14k Mile Survivor: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

The low-mileage Mustang Cobras just keep coming! If you missed the 1,000 mile one we featured the other day, this could be your second chance. This one has 14k miles on the clock and cloth seats, but is extremely clean for a 24 year old car. Find it here on eBay where bidding is currently at $27k!

This was the first of the SVT Cobras and the last of the Fox-body Mustangs. That means it’s about the best 3rd generation Mustang you can get. It was more refined than earlier cars and the SVT tweaks made it a potent machine.

The Cobra 5.0 utilized Ford’s new GT-40 Performance parts and put out quite a bit more power than the GT model. This particular engine has a new cam, heads, and exhaust so it should have a few more ponies!

This could be your chance to get that Cobra you dreamed about when it was new. It’s going to cost you more now, but getting to drive a like-new example of one of these might just be worth it. What do you think – would you take this over a new Mustang?

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  1. RayT Member

    You bet I’d take this instead of a new ‘Stang, Jesse, and I prefer it to the 1K mile car! I’d feel better about taking it out and laying down some serious mileage, as I was lucky enough to do back in ’93. These couldn’t have suited me more if I’d been asked to lay down the spec. for them, being faster and more nimble than the other Mustangs available and having the added benefit of no electronic doo-dads to take over the driving from me!

    Only the bare-bones (no a/c, rear seat, power windows or sound deadening) Cobra “R” was more fun….

  2. sparkster

    Wow 43 bids with over a day remaining. With the reserve not hit yet.

  3. Steve R

    I wonder if it still has the original engine. The heads and cam have been changed with aftermarket parts yet original engine status was mentioned by the seller in the ads description. On a limited production performance car in this condition that would be a selling point.

    Steve R

    • Derek Smith

      The motor is original. The author meant that the 93 Cobra motors had a new different cam (and other mods) than previous models.

      • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

        Pretty sure that’s not what he meant, Derek. The eBay listing indicates that a different cam, heads, etc. were installed…


    It’s nice but not 30k nice. There’s still a lot of fox bodies on the road.

  5. Grumpy

    Too bad the engine has been altered. I prefer all original with that low mileage. I noticed the rocker covers look aftermarket as well. Who know’s if the work was professionally done.

  6. Elden

    nice car pretty much anyway you look at it, but 30 k nice ? I do know of one stashed in a garage with 2300 yes 2300 miles on it, still has the plastic on the seats, but I can’t get the owner to part with it, yet………

  7. 408interceptor

    You can buy a one or two year old Mustang GT with the performance package, 435 hp, leather seats and much better looks for that kind of money.

  8. Keith

    I purchased this 1984 GT350 convertible with only 21k original miles for $13,000.00 dollars, less than half of the asking price for this cobra! Plus with some easy modifications I can make my mustang faster, it has a carburetor, no computer.

    • Will

      I don’t know about that! You may get more horsepower out of a carb but torque wins races! Fuel injection seems to have higher torque numbers.

  9. Keith

    Same car with the top up……..

  10. Howard A Member

    I had an ’88 5.0 notchback, and it was not a pleasant car. Oh sure, plenty of steam ( I can’t imagine much more hp than the stock 5.0 in these), but dangerous as heck. One of the few cars that actually scared me. Not because of the performance, I’ve driven faster, but poor handling, so-so brakes, and totally uncomfortable. Heaven help you if you have to change a heater core in one of these( and yes, heater cores DO deteriorate with age). I thought my ’95 Mustang ( V6 5 speed) was a much nicer car.

    • Rocco

      @Howard A,
      You are so right, about the brakes, but the Cobra’s had MUCH better brakes. The suspension was much better than any other Fox as well. I like the SN95 Mustangs much better than the Fox/Box also. I have 4 SN95’s in my garage right now. ’94 Cobra with 5.8(installed by me); BIW road race car; two ’95 “R” models. As much as I like Holley carbs, I’ll never go back, after having FI.

  11. Keith

    One has to consider that these Fox Body Mustangs were at the beginning of the performance “come back” years. They were forerunners of the current well refined performance cars of today. I have owned several of these Fox body mustangs back in the day and they were the car to have, everyone wanted one. Maybe the brakes weren’t the best but the Fox Mustangs were better refined than the cars of the early sixties and seventies. As time and technology progresses so do the cars, just got to keep the time period in perspective when looking at these cars.

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