Two Door Wagon: 1960 Plymouth Suburban

Now this is something you don’t see very often, a Plymouth 2 door wagon! The seller claims it’s one of only 5 built and that this one is the most original one left. It looks like some paint work has been done, with more still needed. Whether there really were only 5 built or not, this has to be one of the coolest wagons around and would make for one heck of a project. You can find this winged wagon here on eBay in Sarasota, Florida.

It looks like there’s been some questionable paint work done, inside and out. The dash has definitely been repainted and is way to glossy for the age and condition of the rest of the car. We can’t help but wonder what else has been done that would impact the originality.

The engine and engine bay have also received some new paint and really don’t match with the outside of the car. The engine is said to have been fully rebuilt, as were the brakes. While the paint works looks to be well done, why did they start painting it, but not finish the rest of the car?

As cool as patina can look, mixing fresh shiny paint with worn out original just doesn’t look right. Clearly this seller is trying to cash in on the whole patina trend, but they would have been wise to leave all the paint alone if that was their plan. The mixture of new and old just leaves us wondering what’s hiding underneath the new paint. Are they trying to hide rust or is this the case of someone starting a restoration and then realizing how much it costs to paint an entire car? As odd as it is, this is still one cool machine and would look absolutely amazing with the paintwork finished!

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  1. Tony S

    Those Exner wings (fenders)…

  2. Lee Hartman

    The owner doesn’t claim it’s one of 5 built. He says it’s one of 5 left remaining. I’m sure there are more he doesn’t know about. There were 5503 built. The VIN checks out as being a two door Suburban with a V-8 engine.

    • Paul Hudson

      Just a quick Google photo check and there are many pictures so it’s obviously more than 5. Two door wagons were not that rare in 1960.

      • DE1982

        As Lee pointed out above Barn Finds got it wrong, the seller did not state it is 1 of 5 built. Also Paul, the seller did not say it was rare in 1960 he said it is rare now! I think you are looking at the same car in all the photos in your google image search! You should take a closer look and then show us another 1960 2 door Plymouth Wagon on the market today, or even one that recently sold? Go ahead I will wait here… People should really read and do a little research for themselves before chiming in. Super cool wagon and super super rare!

  3. jw454

    Finish the restore by completing the paint job, remove the gangster white walls and replace with the correct tire and then you’d have something.

    • Vince H


      The whitewalls looks like they are about correct for 1960.

      • jw454

        Not in my neighborhood.

  4. Steve R

    Painting the roof isn’t new. It’s been around for a while, often with the rest of the car painted in a matte finish or “hot rod black”. I don’t think I’ve seen it before with a car that is going for the “patina” look. To be honest, I’d be more worried if the entire car had fresh paint than just the roof and engine compartment.

    Steve R

  5. Joe Haska

    I WANT THIS CAR! I had a 51 Plymouth wagon that we changed to a woody, it was awesome, and probably got more attention and awards and media coverage, than any car I have ever built. BUTT! I think this could be one of the Coolest 2-door wagons ever, even better than the 51! It is all there, and as perfect as you could ever hope for. There are 6 days left, I will be keeping track, who knows, it doesn’t seem possible, but I might have to try.


    It looks like they pulled the motor to restore the engine bay before painting the body but something happened before it could be completed. Really nice wagon.

  7. JW

    Wasn’t the Suburban name owned by GM at the time this car was built ???

  8. JimmyinTEXAS

    Looks like Ken Tilly hit the nail. The owner may have been planning a color change also so the engine bay got painted first. What is shown in the pictures looks pretty solid with no jagged bottom edges on the doors or tailgate. But I would really want to see in person what the bottom looks like with all that “back to black” or what other concoction they have sprayed on the bottom. I really do like this bod style. Is that not the coolest steering wheel you have ever seen with the George Jetson horn button.

  9. Bruce

    My dad had one back in the early 60s
    He wanted a two dr because I fell out of the previous car because I opened the door while it was moving. I wasn’t seriously hurt (although some of my siblings would say differently lol) but he didnt want it to happen again. It wasn’t a beauty but we had great family times travelling. I saw at least two recently. One in a car show and another driving on a road on Wisconsin last year. I doubt this one is the last good one. I know there were more than 5 made because us kids would spot them while we were riding since there were not a lot of them around

    • Keith Hoskins

      So I wasn’t the only one who caused my dad to buy a 2 door wagon in the early 60’s by opening the door while moving…… :). Ours was Light blue. Just like the picture above

  10. Bruce

    The wide whites look good. Ours had porta walls. Remember them?

  11. Bob S

    Another case of “Patina Fever”. Wonder if it is cleared with a semi gloss clear. The car looks great with the Dodge hubcaps

  12. Maestro1 Member

    I would paint it correctly, do what it needs mechanically, join the owner’s club And have fun.

  13. ccrvtt

    If I recall correctly wide whites were replaced in 1957 with the thinner, 2″ whitewalls which showed a band of black around the rim. I have a personal preference for the thinner whites for anything beyond ’57, especially C1 Corvettes. This car may have even had black tires when new.

    • Miguel

      Considering this is the bottom of the line car, I doubt it would have had any white walls on it.

  14. Neal

    That is a beautiful car.
    I love these old wagons.
    Adding to my MOPAR fever.
    I would keep the clearcoated patina until I was bored of it, then repaint eventually. But I’m only dreaming.
    I wonder how these rode?

    I wonder how much it will sell for?

  15. Alexander

    The seller/owner did some judicious painting of the important areas. Perhaps a full repaint was out of their price range? If the car is always stored indoors, a color match with paint on hand could bring the rest of the car back to its former glory but I sort of like the patina look too. Engine compartment, coves and roof were done because of owner preference…and budget.

  16. Brad

    I love original paint as much as anyone, but this needs to be finished – that half restored / half survivor look just looks like the owner ran out of cash. Neat wagon, I’d love to make that my daily driver.

  17. KKW

    Unbelievable. Not one comment about the HIGH price tag.

    • De0224

      High price tag? High retail is 28k?

      • KKW

        28grand for a Plymouth wagon? Welcome to fantasy island.

  18. RC

    I think the eBay seller was a bit loose with the truth when he stated the car had one owner since 1970. Per the listing of this car in 2015-2016, “This one had been resting in a field in rural Missouri for many many years when I bought it brought it home to middle Georgia in February 2014” and mileage was reported as 90,787. The no-reserve auction ended at $2,102.
    Where did the “57,022 actual miles” come from in the eBay ad? Also it’s apparent that the eBay seller’s photos aimed to gloss over right rear quarter sheet metal/bumper collision damage. Comparing the 2015-16 and 2017 ads is a good education in Buyer Beware. FYI, the car sold on eBay for $20,850.

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