Winter Blue: 1969 Ford Mustang Ram-Air 428 CJ!

Sadly the “P” Code Winter Blue paint appears to have been sanded off this Mustang or covered up some time ago. If owning one of 2807 Winter Blue Mustangs isn’t your jam, perhaps you admire the “R” Code 428 Cobra Jet engine and Ram Air “shaker” hood. Despite looking like it was ridden hard and put away wet, this once-proud Pony Car left the factory with a 428 Cobra Jet Ram-Air powertrain. That fact certainly makes it more interesting, even though the current motor and transmission came from a 1970 CJ Mustang. Located in Mount Hope, West Virginia, this 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 hopes to find a new owner with an auction here on eBay where an incurable optimist can merely click Buy It Now and agree to part with $22,000.

West Virginia rarely collects accolades as a source of well-preserved classic cars. It the car’s defense, though, it shows little evidence of accident damage and the ’80s stance with leaf-spring shackles may have helped elevate the underside beyond the reach of mud and vegetation. The five-slot mags are a nice period touch. In the seller’s words, this fastback will need “rust repair to the… Floor pans, Quarter area, torque boxes, floor support, trunk area, (and) lower doors.” Luckily the Mustang’s popularity means most, if not all, of these parts are readily available. Try not to rip your classic Mustang in two when winching it onto your trailer.

The shaker hood bits alone should be worth some money if they aren’t too badly rusted. Though looking rather downtrodden compared to a gleaming factory-perfect engine compartment, this non-original engine is claimed to be a true 1970 428 Cobra-Jet. Few changes were made between ’69 and ’70, but it does change the sound-track for anyone seeking an all-original car.

The seller sprung for a Marti Report confirming what you see here, the Black Knit Vinyl Mach I interior with Hi-Back bucket seats. Other details include the automatic transmission, Traction-Lok differential with the 3.25: 1 gears, power steering, power front disc brakes, tinted glass, and the AM Stereo with 8-track player. Originally sold in Minnesota, this car certainly beat the odds simply by surviving a snow-belt beginning. What would you pay to get this pony in your stable?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Member

    I’ll let others comment on the do-ability of a restoration, the asking price, and such. But I wanted to comment on the original color, Winter Blue. You can see it on the door jamb in the pictures linked to the ebay ad (which, by the way, are quite thorough). It is a medium blue, one of my favorite colors, rarely seen today. The car would look great restored with this original period-correct color. In fact there is another Mach 1 on ebay with this color.

    Thanks for the write-up Todd.

  2. Howard A Member

    Oh Mach 1, look what you’ve become. At one time, this was king of the heap. Even the automatic meant business. Look at it now. Proof positive, at one time, probably late ’70’s, you couldn’t give this car away, and they turned into someone’s beater. Fast cars, few were faster, but this particular example, is pretty fried. With restoration shops going out of business, because they can’t keep up with the changing parts prices, you’ll be under water in no time. IDK, lot of Mustangs out there, and SCJ’s command big bucks. I suppose, you get this for $20g’s, put $80 into it, you might have a $90,000 dollar car. Hemmings is loaded with ’69 Mustangs.( 77 1969 Mustangs alone) You got this kind of money, just go buy one that’s already done, for heavens sake.

  3. Marty Wilke Marty Member

    If the “ratty muscle car” fad is still a thing, this would be a very good one. It’s got the right look, and of course as always, it can get a restoration later.

    • Mike

      With your comment, I picture the first yellow Camaro, starting up, in the first Transformers movie….LOL

  4. Rob

    With so many gorgeous colors available in ‘69, why oh why is mine Csndyapple Red?!? Even white was gorgeous on these cars (which is rare imo.) also, this featured car was pretty highly optioned with fold down seat, stereo, drag pak, etc. mine was a dealer showroom car (read: cheap), so the only thing it really got was the R code.

  5. Randall Dudley

    Gotta give it one thing for being 50yrs old it’s in one piece&restorable!

  6. v

    i knew a guy had 1 of these. he sold the engine for a full restoration of the car body. he threw a rebuilt 351 cleveland in it to get around till the engine and car meet again. the things we do to keep a loved car going.

  7. the one

    20000 miles, 1/4 mile at a time

  8. Steve

    I had a buddy in high school in the 80’s who had a 69 Mach 1. It was red with black interior. It was pretty rough, but not this bad. It was a 4 speed, originally a 428, which was MIA and sporting a 390 at the time. It still was a pretty strong runner. He would try to kill us in it on a regular basis!

    IMO, this looks like a lot of money for a rusty car with non numbers matching drive train…

    Here is one in the same original color, in a little (LOL) better shape.

  9. Miguel

    That engine doesn’t look to me like a 428 of any kind. It looks too small.

    Can a more knowledgeable person tell us what engine this really is?


      It is a Ford FE series engine. You can tell by the intake edges being covered by the valve covers. So it may well be a 428. Or it could be a 352 or a 390. It most likely would require at least a very close and in person viewing to say more, and most likely it would require a tear down to really know for sure if it is a 428.

      • Miguel

        Thank you Cathouse. The engine just looks so small in that engine compartment.

        I know when it is a 390, you can hardly get a wrench between the valve cover and the shock tower.

        There looks to be a lot of room on this one.

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