True Barn Find 1974 MGB

mgb barn find

It’s unusual to find such a solid MGB in a barn! This British roadster is ready to be awakened from a 20 year slumber and can be located in Richmond, Virginia. The sleepy-looking car is advertised here on craigslist for $1,800. Featuring a hardtop, an aftermarket air dam and a lot of dust and dirt, the seller tells us that the hardtop is in very good condition and is included, leading me to hope that the interior may be in a little better shape than most British convertible barn finds. There is potential rodent evidence in the picture of the trunk, but is it too much to hope they left the interior alone? The engine turns over and the B-series engines are pretty robust; maybe this wouldn’t take too much to recondition? The hood, trunk and bumper alignment have me hoping it hasn’t been in an accident–maybe those front over-riders were removed for appearance’s sake? In my dreams it has overdrive and only requires a fuel system clean-out to start, and hydraulic system replacement to stop and shift! How would you go about recommissioning this beauty?


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  1. jim s

    i wonder why it is not sold already, car has been listed for 14 days. more photos and cleaning out the nests would help. nice find.

  2. L.M.K. Member

    Looks like a nice car, if it’s as solid as it looks .

  3. Randy Forbes

    That’s practically My First Sportscar; after getting off work on the Friday afternoon preceeding Labor Day Weekend, 1973, I drove out of Bob Owens British car dealership (on Ford Rd. in Westland, Michigan) with a brand new 1973 MGB Tourer, in Blaze over Navy Blue. Same color__exterior at least__as the ’74 model pictured, though I thought all the ’74s had the square rubber bumper blocks (still on the chrome bumper) before going to the final variant. Maybe that’s why the front over-riders were removed!

    I had the car back at the dealership on the Tuesday morning, and the salesman (Eddie Atkins__or maybe Atkinson?) came rushing out to see what was wrong; having accumulated 1300 miles over the weekend__only 31 miles on the odometer at delivery__I was bringing it back for its FREE 1000 mile service (all fluids changed, retorque the cylinder head and check the valves). Eddie asked if I had parked it up on blocks, letting the engine run all night, to have accululated that many miles in so few days! Truth is, I had just driven it all weekend, never getting any further away from Detroit than Ann Arbor!

    In the nearly two (10) years of me and sportscars: There’s 50,106 images, as of this morning (ready to upload some more from working over the past few days…). A great website to visit, should you ever suffer from insomnia, by the way… ;)

  4. Randy Forbes

    Hmmm, I must’ve blown some of the text; last paragraph SHOULD READ:

    “In the nearly two (2) years of owning that (MGB) car, no one could’ve predicted the effect it would have on an eighteen (18) year old kid (now 60). Here’s a link to my website chronicling just the last ten (10) years of me and sportscars: There’s 50,106 images, as of this morning (ready to upload some more from working over the past few days…). A great website to visit, should you ever suffer from insomnia, by the way…

    Sorry about that…

  5. Jose

    What does it cost to transport a car from California to Texas these days? And who would you guys recommend?

    • Randy Forbes


      I ship about 10-12 cars a year, to/from my place in Florida to all parts of the US, and I’ve been happy with the service provided by Descendant’s Transportation, formerly known as McCauley Trucking. They’ve either been hauling the BMWs I work on themselves (on open carriers), or have booked transport with known dependable affiliates (open & closed carriers).

      In close to six (<6) years we've been working together, I've had ZERO issues with them or any associated operators.

      Call Deb or Jessica (the descendant ;) ) McCauley at 419 490 4858 to get a quote. Tell them I recommended them__won't make any difference on the price, but they do seem to go out of their way to make sure that I and my customers are happy. You know how car-guys are about their pride and joy!

      I have No Financial Interest in their endeavor, but I'm always willing to endorse any company that deserves it.

    • Dolphin Member

      Jose, I got quotes from many car transport companies through a multiple-quote website to move a small car from coastal New Jersey to North of Seattle—so across the continent.

      I had about 12 or 15 replies from different car haulers and they were all about $50 plus or minus around $1,200 for an open truck haul. A closed truck haul will be about 50% more.

      The upside to getting multiple quotes from a site like that is that you get to compare, and then choose. The downside is that they usually send you ‘reminders’ of what their quotes were for weeks afterward.

      Randy’s recommendation sounds good, but keep in mind that what you need is a hauler who is going to make the particular haul you want, and he wants to fill his truck from more-or-less nearby, so he’s not going to go 1000 miles out of his way to get your car.

  6. Rufus

    After living in Richmond for a couple of years, finding an MGB in a barn with “NO RUST” is a difficult claim for me to believe. I must state that 40 years of British cars in Texas makes my definition of rust different from that of people who live on the east coast.
    As to the question of what to do with it, I would clean it up change all the fluids, rebuild the brakes, and if it has oil pressure drive it till the wheels fall off.chances of it having an overdrive are about 1 in 10 as I understand it. At the price listed, if it will start and run without needing a major overhaul it would be money well spent.
    Have fun

  7. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yes this one looks like a nice buy at 1800. OK the brakes, tires, hoses, new radiator, fuel pump are gonna run you somewhere around 2K, but the thing will be a decent roadworthy little classic for around 4K.

    If it needs a clutch, figure another 1500 probably, because the engine has to come out to replace the clutch. And so it goes with 40+ year old cars.

  8. Alan (Michigan)

    The front air dam isn’t factory, is it? I wonder if there are any other mods? No engine photos, so wouldn’t it be great to find a few performance items hidden away in there?

  9. julian

    Its worth 1800 just for the works hardtop which is a scarce item in the UK
    British Leyland reputedly scrapped containers full of hard tops after they ceased production of the MGB. Its a good weatherproof component but probably not in much demand in the southern U.S. states.

  10. Rufus

    If you live in Texas and want a real rust free project B, I would not suggest buying one from the eastern seaboard. There are plenty of B’s here in the old Lone Star state. In fact, I’ve been selling local B’s up north (out of DFW) with great results. Think Global,,, Look local.
    Have fun

  11. Jon McKee

    I purchased this car 2 years ago. It has a new Weber side draft carb, ss exhaust header and exhaust system, fuel pump, battery, tires and brake system. It has no rust and is a daily driver. Its on Richmond, Va and needs a new home.

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