Vacuum Sealed: 12 Mile 1993 Mustang Cobra R!

We have featured some very nice foxbodys lately. There was a 14k mile Cobra and even a thousand mile one, but this takes the cake as the ultimate survivor foxbody. This is a rare Cobra R model and it’s only showing 12 miles on the odometer! It has been carefully stored away and is basically a brand-new 24 year old car. Find it here on eBay where bidding is getting close to six figures!

The seats are covered in plastic and all the factory stickers and markings are still in place. If you wanted a new Cobra R when these were first released, but couldn’t get one, this could be your chance to go back in time! The hard part will be deciding if you should drive it or not. The value will instantly drop, but it would be a lot of fun to experience what these were like new.

The Cobra R was a hardcore track version of the already rad Cobra. It had all the SVT upgrades, but was also lightened and tightened up. The rear seat, stereo, air conditioner, and sound dampening went into the dumpster. Then Koni shocks, heavy duty springs, and a strut brace went in. There were only 107 of them built and it’s probably safe to assume that most were raced.

Other than a door ding, this thing looks perfect. It’s as if the car was just unloaded off the truck at the dealership. The original dead battery is included in the sale for the real sticklers. Some photos of it outside the bubble would be nice, but it hasn’t affected bidding any. So, if you had a hundred grand to burn, would you stash this away as an investment or would you drive the heck out of it?

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  1. Scott

    Door ding? WTF?

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    • Gabe

      Sweet Escort. Wait, foxbody Mustang? So hard to tell those things apart…

      • Oil Slick

        That’s what my wife said. “Is that an Escort?”

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        No one preserved an Escort GT?

      • scottymac

        I’ve got a turbo EXP stashed away, does that count?

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        scottymac: Yes it does! That is something you definitely don’t see. There were a lot of Escort GTs and EXPs made back in the day, and you never see a single one anymore.

    • Jim

      Drive it like I stole it !

    • Mark Johnson

      I purchased a new LX 5.0 in April 1993, for 19,800 After 800 cash,800 trade-in including 60 months at 3.75 app, the Cobra was7500 more,about 125.00 extra then the 329.00 I was paying FYI

  2. Curtis

    What a waste. This is like the over priced auction trailer queens……in my opinion at least. The best car show is at the drag strip.

    • King Al

      I agree. Who cares if there were 107 peetend “Cobras”?? (the only real Cobras were built 50 years ago by Shelby American). This is just a gussied up fox Mustang. It needs to be donked with 30s (see picture). And get rid of the vampire red color, or at least ghost some flag images on it.

    • Skloon

      Like having a supermodel wife, who is a virgin

    • Mike F.

      Or about 18 hours into a 24 hour race.

  3. John T

    As of 11AM Eastern Time, the bidding was up to $93,600 and the reserve NOT met? This car could not possibly be driven as it belongs in a museum but I find it hard to believe or justify that this is a six figure vehicle.

    • Paul Boggs

      At that price it is already too expensive to be a driver. This one is destined to be a museum piece and collectors with museum’s are the only one’s who can afford it. Me, I would have so much fun with that car if it were in the working man’s price range.

  4. mark

    In my opinion/experience people that do things like this with cars are not car type people. They are financial people that care about dollars and cents. No true car person could take this home from the dealership and not drive it.

    • Red'sResto

      When the revamped 2005 Shelby Mustang was released an investor bought the first five available in South East Virginia and put them in climate controlled storage. I wonder if they are still there. I know the guy who bought number six- he drove and enjoyed his!

    • Curtis

      For most that think they’d make a load of $ doing this that $ spent on the car 9 times out of 10 would have made more invested in the market or a solid mutual fund……even the monster high $ cars at the big TV auctions people freak out on, that $ saved when purchased could buy multiple cars at any auction

      • Superdessucke

        FWIW, if you invested this car’s $25,692 MSRP in a mutual fund that averaged 10% annual return, you’d have about $253k right now.

