No Reserve 1972 Plymouth Duster Twister

UPDATE 5/26/21 – This Twister has reappeared here on eBay with no reserve. We aren’t sure if it’s the same seller or a flip. Thanks go to Paul J for the tip!

FROM 2/6/21 – If you liked the looks of the Duster 340 but didn’t necessarily want its horsepower or torque, you could choose the Twister package instead. It gave you the stripes, black-matte hood, and Rallye wheels, but with a Slant-Six or 318 V8 instead. This 1972 Duster Twister was the recipient of a restoration about 10 years ago and still looks good today. It can be found in Riverside, California, and is available here on craigslist for $22,500. Thanks, MattR, for fielding this tip for us!

The Duster was the Plymouth success story of the earlier 1970s. Looking to draw more youthful buyers to their compact Valiant line, the engineers went to work and created that Duster by using the Valiant platform and front clip. They would sell well, including the Duster 340 that had a small-block powerhouse under the hood. Big performance on a small budget was how Plymouth would market those cars. The Duster would bow out with the Valiant after 1976 when their successor, the Plymouth Volare, came along.

1972 would be the third highest selling year for the Duster at 212,321 fastback coupes and another 15,681 Duster 340s. You could replicate the appeal of the 340 with the Duster Twister. Using Plymouth’s entry level engines, the Twister was an appearance package that included special side stripes, the previously mentioned hood and the 340’s special shark-tooth grille. If you were of a mindset, you could also order a nonfunctional dual hood scoop and rear spoiler appearance group along with high-back bucket seats and dual exhaust. The seller’s Twister has many of these attributes.

The seller offers a completely stock 1972 Twister that is said to be 99.9% original (we don’t what the other .1% is). About a decade ago, the car was treated to a restoration which we assume was cosmetic-only because the drivetrain today is said to have only 69,000 miles on it. The 318 cubic inch V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor and TorqueFlite automatic would have been rated at 150 SAE net horsepower. We’re told the car has been extremely reliable.

There are no obvious flaws with the body, vinyl top or interior. Special care seems to have been taken to preserve this car over the past 49 years. There is one small piece in the front grille that is missing and that may be about it. The seller captured the look of the car in its daily life, so the carpets weren’t vacuumed before the photos nor were the cleaning supplies removed from the trunk. The Twister package isn’t likely to add a lot of value to these cars today and the seller is asking top dollar. Hagerty says the high end for one of these 318 Dusters is $16,000 and this one is priced in Duster 340 territory. But it looks like a sweet car at any price.


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  1. Skorzeny

    I spent many miles riding around in the back seat of one of the 212,321 built for the ‘72 model year. It was my dad’s first new car, though it was a base Duster, not a Twister. I have many fond memories of that car, and never did like what they did to the taillights for ‘73. He had the slant, and it was trouble free, happy motoring til a rod let go at 93K. I would love to have this one, though I would not keep it stock. Great styling on these cars, and for the most part well built. I still miss that car…

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I don’t like what they did to the speedo in ’71, never offering a tach again in a duster or dart – stupid!

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  2. Greg williams

    I had a 71 Duster Twister option car. Unfortunately it was a 6 popper with a manual 3 speed trans. I was only about 16 or 17 years old and probably prevented me from killing myself. It had original paint tawny autum bronze metalic with a white stripe and that little tornado twister looking cartoon character on both rear quarters. I smashed it up and painted it Black with gold stripes down the sides and got into 3 accidents in one week. The last one I got T-boned at a Stop sign. The guy drove away so I chased him knowing that nobody would believe It wasn’t my fault again. Had to stop when it finally overheated. Got out to look at the damage and the guys license plate got stuck between my fender and door!! He paid for all all the previous damage as well😂. Car finally threw a rod threw the side of the block about the size of a brick 🧱. Everyone told me those slant 6”s were bulletproof huh!!

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    • Skorzeny

      Yeah, they throw rods, that’s what they do. Not as great as people say. Ford did a better straight six…

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      • Peter Schweitzer

        Ford engines in those days were junk. I remember driving with my Dad and him telling me to count the cars burning oil. On average 7 were Fords 2 were GM and one a Chrysler.Slant 6’s were one of the most reliable engines ever built

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    • Raymond

      Gotta check ur oil once in a while, drove mine 300k and it was ready for more when I gave it away

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  3. DrillnFill

    Great looking car. I like the Twister package cars, and I’m sure that 318 has more than enough oomph to get out of its own way. Hagerty may say these top out at $16,000, but I dare them to try and find a rust-free example for that price in the real world.
    Great car :)

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    • Dean

      I’d rather buy this at 22k than buy a rusted out, engine disasembled, interior ruined cuda or challenger at 30k

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  4. Steve Clinton

    Does it come with the bucket of cleaning materials?

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  5. Terry

    Even the 318 2-barrel was a big performance upgrade for these cars over the six. I wouldn’t mind having one of these. I knew someone who had a ’71 Valiant (same platform) with the 318, it could get up and go.

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  6. mike england

    i love the car my dad had a 71 duster i wish i could own one and bring back the memories for me and my dad

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    • Bruce G Hughes

      I wish I could find and buy a golden yellow 1971 Duster like my dad had. Beautiful car and my late dad was a wonderful man,

  7. Steve R

    No matter how nice it is, it’s hard to see $21,000+ out of a 318 Duster. Someone willing to put in the effort can find something more interesting and fun to drive for less money.

    Steve R

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    • robert semrad

      Maybe that’s what they just want…..everyone’s taste is different, but you already knew that….

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  8. Steve

    Almost lost my life in one. Got torpedoed in one. No side protection at all. We would call them Libby Libby Libby on the label label label.

