Triple Black Project: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

There’s no doubt that triple-black cars look great, especially when they are triple-black cars like this 1970 Road Runner. It will need a full restoration, but the end product should be one very nice car. You have the chance to make it your own because you will find it listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Cypress, Texas, and comes with a clear title. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $14,600, but the reserve hasn’t been met. There is also a BIN option of $35,000.

As restoration projects go, this doesn’t seem to be a bad one. The lower quarter panels, driver’s side floor, and trunk pan all have rust issues to address, although around the rear window looks clean. The owner is including a complete trunk pan, along with a new vinyl top, lip moldings, a good driver’s door and good deck lid in the deal.

The interior of the Road Runner appears to be in pretty good condition. The dash is complete and doesn’t appear to have been modified in any way. The pad looks like it could be crack-free, although there is a crack visible in the wheel rim. The black seats look like they are okay, but we don’t get a look at the door trims or headliner. The owner is also including new carpet with the car.

Originally equipped with a 383ci V8 and 4-speed manual transmission, the 383 has gone in favor of a later model 440. This is a bit of a blow, as it would be nice if it were a numbers matching car. Still, the car is a running, driving project, which is a bonus. The car is also fitted with air conditioning, and this is said to blow nice and cold.

This Road Runner has the potential to be a really nice car, and the fact that it runs and drives is a positive. It’s a shame that it isn’t a numbers matching car, as this will impact the value. Having said that, there are plenty of really nice Road Runners out there that don’t have their original motors fitted, and they are still selling for prices in excess of $40,000. I’m not sure if the owner is going to achieve his BIN price, but I would be really interested to know what the reserve is.


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    I Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    $35K for a NOM car that needs a ton of stuff to make it presentable?
    I’d expect to pay that if the work was already done!

    I must be old/out of touch. The seller’s expectations for some cars seem so out of whack.

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    • Goatman

      You’re not out of touch…seller is out of touch; thinks just cause it’s a MOPAR it’s gold. Laughable. I do like MOPARS. Had a super bird once. Triple black is a good point to try and brainwash you into thinking it’s the hegemony of 70 Road Runners. Just isn’t so…

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  2. Maverick

    Stupid prices.

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  3. Arthell64 Member

    35K is about what it would bring after you spent 35K restoring it.

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  4. John C

    People who own these cars in this condition are asking prices in hopes that someone who played football, without a helmet, will start bidding.

    Upside Down, could be the personal plates.

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  5. Wolfram

    we not should make a headache about these ridicioulous prices, just wait a maybe a year or even 2 or 3 and a lot of people will have a verry bad wake up when they see how much their car is realy worth, i follow this business since the 1980’s and it was always like this, the only thing that wonders me that people never learn

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  6. Brian K.

    Wait for a recession to hit before buying any car unless it’s a great deal. Sellers will be on thier knees to unload for cash. The market is waaayyyy overpriced right now.

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  7. Carappraiser

    Wow 35 gees ! Does it come with $20k cash in the trunk ?

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  8. Karl

    When I was young my dad had a 69 Road Runner with a 383 it had a 4 speed and the same wheels as this one. It was a gold color with factory dual exhaust. It had a Holly 4 bbl double pumper on it and an aftermarket intake and headers. Very cool memories, my mom hated it and dad had to sell it!

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  9. Santa Fe Steve

    I have seen a number of Road Runners (383 and 440 numbers matching) in very good to excellent condition for the $55K – $70K range. The question that needs to be asked is how much time and money will it take to bring this car to a $60K car? I don’t think $25K will do it unless someone does not factor their time into the equation. I would like to see a series of photos of the underside from front to back.

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  10. Lucky strike

    It truly amazes me that all these people with these junk cars sitting around in their backyard for the last 15 or 20 years I have to go. City to ask for 30 $40,000 you got to be kidding me

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  11. Bob Member

    I was going to comment on the price. All I need to say id Ditto!

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  12. Santa Fe Steve

    I don’t think you need to wait for a recession to hit before buying a 60s or 70s era muscle car. Seems to me (look forward to comments from others) that the prices are on their way down. I have been closely tracking a number of 60s ear cars, especially the early Z-28s and the prices seem to have leveled off or even decreased. I was in Scottsdale last January for the auctions and went to a presentation by one of the big auction houses. They listed out the cars which are decreasing in price and at that time it included the early (55 – 57) T-birds, early GTOs and C1 Corvettes. I wonder if the current muscle car decrease in prices will continue to other years, makes and models?

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  13. Del

    Too much rust.

    Getting 35 is not happening.

    Not even half that

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  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Cry babies….as often as most – posters on Barn Find’s don’t read the listing before a rant about a Mopar…or often the other makes that are getting some unrealistic numbers….with Santa Fe Steve and the few that get it.

    You have to start somewhere with a price – why not start high – or do the no it all’s think you should start low ? I watch many….and yes even the $100 start bids are going a little too high….even for me !

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  15. Olde Skool

    SERIOUSLY This is Today’s CRAP……Eeerrrr…. I mean CRACK PIPE!!!!!
    LIGHT this BIATCH up and LET IT BURN!!!!!
    MORE Than ENOUGH Said!!!!!

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  16. Troy s

    I like the fact a 440 replaced the 383, so would anybody else who put the loud pedal to the floor. Numbers matching is purely about money or museum pieces. More cubic inches is all about the value of how big a smile comes over a driver’s face…ear to ear and the scared straight passengers hanging on for mercy! I’m not buying, just remembering what these used to be about.

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  17. Pete in PA

    It pains me to see these 70 RRs for sale at such prices. In 1982 I bought one for $100. It was a pretty basic example, being the 383 with a 3-speed manual, peg leg rear, manual steering and manual drum brakes. It did have a black vinyl top, the bucket seat interior, and the performance hood paint with factory hood pics. I loved it and beat the living cr$# out of it which is what pretty much everyone did with one of these back then. After a year or two I tried to sell it for $750 and got no takers. It was just a base car,more or less. I stripped it and scrapped the hulk. Hindsight is 20-20.

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  18. Santa Fe Steve

    Pete in Pa, don’t beat yourself up too badly. In the late 70s and early 80s I could have bought an Aston Martin DB2/4 for $850, a real 289 Cobra for $5,500 and a 1962 Ferrari GTO for $62,000. If anyone wants me I will be standing on a window ledge of the 42nd floor.

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    • Pete in PA

      Thanks Sante Fe Steve! I do feel better now. That Ferrari would have you in comfy retirement by now had you bought it at that bargain basement price. LOL

  19. Tricky

    Seems like a great buy compared to the $1,000,000 VW splitty bus up for sale!!

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  20. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Why does it always turn into what itll be worth when done?!? Plain and simple, if you like a certain car enough, fine one and buy it for what you’re comfortable paying and condition. Put in next comfortable amount of money and then just appreciate the car. It’s not like each of this finds is the only one of its kind left…

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  21. michael h streuly

    No longer available. 11 bids. $15,600.00 high bid. Reserve not met.

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