        Drive the cars people. Drive the cars.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi mark, perhaps, but people do these things. Once, many moons ago,(80’s) I delivered a load of steel to a warehouse near Cleveland. As the guy was unloading me, I was looking around, and way on a top pallet rack, was a car under a cover. I asked the guy, “what kind of car is that under the cover”? He said, “have you ever heard of a DeLorean?” “Sure”, I said. He went on to say, his boss bought 2, one he drove, the other he put on the pallet rack. It had 7 miles on it.

  5. Leon

    Door ding. Could have been from delivery trailer ?? I worked at a Ford dealer. Some of the transit drivers would cause damage during unload.

    • JDB

      Dings are a part of the car’s history and you don’t fix them on survivor.

    • Mike

      The auction said that someone’s 5 year old opened the door into a workbench. Ouch.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Leon, sorry, being a truck driver all my working life, ( never a car hauler) we got blamed for everything, when, in fact, auto transport drivers, usually, take their job very seriously. I’ve known several. It’s a very demanding job, and while incidents do happen rarely, I’d have to place the blame on some car lot jockey, who couldn’t care less about the cars.

  6. RayT Member

    I guess I’ll be the odball here, but if I had the disposable loot for this, I’d have it on the road as soon as I could get plates on it.

    Too many good memories of driving one back in ’93, when I found it a delightful upgrade to the “standard” Mustang Cobra. The lack of a/c, radio and rear seat (and the tacky carpeting laid over the empty rear area) bothered me not at all. What counted was the sound — no sound deadening! — and the ease with which the thing could be sent sideways, controllably, on a tight freeway on-ramp. I was told the engines in these 107 cars were VERY carefully assembled, and it did feel as if it had more punch than the stocker, more than the weight- and power-saving changes would have accounted for, it seemed.

    I will disagree with Jesse about the “most were raced” comment. I know I saw at least one or two private-owner “Rs” on the street, and suspect there are more — perhaps a majority — that were stashed away like this one, in hopes of a Big Payday in the future. And the seller says “listing ONE of our Cobra R Models…” How many more have they got salted away?

    • Pete

      I had a ’93 SSP that was in service for the IRS (of all agencies) before I bought it. I like your comment RayT. Mine was rather boring compared to this. Mine had an auto trans and a high ratio diff. Almost-top-speed was hairy. I liked that it did not scream out about what it was. I could care less about wings, spoilers, or rims, but this is a true time capsule. The money flinging around is still nuts though.

  7. Mark

    Why would anyone be critical of a person that used their hard earned $, bought a car and saved it for all these years.
    What a great car and I hope he gets his $

    • Mark

      People are being critical of it because obviously the person is someone who is hard up for cash. They had the money to buy it back then and then didn’t worry about the money was causing them sitting in the garage. More than likely they just put it away as an investment in its demonstrated by several people earlier in this thread they could’ve made a better investment put the money in the stock market!

  8. Mark

    I will admit that I’ve never been a big Mustang person nor have I ever heard of this model of Mustangs. However, my thoughts in regards to this car are WHY? It obviously wouldn’t be a competitive racer today except possibly in a vintage class of some type. And who wants to drive a car like this on the street on a regular basis? The only possible use for it to be a show car.

    As far as storing it for investment, I’m not sure the original cost but assuming it was $5000 and assuming the car sells for $100,000 that would be about a 5% annual ROR which is actually lower than you could have done with stock market investments over that period of time.

    • Sean sellars

      No that car isn’t worth that much. The cobras were not much faster than the stock 5.0s….it basically had a different set of heads like 42 valves

  9. Mountainwoodie

    Well……….riffing off the clever seller’s write up……….I’m way north of 30 and still I don’t get it. But I give props to the owner’s dedication to maintaining the car as they have. Being who I am I’d rather have a ’68 Camaro RS……..

