Well-Preserved 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible!

What we have here is a 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible for sale here on eBay in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with a couple of days left and bidding at $19,200 on Wednesday. It’s a six-cylinder, three-speed manual car with floor shift, and if the lack of a V8 doesn’t put you off this car should get serious consideration. It’s unrestored but quite nice. The odometer shows 76,000 miles, and that seems likely. The title is clean.

I always thought the early Firebirds lived in the Camaro’s shadow, but I consider them even better looking. This is the first year for Firebird (and for Camaro too, of course). Firebird production that first year was quite modest at 82,560, and just 15,528 were convertibles.

This car had some rust repair 30 years ago, but it’s mostly highly original. It’s even wearing the top it came with. “You never see that,” says the owner, and he’s right. Canvas tops don’t usually have 53-year lifespans. I don’t think this car spent any time at all sitting outside.

The owner goes on to say that the car “runs and drives OK,” but adds that it “would be great for an LS swap.” It is indeed an excellent restomod candidate, but (as the former owner of a six-cylinder Dodge Dart convertible) I can say with confidence that it’s nice to leave them as they left the factory. Sure, acceleration will be leisurely, but you’ll be able to enjoy your surroundings on Sunday drives.

The base six had 230 cubic inches and was based on Chevy’s six of the same period. With a single-barrel carb it was rated at 165 horsepower, but there was also the “Sprint” six with a four-barrel and 215 horsepower. The three V-8s offered were more popular, so this Firebird is also a rare bird.

The photos aren’t great, but this car basically looks good from every angle, and underneath, too. It was repainted decades ago, and the job still holds up. The red bucket seat interior looks fabulous, though there is some sun fading.

The bumpers have a few dents, and there are scratches in the original glass. The engine still wears some of its original hoses and clamps, but the new owner might be wise to save them for shows and put on new rubber. Nothing is said about the brakes, but if it “runs and drives OK” they must work.

“Not perfect but damn nice car for the $$$,” says the vendor. Yes, it is, though the bidding may go a lot higher. Are you ready to pony up for this pony car? Are you in for the long haul?

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  1. TimM

    This is a really good example of the base model firebird and I wouldn’t change a thing!!!

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  2. Don H

    With that ohc 6 I don’t think it is the base 6🤔

  3. David Ulrey

    Normally I prefer a V8 but this car, this package, needs to be left alone! A new top so you could actually use it as a convertible and take care of needs it has. Drive it. Love it.

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  4. doone

    Thats the ohc sprint engine, with the right rear-end they were pretty potent.

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  5. Joeinthousandoaks

    Nice original car

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  6. doone

    Thats the ohc sprint engine, with the right rear-end they were pretty potent. It’s a q jet not a 1 bbl.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      These 230 cube ohC motors came in 2 flavors in ’67 – a 165 hp & a 4 barrel 215hp version – that is no quadrajet under that air cleaner on this car. lol
      Like on the chevy ohv strait 6 back then (250 cubes 1barrel 155hp), u better hope the securing nuts don’t break off if you have to change the choke thermostat. Good luck finding a replacement rod that’s attached to it, if you need one. lol

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  7. doone

    It’s a q jet not a 1 bbl.

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  8. Don H

    With that ohc 6 I don’t think it is the base 6🤔

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    • doone

      I for one agree with you

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  9. gbvette62

    That is not a Sprint 6, that engine does not have a Q-Jet on it. That’s the base 165 horse, 1 bbl OHC Pontiac 6. The seller doesn’t call it a Sprint in the ad, it’s only the Barnfinds writer who called it a Sprint. Besides the Q-Jet, the Sprint 6 had a larger air cleaner with a chrome lid, a different intake, and a split exhaust manifold for dual exhaust. In a Firebird with a 4 speed, the OHC Sprint 6 was capable of 16 quarter mile times.

    As a 15 year old, I did odd jobs at a local foreign car garage, in exchange for lessons about working on cars. The owner’s wife had a Verdoro Green 4 speed, 68 Firebird Sprint convertible, that the shop owner taught me to drive a stick on. Senior year in high school (1972), a friend bought a 67 LeMans Sprint, 2 door post with a 3 speed floor shift. I don’t remember it being as quick as the Firebird, but it did give a few 289 Mustangs and 350 Chevelles a scare.

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    • gbvette62

      That’s supposed to be “16 second quarter mile times”. :)

      I should have also said, Sprint or not, I really like the car. I can’t imagine dropping an LS motor in it, though I could see turning it into a Sprint clone, with the correct air cleaner, intake, exhaust, Rally II wheels, red lines, 4 speed and a white Sprint body side stripe!

