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Ultimate Hot Wheels? Dodge C500 + Barracuda Drag Car!

This 1965 Dodge C500 is just one part of a package deal that includes a vintage Plymouth Barracuda drag car that has been raced since nearly new. The vintage car hauler carrying a period-correct drag or track car is a gearhead fantasy come true, and this one gets even better with the matching decals and the verified racing history of the Barracuda – it’s not just a prop. Find this tasty combo here on eBay with a $49,900 asking price and the option to submit a best offer.

The Dodge has held other drag cars in the past, hence the “Rebel” monikers on the side. The current owner added the strip of stars to better match the Barracuda, which was found in the weeds with no engine after its glory days of drag racing dried up. The previous owner of the combo rescued both vehicles and preserved the patina of both while making them reliable.

The interior is like an Evel Knievel racing suit got stretched into upholstery patterns, but it obviously fits well with the truck’s patriotic exterior. It would seem the current owner has not owned the race car hauler long, as this post indicates the rig left California for Missouri in May of this year. Despite the high likelihood of this being a one-off find, the seller isn’t concerned.

The C500 has a 318 Polly V8 under the multi-functional hood and nose sections, which folds away to create easy engine access. Amazingly (but also appropriately), it has a manual transmission. The seller notes the Barracuda drag car is a strong runner equipped with a 383 big block and 727 automatic transmission. A combo platter like this is hard to beat, even at $50K.


  1. Wayne

    Just a plain cool combo to visit nostalgia drags with.
    I have not been into drag racing since high school. So I have no idea how many “Nostalgia Drag” events there are. I have heard of them being organized, but have no idea how often or how wide spread they are.

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    • dennis gilmore

      there is one today Arlington Washington

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    • Al

      Races here today in Idaho, thankfully. It’s been great relocating here almost 20 yrs ago as Connecticut dragway & Dover NY closed up around ’69-70 when I was 10. Real estate obvious reasons as was the way for the Danbury Fair 1/4 mile weekend oval racing became a mall. The governor of ID was here at the nitro drags putting Firebird 1/4 drag Raceway on the Historic Registry! Long live the drags every weekend, March to October!!

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  2. Keith

    Wow! Will you look at this, totally retro cool! It’s the 70s again!

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    • PRA4SNW

      Wow, not a negative comment – I’m surprised – LOL!

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  3. Tom Member

    I wish I had $50K to just grab it. I am not a racer nor a mopar guy but this is very cool. I agree with Wayne.

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  4. Rob

    Help me out here. There’s a 318 Polly engine in the hauler? Can that be true?

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    • DAVID6

      😲 i have a 1969 dodge travco with la 318 m300 dodge frame hooker headers, wiend 4 barel mani.
      727 overdrive, 488 diff towing
      a vw window van 👍xlent driving 15 mpg😎

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      • Mountainwoodie


        Funny I just talked to a guy today driving a ’71 Travco 270…….really sweet rig…….no overdrive. Took a pix but we can’t attach them anymore.

        This rig is super cool..except for the Super Dave interior………….

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      What else would they use In the truck? It is a simi-Hemi engine after all. lol

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    • JimB

      Have an old C600 with 413 and a water well pulling unit on it. Also have a D-600 with 318-LA and 5 speed w/ 2 speed rear axle. Could gross 30-33 thousand pounds in dump bed and run 75-80 mph all day.

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    • Frank

      The C500 came with the 212hp poly 318 as standard or you could get the optional 361ci

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  5. Steve R

    It’s a cool combination, but way overpriced unless the car can be documented as being a race car since the 1960’s. All of the pictures online are from the mid-2000’s and newer taken at nostalgia style events.

    Steve R

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    • Keith

      The Super Dave interior makes the truck! I love it!

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    Our 1,400 lb race cars would look kind of puny on the back of that one.

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  7. WayneB27 .

    Google Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwan trucks to see the almost identical transporters the top funny car racers used in the 70’s

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    • Clayton

      Snake’s and Mongoose’s Haulers were D-Series Trucks………This is a C-Series Truck……..Totally not Identical…….

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  8. Rube Goldberg Member

    That’s ok, Wayne, these types of trucks were very popular. All the drag racers had them, Ford, GM, whatever corresponded to the car they were running. Hard to believe, this was all that was needed, compared to the 3, 40 ft. custom semi trailers they run today. Tell you one thing, with a 318 and aerodynamics of a brick, in a stiff head wind, it was a slow ride to the next race.

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  9. Tom Member

    I went back to the ebay photos. Again, surprised no one mentioned the cool garage space set up and the other vehicles in the back ground!! I LOVE garages !! Show more please! Sorry. Not in this case BUT sometimes the garage and the cars peeking out are more interesting than the feature!

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  10. Raymond Hurst Member

    These 2 vehicles should be worth 30 or 40 all day long even if they had no graphics or history (if they do). You do not just have to attend vintage races. These would be a hit anywhere you went at any time, plus you could drag race all night if you wanted. Of course I am a Chevy guy and I could be wrong……..nah, i’m right on this one.

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  11. Big Al

    It’s got a super wrench, for loading car…gotta get one of those wrenches…..anyway,..50K, ready to go….cant go wrong. Sweet rides!

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  12. Country Joe

    I actually saw this rig driving up Main Street in Joplin, Missouri about 3 weeks ago when I was back there visiting my family. It is a pretty nice pair of vehicles, but I don’t see $49,000 worth of nice. I’m sure someone else will.

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    • 433jeff

      The car needs a Hemi and the truck needs a Cummins, ok im done now. Someone had to say it

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  13. Chuck C.

    A 383 in an A/FX car?…..That car should be or was a 426 Hemi for that class……..Don’t get me wrong. The set-up with the truck may be worth 50K, I raced back then. Have no idea what they are worth.

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  14. Wayne

    Yes 433jeff, for more go. But this whole package is about nostalgia. If you make those changes, then you don’t get the current effect! Not everything is about how fast can you go, (says a person who just boosted the horsepower on his vintage race car) Someimes it is about the “old time” experience.

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  15. Dale Watson

    This is an excellent package , should be priced at $100,000. There would be buyers all over it .

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  16. TimM

    Great piece of American drag history!!! Should be in a museum for everyone to see and enjoy!!

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  17. canadainmarkseh

    It should be in a museum it’s pretty well useless for anything else at this point in time.

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  18. Coventrycat

    Love the interior and the way the hood opens. Great looking combo.

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