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Worth Saving? 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Project

Listed as a “project,” this 1962 Chevrolet Corvette remnant in Ransomville, New York comes to market here on eBay, awaiting the $4700 opening bid. With no VIN tag and no title, it’s less of a conveyance and more a collection of attached parts, a multi-colored tribute to optimism on the part of seller… and buyer.

First, let’s tip our hat to the seller who’s taken more care in presenting this long-ignored portion of a car than some we’ve seen with six-figure asking prices. This almost-artistic exercise, this most optimistic of propositions, the sheer lack of automobile parts on this automobile render the remaining components simpler to observe and appreciate. After stripping away the visual noise of an interior, roof, engine, or front clip, the remaining elements can finally be seen in full glory. Some may ridicule the piece, as others failed to appreciate Dali, Picasso, and Warhol, but this Corvette still tells a story.

Joking aside, our Corvette experts may comment below on the sum total of parts herein, and whether they meet or exceed the $4700 asking price. Even if we learned that Marilyn Monroe’s last intimate encounter occurred in the once-elegant confines of this hulk, its value might barely increase.

The most car-like angle yet, the rear may hold some value to the owner of a rear-ended classic. How can we judge the potential of this partial people-mover? Hope springs eternal among fans of “America’s Sports Car,” and this listing may serve to motivate enthusiasts to check “Organ Donor” next time the opportunity arises. After all, recycling isn’t just for beer cans and old cars! The seller reports “Hinges work.” (!!) So, what’s stopping you from casting the $4700 opening bid?


  1. robj Member

    Maybe, just maybe, if someone has one that was rear ended but even then, $4700?
    My gut feeling is you will see this re-listed less optimistically. More like “come and get this out of my yard or I’ll have to push it back into the thicket I dragged it from”.

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    • PatrickM

      Title of listing says, “Project.” It’s project, alright.

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Smart of the seller to try and get some cash for it now. As soon as the economy tanks again, as it always does, he/she will have to pay someone to haul this sad sack away..

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  3. Craig

    Better get a parts list together if you want it for the weekend,

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  4. PaulG

    “A multi colored tribute to optimism”.
    Nuff sed…

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  5. Weasel

    I can fix it. My dads a tv repairman, he’s got an awesome set of tools.

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    • Dave

      You actually need Fix-it Felix and his golden hammer here…

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Best line in that movie… scene….Phoebe coming out of the pool……..

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  6. mike b

    Remnant in Ransomville. Well said. How much to get the rest?

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  7. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    If only the rims matched . .

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  8. Doug

    Great opportunity to enhance ones fiberglass skills…….

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  9. elrod

    Waste of time posting this on this site –

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    • ACZ

      Come on, everyone needs a little humor.

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  10. Fred W

    Once the price gets down to a reasonable level, RoadKill will be knockin’ on his door…

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  11. John

    There’s nothing there…

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  12. John S.

    Oh… Ha-ha-ha… I get it… it’s a joke!

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  13. Gaspumpchas

    yea John seems like a joke to me, but- if the frames good solid and not bent, might be worth something- parts is parts but I don’t see 4700 there. He should just put it out there with no reserve and letter go.As Bakyrdhero says, the bubble is gonna burst some day–I can already see these high dollar cars starting to slip in the much balllyhoo’ed auctions, if you can believe that these auctions are on the up and up. Amelia Island, for example- last years auction they sold 30% of the consigned cars. IMHO, that Ain’t much. One grey hairs opinion.

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    • BigDoc BigDoc

      I might give $470.00 if the seller pays the shipping

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  14. Jost

    Just think…for 4700 you can tell everyone that you have a 62 Vette at home.

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  15. bobk

    Isn’t there something like a minimum number of identifiable parts and pieces that a “structure” has to contain before it can be considered / marketed as a car? Especially a specific type of car?

  16. ccrvtt

    There’s a fine line between humor and insult. $4,700 crosses it.

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  17. jimjim

    Ran when parked. . .

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    • Chief

      Parked then ran…..

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  18. mjf

    I have no words …

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  19. moosie moosie

    AYFKM ? Its only gonna be March 1st not April 1st,,,, cause this is a joke,,,,,,,,,right ?

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  20. Sam61

    The seller has some “onions”…maybe he’s a freelancer for BHCC.

  21. lbpa18

    Only good as a parts car… except there are almost no parts.

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  22. Mike

    PT Barnum was right.

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  23. DavidL Member

    Reminds me of when I was a kid in Oregon in the 60’s some guy from California came to town in Corvette and challenged everybody to race. There was some disagreement about his ability to pay up and ended up getting chased in the middle of the night. Long story short, all that was left when i\I got there the next day was scattering of fiberglass chips precisely the color of this one. Could it be???

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  24. BigBlocksRock

    The calender in my shop says April 1st is a month off.

  25. stanley kwiecinski

    If i was on some purple haze. i could see it! WOW! GROOVY!

  26. Dave

    This would be the same as burning $4700, you are getting nothing here! You could find better in a junkyard that would be cheaper than this POS. This car belongs in the crusher!!

    • moosie moosie

      The only possible usage for it would be to turn it into a trailer to pull behind a ’61 or ’62 Vette,,,, lop everything forward of the lock pillar off, including the frame. Maybe pay a couple of hundred bucks for it , but not the money they want.

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  27. bone

    Looks like another flipper found an old long departed classic in the weeds of an old junkyard and bought the hulk . Its been long stripped out and the yard only kept it around because its a Corvette. It looks like there is algae growing in the fiberglass ! We had a pile (and I do mean pile) of chunks of wrecked Vettes in a junkyard I worked at in the 80’s .There was nothing left of them but rusted pieces and little bits of fiberglass, but the owner would not let us get rid of them.

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