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  9. Goatsnvairs

    Rare console car. I like it, but price seems about $5k high…..

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  10. Keith

    Yes I started my driving career in a 72 Duster slant 6 but the 68 GTO Ram air ragtop was only six months away from my heavy right foot. The Duster was a good rainy day car to keep that GTO clean but it was very spartan on the interior. The bench seat felt like a couple of two by fours with vinyl over them.My dad bought it for mom but she hated it and dad thought the 73 Audi Fox would be a better car. He was wrong again on that choice.

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  11. Pete in PA

    This is a nice 72 Twister! Good colors and a bunch of extra cost equipment. I have a white 72 Twister I bought in 1987.

    I have a minor correction to make to the author’s write up: Instead of ” If you were of a mindset, you could also order a nonfunctional dual hood scoop” I’d say “you could also order the performance hood treatment which got you a pair of nonfunctional hood scoops.”

    he hood scoops were not available on any other Duster model including the 340. I can understand why a lot of people added them because they look pretty cool.

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    • Howard Kerr

      The write-up also mentions that that Twister package included a special shark tooth front grille…which this car does not have.
      I once owned a 69 Valiant Signet and rode in a friends Duster 360 a few times. That Signet felt like it was made from tin compared to the heavier gauge steel of the 360. (Apparently there was a noticeable difference, and not necessarily for the better between the 340 and 360 Dusters?)

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    • bone

      The two small non functional scoops were an option on Dusters 340s including the 1973 models , though the scoops were different that year and not as attractive. . My sales brochure for my 73 340 shows them

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  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Price reflects the typical So. Cal. markup, but the price has already been dropped by $1K after only 4 days.

    Sounds like a seller that would be open to offers.

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  13. Christopher Gentry

    Had a 73 Dart Swinger with a 318 , no race car , but it would scoot in daily driving just fine. Fun car.

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  14. Rex L Hesterberg Member

    I was just graduating in 72 but had big interest in the duster so you know my story probably since we were small dairy farmers so I ended up getting to buy our 64 plymouth fury ,318 ,with push button gear shift. After it I found a 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible however it was the Indianapolis500 Pacesetter Series offered but found myself in the Navy months later . Prior to my discharge had 1954 Dodge Pickup,June 1954 finally found out I had no 16 out of only 100 that were basically ordered with first V8/241 Polydome engine.Still have but have also 1954 Dodge TownPanelAlso had a 1979 Plymouth Volare Duster that came with loveres in quarter windows and had stock tan and red seats.Was tan exterior ,rallye 500 rims with center caps but they also had a road runner series with same loveres but also in the back window. Still have Panel and Four other Dodge Pickups . My best I have is a 1965 Chrysler 300 Convertible but can’t find proper upholstery,basket weave blue black square combination.Problem is it came out as showroom car.Have original owners manual with paperwork with first owner’s name from dealership.Have dealer sales sill too.

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    • Steve Clinton

      I didn’t realize the Chrysler 300 had the basketweave back (rattan?). My mom’s ’65 Dodge Monaco had that!

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    • Dusty Rider

      Try SMS Auto fabrics, somewhere on the left coast, maybe Portland (oh joy, take your pooper scooper and riot gear with you!), they have a plethora of OEM styles. I found some fabric for my ’72 Olds CS there. Matched perfectly!

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    • Don Eladio

      Wow, oh boy…that was sure a long read.

  15. Christopher Gentry

    I think the previous comment on LIBBY LIBBY ON THE LABEL LABEL , is reference to an old can fruit TV jingle , in other words comparing his duster to a tin can

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  16. Ron LeClair

    I purchased a yellow 1972 duster 318, 3 speed manual on the floor in late
    1979. 340 dusters were hard to find so I just happened to have a spare 340
    and 4 speed manual tranny in the garage. Out goes the 318 and 3 speed
    and in goes the 340/4 speed. I even switched to the electronic ignition.
    Also had the hurst shifter and shifter knob installed. Sold it a few years later.

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  17. Paul James

    This ’72 Duster Twister is pretty uncommon these days. Maybe 25-30 years ago, there were more, but time/rust/and people turning these into race cars, or just junking them, has left not many left out there. This EV2 Hemi Orange car has quite a few factory options still on it. It is a pretty clean looking A body in my opinion. The 318 2bbl engines are reliable too. The current seller is asking $19,000 it is on E-bay as of 5/25/21

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  18. Arthell64 Member

    I like this duster. I wouldn’t mind a 318 in this car.

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  19. George Louis

    Looks like this car still has points-style ignition system. Regular drum brakes, no power brake booster no power steering, no A/C. For the asking price I would expect to get OEM Battery Cables, not the “CHEAP” hacked up ends on this ride. Has no light package as rhe hole for the trunk light switch is empty. The original price for this ride was probably $3200.00 in 1972 to keep things in perspective.

    • bone

      Only the 1972 340 cars came standard with electronic ignition; it was standard on all Mopars in 1973. The car should have the light package too since it has the indicators on top of the fenders , its possible someone took the trunk switch out or installed the lights sometime in the last 49 years !

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      • George Louis

        For 1971 as running change Electronic ignition was available on 340 Engines with manual transmission. For 1972 California cars with V8 Engines had Electronic Ignition as standard Equipment. For the other 49 State V8 Engine sales Electronic Ignition was an available option for a list price of $35.00 dollars. For 1973 Electronic Ignition was standard equipment for Six Cylinder and V8 equipped vehicles including trucks.

  20. DON

    I’ve still got a sharktooth grille for this which has been stored away since the early 80s. Now if I could only convince my wife that we need another Duster !

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  21. Dale

    First car was a 72 Duster Twister Yellow with black hood.Great car would love to find one like it.

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