  10. Michael

    $94200.00 and reserve not met. I wonder if the bidder knows the reserve? I bet it doesn’t sell as (in my opinion) the seller’s expectations are unrealistic.

  11. Rich

    I’ll just never understand these kind of people. Enjoy the car. That’s why it was built. This thing will never see the street. What a shame it can’t be enjoyed.

  12. 408interceptor

    Still looks like a Taurus from the front, too bad it’s not a 1980 McLaren M-81 Mustang, now that would be something to get excited about.

    • Mark

      The only reason that they were limiter production is because nobody wanted them. All of the Mustangs from that generation were dogs, they couldn’t handle worth anything and were very underpowered. Even this version was pale in comparison to a real Mustang of previous generations and even those made today.

  13. Mark

    There are a lot of folks asking the WHY question……given the Barret-Jackson world we live…is it any wonder the owner did this, especailly with just 107 produced? If one has the funds then I say go for it. The ROI on this will be well worth it. Keep in mind this car is only 24 year old…….could you imagine what this car would have been worth after being carefully stored away for another 20 years, espeically if word of it was kept under wraps until then? The “Barn Find” factor alone would drive the value thru the roof.

    • Mark

      Considering the original cost of this car was a little over $25,000 per the seller the ROI for the investment is considerably less than it would have been if the money had been put in the stock market. Generally cars are not a good investment.

      • Mark

        Agreed. However, I would contend that most folks, not all, who buy cars such as these and seal them up, in all odds already have their financial portfolios in order so to speak.
        Maybe the seller fits this category and maybe not…….but I noticed the ebay listing said “selling one of our 1993 Cobra R code models”.
        If not, then I would agree that the ROI would not be comparable to the stock market and as a pure investment it would fall short.
        But keep in mind, you can’t back a stock certficate out of the garage and take it for a spin either. lol.
        Makes you wonder how many finacially set guys are out there scopping up the new Dodge Demon to stash away.

      • scottymac

        Holy crap! How many investment advisors do we have on here? I know absolutely nothing about the stock market. Are you counting losing everything in 2008, and starting over from scratch?

      • Superdessucke

        And let’s add that this one is phenomenal in terms of appreciation. Most vehicles built after 1972 or so wouldn’t come close to $100k with 0 miles on them. Ask any poor sap who mothballed a 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette, or a “regular” 1986-87 Buick GN, thinking theyd sell in 15- 20 years and retire or put 2 kids through college on the profit. And there were a lot of these people judging by eBay!

        Drive the cars people. Drive the cars.

  14. Shannon Cofer

    Well, I would have to drive it. Not in the rain or snow but if I was behind the wheel I would put on a show…..

  15. Daniel kuskie

    So is the car being bid on right now ,and the owner of the car is still alive,and what state&city did he buy it from.And to say that when he got it and put it in the Garage nobody,I mean nobody saw this person drive that car in that day in the Garage.Ok Come on someone saw something. RIGHT.24 years later.

  16. Fran

    As the famous ebay song goes, “Wasted away in re-list-ville”

  17. txchief

    To me, it seems like way too much for a glorified Ford Fairmont. From the pictures, it looks like it has seriously deteriorated in some respects. The steering wheel, seats and under hood look moldy. The fluids have likely congealed, and the engine, tranny and brakes might need to be torn down and cleaned up before it could safely be run. I believe it was stored in a hot, humid environment near a penicillin or yeast factory. The bubble chiefly served to produce a humid, dank environment for fungus.

  18. S Ryan

    Can’t believe the rear tires lasted 10/12 miles. I can change that. Hold my Beer.

    • Timothy

      Watch this ;)

  19. Adam

    Hahaha… if any of you negative Nancy’s even knew who the seller was you’d be eating your words. Yes seller has multiple of these and no they are not the type that just buys to store. They are racers and jumped at the opportunity to buy more than one new as you needed an active racing license to buy one. Move along and nit pick that 215 mile 93 Caprice.

