Vince Habel

    The 302 is probably a better engine even though not stock. Looks to be in much better shape than the 58.

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  5. cyclemikey

    It’d be a do-able project if the stock Y-block and running gear were there. As it is, meh.

    I’m a little bothered by the BF write-up and a couple of comments. We set up a straw man and then knock him down. The seller didn’t say that the interior is “100% original”. He said it was an original interior and 100% complete. It’s clearly obvious to the casual observer that the front seat is original ’57 Ford, but not original to this car.Likewise, he clearly states in the ad that the engine is not stock (duh!). He says only that the car is 100% complete, not 100% original.

    Granted, the seller could have phrased it much better, as is often the case. But there often seems to be a pronounced tendency here on BF to put words in the seller’s mouth, and then castigate him for saying what he didn’t actually say.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Hi, I figured I’d respond to this since I’m the one that wrote the original article. First off I want you folks to know that we do read and take very seriously any comments about our writing. So after reading this comment I went back and reread both what I had written, and the eBay listing. Ultimately, I stand by what I wrote, simply because the seller’s first sentence says that the car is completely original. To me, completely original means the parts that the car left with or an exact factory duplicate. Different colors are not exact duplicates. You’ll also note, that I actually like this car, and was quite positive about it in the write up. I tend to write up cars that I would like, or at least enjoy learning about. That being said, thank you for the thoughtful criticism, and I will keep it in mind as I write in the future. I tremendously enjoy writing for Barn Finds, and I’m fully aware of the part of that privilege is pleasing the people that we are writing for.

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      • Woodie Man

        Jamie….write any damn way you please. Jesus.!

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Thank you…I think? :-)

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  6. Rustytech Member

    Hey cyclemikey. I agree with your comment up to a point. I think we need to be more tolerant when private seller word thing poorly but a professional seller i.e. “Flipper” has a higher responsibility to be accurate in his listings. I don’t know which we have here so I’ll reserve judgment. Personally I would be very careful listing anything as 100%. I made that mistake once, listed a car as runs 100% then when the perspective buyer arrived it wouldn’t start and had to be towed. Needless to say that sale never happened!

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  7. Joe

    Seller get real!! $1000 tops in this ragged state of disorganized parts mess and needs.

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  8. Bill


    100% original it would have the original running gear Y Block, it obviously has been converted to small block engine, that said it cannot be listad as 100% the way it left the factory.

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  9. Boris Atterby

    what to say! I actually now own this car! It’s now in County Durham, England at a friends farm and is coming to our home this Sunday 29th Oct. ’17. I didn’t import it, another lad did and then he traded for a car my friend had for sale. The welding has been completed so let’s see how we get on!!! Cheers!

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Terrific, Boris! Please keep us updated!

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      • Boris Atterby

        Will do Jamie!

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