What the Heck!? 1996 Suzuki Volkswagen Bus Van?

If you’ve never heard of a Suzuki Every van, you’re probably not alone. I hadn’t heard of them until I saw this “VW Bus” here on Craigslist. According to Wikipedia, they have been produced since 1961 under the “Carry” name until 1982 when the passenger van versions were re-named the “Every.” A quick internet search will show you several examples of Every vans being converted to look like VW’s. This one may be one of the more well-executed examples, however. It is being offered for sale by JDM Import in British Columbia, Canada with an asking price of $10,400. The ad is quick to point out “It is not rusty!” The fauxtina paint job has been done really well and gives you the illusion of a vintage VW van that has been driven for decades. Have a closer look at this one and thanks to Roger for the tip!

Here is what a stock 1996 Every looks like. It’s easy to see where people have gotten the inspiration to convert these to VW clones. If you squint your eyes enough the round headlights, front end, and forward passenger compartment all look similar to a VW. Even the name “Every” is similar to Volkswagen (The People’s Car).

It is a little hard to tell if the original sheet metal has been replaced or if the VW panel is just placed over the factory nose. The slightly dented trim, rusty headlight rings, faux rusty paint, and dull paint all add to the authentic VW look.

As you might expect, this van is a right-hand drive. This is where the Volkswagen theme falls apart, unfortunately. The custom steering wheel is okay, but other than that, there isn’t a consistent theme with the interior. The upholstery is a bizarre color. The door panels don’t match the upholstery and the rear cargo area is plain. If this was my project, a full interior makeover would be in order.

Perhaps the only criticism I have for the exterior is the modern roof rack and wheel covers. If a vintage wood/chrome roof rack could be fitted, that would be an improvement. I’m not sure what size the wheels are on a stock Every, but if some steel wheels and 10″ vintage VW hubcaps could be installed, that would make the exterior perfect. What do you think about this one?


  1. Claudio

    The main picture had my attention but sadly it was all downhill afterwards

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  2. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    It was ugly before the conversion now it’s Mud fence ugly. Why? You couldn’t give me this whatever it is. The crusher for recycling is all this is good for. But there’s no accounting for taste, someone will probably like it. For me it’s American or nothing.

    God bless America

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  3. Al

    The downside of these VW front coversions is the lack of air flow to the radiator. Overheating is common.

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  4. Vegaman Dan

    Kei vans are amazingly useful and utility based. The front seats typically rotate to face the middle and have more leg room than kei trucks do. Almost all are 4WD and have Air Conditioning. Many have rear seats that fold flat to the sides. Very useful rigs.

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  5. Mutt

    Fahrvergnzuki !

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    • Chris Geymayr

      Hilarious bro.!!

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  6. Russell C

    In rummaging through the Google image results for “Suzuki Every Conversion”, I’m uncertain whether I prefer the Land Rover Defender conversion or the Hummer one.

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  7. Troy

    Interesting but if I’m going to spend that kind of coin on a van I will get a real VW

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    • Pairsnpaint

      Good luck trying to find a vintage VW bus for $10k!

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  8. Steve Clinton

    The answer to the question nobody asked.

  9. RMac

    Love that fahrvengzuki
    Surf van
    Weird but cool

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  10. RexFox Member

    My dislike of ‘fake’ cars began the first time I saw a VW powered “MG TD” in the early 70s. Then I saw a fake Cord. More recently I’ve seen fake C2 Corvettes and newer T-birds attempting to look like Mid 50s birds. Almost any vehicle looks better in original form than when it’s altered to look like something it’s not (Manx style dune buggies are the exception). The original Suzuki is actually kind of cool looking and could be useful for around town errands. That said, this is an interesting find that I enjoyed reading about, and someone will probably have fun with this Vuwuki.

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  11. Big C

    I’d take almost Every other van, over this thing.

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  12. David Frank David Frank Member

    This makes a great fun cartoon car. Skip the patina and add some stick on flowers. No sober person could mistake this for a real Vdub so drive this just for the smiles. Perhaps turn the VW emblem upside down.

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  13. C5 Corvette

    Cute ride! It would make a good winter car for me here in Western NY. 4wd! Ya don’t want to go too fast here in the winter anyhow. I don’t care for the fake patina, I would much prefer a nice paint job and delete the roof rack. The fake VW front could stay.

  14. Solosolo Solosolo Member

    I wonder if the Nissan Figaro in the background is for sale?

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  15. Richard

    There’s a big community of enthusiasts for these kei vans. Not too sure about the customization although I’m sure someone will like it

  16. Rolls-Royce

    If I was adult and I was in Amarica, I would buy it!
    It IS a funny car.

  17. RX626

    Such conversions are a very popular customization in Japan, and similar conversion kits exist not only for Suzuki but also for other companies’ kei vans, such as Subaru.

    Japan is a hot, humid, congested country with very hot summers and very cold winters. So many people are choosing the cheaper and easier to maintain VW style kei van over the older original VW Bus which is harder and more expensive to maintain.

    It is like a Fiero-based Ferrari or Countach kit cars in the US.

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