    • Mark

      Doesn’t matter who the seller is, whether he or she is a racer, nor the reason why it was purchased……buying more than one of the same limited edition vehicle, wrapping it in plastic for 24 years with only 12 miles on it IMO makes them a collector.
      I say good for them. Hope they get all they expect out of it and more.

      As far as Ford requiring an active racing license to buy one, that was more hype than anything. Nothing earth shattering in the way of performance to warrant such a requirement. In 93 GM didn’t have the same requirement to order a Syclone or Typhoon. Fantastic 1/4 mile performance without sacrificing creature comforts.

  20. Mikey MO

    I am surprised that with all the low mileage cars out in the world period that they all draw so much money except some Corvettes that a large percentage have low mileage that it actually lowers the value in that section of some markets so I was once told

  21. Greg S

    The Fox bodied Mustangs have actually become quite collectible as of late. Like them or not, there is a huge following for these cars.

  22. steve

    Actually, if you want to get technical it is in a pressure bubble, not vacuum sealed.

    • txchief

      The bubble either sucks or blows. Regardless, it’s more than any Fairmont is worth.

      • scottymac

        Falcon derived or Fairmont derived, the Mustang has been in continuous production for 53 years. No other pony car can make that claim.

  23. Dave Member

    All I know is the fox body stangs that would show up at KCIR, would shut down more than enough contenders.

    • Dusty Rider

      I really liked that track, and I hate Claire McCaskll for forcing it to close.

  24. Mike Butchart

    I have been ambivalent about keeping this armed in plastic or driving it until this week. I was at an evening stop for the great race, a time/speed/distance event driving vehicles built before 1965 from Florida to Sault St Marie Michigan. Vehicles were designed to be driven and this race showed how. Possible and much fun that is. So unwrap the Mustang and drive it ir donate it to a museum.

    • JCW Jr.

      If you own it you can do what you want with it. If they have the money to buy multiples and keep them good for them. The person that buys this most likely has enouvh disposable cash they could drive it or put it in the frt. yard and just look at it. His money his car.

  25. RoselandPete

    Was this car owned by Seinfeld’s bubble boy?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi RP, one of my favorite episodes. :)

  26. Racer x

    Friend has a 93 cobra with 17,000 on it don’t know if it’s an

  27. Pa Tina

    Each to his or her own. $95,000 buys a lot of different cars. The 2018 Camaro ZL1-1LE looks pretty interesting at $65,000.

  28. D.W.

    Scottymac… so? Those mustang II’s were sweet too….

  29. KevinR

    Since I’ve never been the guy who would (or could) store a brand new car, can someone answer a question for me? What is the point of the pencil under masking tape on the door?

    I’m a bit surprised to see the fogged headlights and mildewy interior pieces on a car that is supposed to be professionally stored. Doesn’t matter… I like Fox chassis Mustangs and Capris, but not to the tune of six figures.

    • Pa Tina

      The pencil is there to give some scale to the mysterious door ding. There is even an explanation of how the mysterious door ding occurred. The headlight covers have also been cleaned. You can learn a lot by reading the ebay ads.

      • KevinR

        I didn’t bother going down to the Q&A portion. I don’t really care that much. Six figure Foxes aren’t my thing, regardless of the story behind them.

  30. Cleric

    I would call this car “Stinky Pete” since she’s been wrapped up all this time. Why? Unwrap that pony and let her run!

  31. Keith

    Well I bought this 1984 GT350 for only 13k and it has only 21,000 original miles (first owner). I plan on modifying it and driving it (second owner) because we only live once! Why not enjoy it now? No garage queen here!

    Like 2

    I think it was about a year ago, a red Corvette, same era… 92 I think, had 255 miles on it. I don’t think he could even get his original purchase price out of it. Probably $38,000
    So in comparison, this seller is doing much better. This car is a beautiful display piece, and should remain one. If you have $100,000 to spend on a “driver” there are plenty of choices.

