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Three Little Letters: 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC AMG

The name AMG has become synonymous with performance variants of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Originally an independent tuning house, in 1999 Mercedes bought a controlling interest in the company, before assuming complete ownership in 2005. AMG has produced an enormous range of interesting cars, from comfortable long-distance cruisers, through to cars guaranteed to scare years off your life. The 500 SEC falls into the former category, with sufficient performance to provide a satisfying driving experience, and the ability to effortlessly consume enormous distances. This particular 500 SEC is located in Miami, Florida, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a price of $57,500 for the 500, but the option is there to make an offer.

It can be hard to achieve a muscular and aggressive look with a car when it is painted white, but AMG has managed to achieve this with the 500. The color-coded white AMG Penta wheels and the genuine AMG body kit achieve a strong look that the standard 500 SEC just can’t seem to achieve. The body and paint look to be virtually flawless. This really is no surprise, as the AMG has spent its life in a climate-controlled garage, and has only managed to clock a touch over 10,000 miles in the past 34-years. There is a single shot of the underside of the car, and that looks just as impressively clean as the rest of the car does.

The impressive condition and presentation continue inside the vehicle. I must say that I was a bit surprised not to find leather on the seats, but I quite like the cloth on these seats. It looks clean and flawless, as does the whole interior. The only deviation from standard is the “oh so 1980s” car-phone in the center console. By the way, that thing still actually works. Creature comforts extend to power windows, power locks, power front seats, power mirrors, air conditioning, cruise control, and a factory sunroof.

AMG is renowned for producing cars that are absolute fire-breathing monsters. With the SEC they have shown a great deal of restraint. That 5.0-liter V8 engine only produces 250hp, which is quite a low number in the overall scheme of things. However, it still represents a significant 30hp increase over the standard engine. This power is fed to the rear wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission, while the car also features power steering and 4-wheel power disc brakes with ABS. The secret of this AMG is more in the handling department than in outright performance. Lower ride heights, better tires, and improved shocks all contribute to amazing levels of grip. Under the hood is spotless, and the owner says that the car starts, runs, and drives beautifully.

If I’m really honest, I can’t say that the Mercedes-Benz is a car that really captures my interest. I make two exceptions to that comment. The first is the 190E Cosworth, which is a great little car. The second is anything that wears the AMG badge. With an AMG you know that the car has been carefully considered, and the modification performed are designed to produce a car that is a complete package of performance, looks, and handling. That’s exactly what this 500 SEC, and that’s also what makes it a pretty special car.


  1. Bing

    50 large for this smog controlled, air starving beast? I’d take the 50 and find the newest, most recent, AMG coupe or roadster available on the used car market and enjoy what an AMG car is all about.

    Lets not confuse this with a potential collector car… Benchmark it against the same offering, for the same car, without the AMG treatment and decide for yourself if the value is there…

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  2. peter r

    A very low mileagec regular 560SEC can bring $40k+ as seen recently on another site. I don’t believe this is a real AMG but a Euro spec SEC with the AMG exterior appearance package. Most full AMG models had black indicators on a white background on the dash. As for the upholstery, cloth was standard on Euro models of that era.
    This car has been on the Florida craigslist for many months now – clearly overpriced by at least $10k.

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    • Audifan

      Cloth interior was never available on C126s. This car has the standard striped velour interior. Leather was optional, Gen.2s could also be ordered with Amaretta, MBZ’s version of Alcantara.
      Obviously this car just had some plastic panels added for show. IMHO this definitely doesn’t make it a “real”
      AMG car. It’s more show than go.
      P.S. It has the standard unmodified Euro engine

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      • Shane

        Actually leather was standard, and velour was a plus cost option..

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  3. Ralph

    “This particular 500 SEC is located in Miami, Florida”

    Of course…..where else?

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  4. dweezilaz

    Nice hardtop Mercedes from the mid 80s that was ruined with the awful monochromatic paint scheme that started a very terrible trend.

    I’ve hated it from the very beginning. Reminds me of the hillbillies down the street who painted their brown 60 Dodge Dart bright blue. Including the chrome. And the wheels. With a brush.

    That color keyed look should never have turned into a trend, but Mercedes did it so everyone seemed to follow.

    And the lemmings paid extra for the privilege on cars like Spirits and Mustangs and Grand Ams.

    A sorry excuse for a trend, unicolor 80s blobs for a premium price.

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  5. Bakyrdhero

    I miss pillarless coupes like these..

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  6. rod444

    Imagine, that car phone was put in back in the day when a cop would be impressed to see someone driving and talking on a phone, instead of pulling him over for a ticket.

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  7. Skorzeny

    LS swap for this ‘non-AMG’. And a manual trans as well. Nice looking car but it needs some HP.

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    • Audifan

      I don’t understand the desire of so many people to do an LS swap into anything with wheels. Why? A Mercedes doesn’t need a chevy engine. The M117 engine is as good and reliable as any v8 chevy engine.

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  8. Mountainwoodie

    Total lack of taste. I was trying to say something positive but I cant. Oh wait.it has a sunroof!

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  9. Doug B

    I hate to burst the seller’s balloon but divide the asking price by 2.

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  10. Capriest

    The only decision here would be if the Blow I sold out of this thing would be hard or soft???? Soft generally has a classier clientele so being a benz that would probably be more fitting.

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  11. Ray

    I’ve always been a fan of “Nose Candy White”.

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  12. audifan

    Leather was standard in the US in C126s. Velour was standard in Europe. Since this is a Euro spec. car, it has the standard striped velour interior.

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  13. Ron Bajorek

    Replace the dated AMG rims with later AMG “Aero” wheels, later flush headlights and you have a straight up OG old school gangsta ride. I love it, but I’d be all in at 35K

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