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      • Mitchell Member

        I like how this guy thinks

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  10. Wayne

    Sorry guys, not a Sprint. No Q-jet and the wrong air filter assembly. The Sprint had a chrome louvred air filter. That does not mean I would not like to have this car. gbvett62 is correct.

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  11. R.Lee

    I like the car but if you decide to keep the anemic cammer better decide to start collecting parts, or do not drive it, like the current owner. And keep fresh gas in the tank. First time you seize a valve the engine will be removed and that will be that. 400 and ST10 4 Gear and now you have a Car.

    Pontiac and the cammer, great idea only should have been in a V6 or V8’s like Ford did in the same era. In 78′ I bought for 600 a 68 Tempest, special order Burgundy paint and the cammer. I liked it so much I gave it to my youngest brother. And then it was GONE. I miss the rust free car not the engine.

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  12. CCFisher

    I’m imagining this was ordered by a dealer as a price-leader. Ads would read, “Buy a new Pontiac convertible for under $3000!” but would show no image of the car. Customers would arrive at the showroom and ask to see the $3000 convertible. Those who were aware of the Firebird were pleased, but invariably chose a car with more equipment. Those expecting a Catalina convertible for under $3000 either left in a huff or found themselves spending far more.

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  13. Chris Webster

    Rally II wheels, front discs, faster steering and a five speed hooked up to that three on the floor shifter. Add the usual stuff one does to old cars- hoses, ball joints, bushes, etc. Then enjoy.

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    • Tom Bell

      Then you’d have something else, not a Firebird. Perhaps subject a Ford Taurus to those mods.

  14. Connecticut Mark

    Is that a timing belt, ?

  15. Grumpyboy

    Does anyone know if it’s true that John DeLorean made sure all first generation Firebirds left the factory riding 1″ lower than the Camaro?

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  16. Vern Prochnau

    A nice time capsule that made it to 2020 with all its parts intact. Yeah, a 4 speed behind a V8 would be awesome but I wouldn’t change a thing. Just a clean up resto and would drive that car everywhere.

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  17. Keruth

    Most of these were rodded up, that engine was good enough in this body, BIL had the base tempest from Dad for his HS graduation present.
    That OHC was the earliest fabric belt domestically produced, easy to work on, just pull the cover and the cam came with!
    Chops got some sand in the motor, would change out the Hyd lifters in about a six pack of time. Clean up the old ones and wait till the clacking started again, rinse and repeat.
    Good times! A S10 5spd. and front disks would be all I’d change. There’s more 389s running around than were produced already!

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  18. Bill McCoskey

    Why is it that so many beautiful and highly original cars, are also base line cars with no options? This Pontiac has but one option; power steering [heater was standard equipment].

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  19. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    All these comments regarding the OHC 6 and OHC6 Sprint version, nobody picked up on this line “… was based on Chevy’s six of the same period. ” What? I thought the overhead cam development was wholly separate from anything Chevy was doing and was one of DeLorean’s pet projects? Also, nobody has uttered the words “resale red” or mentioned the tremendous amount of paint overspray under the car. Pretty much the entire floorpan underneath looks awash in old red enamel.

  20. Wayne

    Only the top of the engine (cylinder head) is different for Pontiac. The short-block is Chevy all the way. BUT!, the things that you can do can do with the lower end? This uses small block Chevy pistons and I think connecting rods. I don’t know if there is a way to use a 250 or 292 crank, But I think it is possible. (The guys from Clifford (6=8) would know) I think that now days you could build a better (more MPG and HP) with that OHC engine and just add a 5 speed. It could be possible without even changing the look of the Sprint engine.
    Just a thought.

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  21. Bill McCoskey

    I had a 1969 LeMans with a Sprint 6 equipped with the 4 barrel carb, plus my car had a factory installed 4-speed with buckets & console.
    That car was plenty fast and would give a factory stock small block equipped Camaro some serious competition.

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  22. Blueovaldude

    Perfect just the way it is!

  23. Claudio

    Drop in an aftermarket fuel injection kit and replace the trans with a 5 speed and enjoy !

  24. Stevieg

    My ’68 Firebird convertible has the 2 barrel 350 & a 3 speed on the floor.
    Once I get to redoing it, I plan on leaving the drivetrain stock. I want to change the buckets to a bench seat (I love the fold down armrest, and the fact that the bench seat is rare in these). I plan on leaving the body the original Verdoro green, but I want to change the interior color from black to white. I just don’t like black vinyl seats in a convertible…they burn lol. It already has the steelies & dog dish caps, so I will leave those be. I do want to add whit sprint style stripes to the flanks.
    I can’t wait to get to this one. Even more so, I can’t wait to drive it!

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