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Tiny Limo: 1970 Opel Kadett B

1970 Opel Kadett B

Jim S has found yet another interesting barn find listed on eBay. This Opel is in Rexford, New York with a lofty BIN of $8,200. The Opel B came in two flavors, fastback or “Limousine”, and sedan model. This Opel has been stored in a barn for 25 years and has only 20,000 miles on the clock. It is completely original including the paint. The owner has done a very thorough job of reviving the Kadett including tires, brakes, fluids and rebuilding the carbs.

front seats

The upholstery and the rest of the interior is in amazing condition. This little Opel was no doubt been stored in a vermin free environment. It does need a new shift boot and there’s no word on if the screw driver is included.

Opel Kadett Dash

That dash is really in great shape. I don’t see any cracks. This Opel looks like it just rolled out of a time machine.


The engine looks pretty messy for only 20,000 miles. It looks like everything is there, it just needs a little cleanup.

left rear

If this Opel could be purchased for a realistic price, what a great little driver this would be. I would leave it completely stock. Adding A/C is the only change I would want to make, but the little engine probably couldn’t handle an AC compressor. There are Opel performance bits that could turn this into a sedan version of a “Rallye Kadett” and perhaps the engine could be swapped for the 1.9 Liter, 105 HP engine. What would you do with this? Who knew you could fit a “Limousine” into your garage with room to spare. I look forward to your comments.


  1. Doyler

    Cool car. Not at that price though

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  2. Zaphod

    Also came as a wagon. Not a classic, kind of like paying 100k for a smart car

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  3. Roselandpete

    Back in the late 60’s when my folks were shopping for a new car, I used to like to tag along. While my dad was knocking heads with the sales guys, I’d collect brochures and sit in the various cars. Buick was selling Opels at that time and I spent some time in some. Although I would have loved to have had an Opel–or any other car for that matter- when I was in high school, they never struck me as being anything close to a limo especially after you’ve sat in an 69 Electra or a Riv. I used to see quite a few of them on the road though.

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  4. erikj

    that’s a lot f $ for a kadett, had a few in the .one like this one 80s I paid 150 for had it 1 year and trade it for a 67 Camaro w/4sp fact,tach and gauges and more ,bad was it was hit hard in the rear parted it out and made bucks. that cadet was a good runner and moneymakethe others after that ran just as good.I would never have thought one would sell for thiskind of money

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  5. Wayne

    If that’s the limo version i’d hate to see the poverty pack!!!!!

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  6. Howard A Member

    This is exactly why I like BF’s so much. It’s not so much about buying a classic car, but the memories generated by these images. I had several Opel’s, ( and a close friend had several more), and they were great cars. This is a great example of a once very popular car. I had a ’68 Opel Kadett “Rallye” with the black hood, driving lights, and 1.9 motor. It sorely needed a 5 speed. But my 1st Opel, was a ’67 Kadett wagon with this motor, the 1100, I believe. That car was always the 1st car away from the stop light, until 2nd gear anyway. The wagon was a little tinny, but the Rallye was a totally different car. This particular car is a pretty bare bones car, and I wish people would stop claiming low mileage, when clearly, it’s not. ( guess that will never change) They made a several CIH ( cam-in-head) motors, a 1.5. 1.7, and the most popular, the 1.9. While the price almost made me “plotz”, there are probably only a handful of these around today, so it may be justified. Great find, and thanks for the memories.

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  7. J Morris

    I have a project Rally Kadett sitting in the yard just waiting on the right person!

    No engine ,beat up interior, some rust- cool mag wheels

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  8. Andrew

    This car would be really wanted by a Swiss or German collector, and should be send back to Europe. The original license plate is Swiss to me, as they had the oval shaped one’s. German plates were and are rectangular.

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    • Zaphod

      Oval plates are German “Zed” plates for tax free export.

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      • Harit Trivedi

        “Zoll”, customs plates.

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  9. jackthemailman(ret)

    I had a white 1970 Opel Kadet with the 118 HP engine. Let me tell you it would go over 110mph easily. Even when it ran raggedy, the mpg topped 30. I traded it for a ’73 VW Bus, swapped the two 1 barrel carbs for a manifold with a 2 barrel Holley (?? – from a Pinto, anyway). Right before I sold it in 1985, I took it out on a deserted highway and topped 100mph. It was definitely a Flying Brick!

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  10. harit

    Hi, just saw this.
    The oval plates were German customs plates fitted on cars being exported. It was a temporary registration.
    For permanently registered cars both Germany and Switzerland had rectangular plates.
    My dad had an Opel Record Olympia R3 1964 which he bought in Germany and took to Switzerland. From there he brought it to India. The car ran on these oval plates while in transit between these countries. BTW, I still have that car.

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  11. Charles Goin

    Could NOT add a 1.9L to it the 1.1L and 1.9L have different front end and suspension parts. Can be upgraded to a 1.2L with bits from Germany. But right now it has the 1.1L Rallye engine ( The 70 and 71s comign to the US got that treatment ). They raced these with 1.2L in Sweden.

    Nice car, price is a bit high, but it is a survivor.

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  12. Mark D.

    I liked these cars as a kid. My father worked on them and fiats at a couple of buick dealerships. They were small and simple cars, though it hard to believe people drove these cars in harsh/cold WI winters with rear wheel drive. Can you imagine surviving those frigid times without modern high energy electronics and weak batteries. Im still afraid to take my front drive Aveo out in winter weather, at times. I think an Aveo was a excellent example of a low budget pedestrian car, but man I thought kadett rallye’ and manta’s were cool, unfortunately they were gone hy the time I hit the market.Mark

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