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    • Pa Tina

      No surprise. Corvettes of that era, except the ZR-1, were a dime a dozen.

  33. Jay E.

    I do like the idea of taking the cash from this one and doing the same to a Hellcat (I just went to look at one on the lot yesterday. list price around 80K, they wouldn’t even let me sit in it!) and see what it does 25 years from now. The driving experience is pretty much the same as it was 25 years ago, I’m not sure it will be anything like it is now in a couple of decades. On the other hand, can you imagine a Hellcat 25 years ago? It might get even better, heck we might even be teleported by then. Or we might be driving a steam engine. I’ll probably be around to see it.
    80K? Give me a Gt350R and drive the wheels off it, forget about this 25 year old, no matter what the mileage says. Excuse me, I gotta go do a burnout.

    • Pa Tina

      Best of luck to you with the stored Hellcat. Your youngest potential buyers will be 85 years old. Have you looked at the collector car hobby lately? AARP should be the main sponsor. I visited a Cars and Coffee event at a local Corvette dealer last Saturday. To start with, the showroom didn’t have a car under $85,000 in it. Gray/white hair (where there was hair) predominated and watching folks getting out of Corvettes was entertaining to say the least. Trust me, the hobby is on its last legs.

      • King Al

        Pa Tina, now you’ve gone and done it. You called a spade a spade. These so called collector cars will be rounded up for recycling soon. Their audience has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

      • Mark S

        Pa Tina there are those that would disagree with you I’m not one of them. Take a look at the way that gm is advertising cars now. The spend very little air time on the car it’s self and more time on the multi functional dash with the I pad type screen on a car that is designed to be recycled in 10 years. It shows where the interest lies today and it’s not the car. Of course there will be those that say I’m wrong but I don’t think so I was going to a local Mopar club for awhile I was looking for guys in the club that were DIY guys. What I found was a bunch of Cotten tops most in their sixties and seventies none of which were doing their own work. I’m 57 and I was the youngest guy there. This is a club with over 300 members. I also went to a car show that always draws about 300 cars back in May again most of the cars there were owned by the 55 and older crowed and a lot were owned by the 70 and older crowed. So I agree there is waining intest in poring thousands of dollars into vintage cars. As for this car you’d have to be out of your mind to pay anymore than 20k for this very pedestrian car.

    • KevinR

      I have a dealer friend who just took in a Challenger Hellcat on consignment. 2200 miles. Asking price is $54k. It’s going to take a LONG time before the pricing curve makes its way upward again.

  34. John T

    The auction has closed and bidding has ended on this 1993 Mustang at 2PM Eastern Time. The high bid was $95,000 and the reserve has not been met. I am strictly a spectator and not the bidder, but I sure hope that the seller will give this offer serious consideration!

    • Mark

      I noticed that myself and I really think the the seller has set his expectations too high for the vehicle. If he doesn’t consider this bid I wonder how he thinks he’s going to get more money for it? Maybe 1 of the major auction houses could do better but then again maybe not and in most cases they require a reasonable reserve to be set on vehicles which I really think the high bid on eBay was.

  35. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I just got finished watching Antique Roadshow. It was a comparison of prices from the 2000 show to the estimated prices from 2017. Sell your antiques! 90 percent lost money in the estimates. I agree with some of the other comments on old car values. I kind of think Stingrays, Mustangs and Camaro will stay at least stable. Harleys and some other scooters also. I do not get to worried about it, most of my rides will go to the tomb with me. Well except my 1981 CBX that I bought new. I will post her here when I get off my ash can and do it. Whats next to go, drinking beer and bench racing? Sad, sad thing. Gotta blaze for now. Going to Youtube for some ZZ Top! A How How How! In my best Tehas slang. And thanks for all of you that have protected our Country ! Bless you and have a great Fourth of July.

  36. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    As my old Buddy Columbo says, one more thing.

    • Alan (Michigan )

      A couple of the coolest car hots on the planet.

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