Wrecked Rolls: 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

If I had the time, I’d love to track the sales from this seller of wrecked European luxury and exotic cars. Do they all go on to get restored? Or are they just used as parts cars, a justifiable purchase if you’re the kind of big spender who buys a hulk of a car to get a few pieces of NLA trim? Who knows, but they seem to have no shortage of long-ago wrecked classics up for grabs at all times. This time around, it’s a well-wrecked 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud listed here on eBay as having a major front end impact in 1979. The opening bid is listed at $1,000 with no reserve and no action yet.

This is a right-hand drive example, which suggests it was a gray-market model imported from Europe, and presumably never federalized given its accident predates when the government really started cracking down on gray market cars. The body has rust, both surface and otherwise, as noted in the lower quarters on both rear fenders. The rear bumper looks sound, as does the trunk lid, but the rest of the body is pretty well tweaked. I’m sure someone could find use in a door or two, and possibly the rear glass. Do you see any other useful parts?

The interior is trashed, clearly subjected to years of exposure. What can you use here? I suppose the backseat and wood trim can be used as templates, but then again, spares for this generation of Rolls-Royce are not so hard to find that you’d need to resort to creating your own one-offs of interior trim and upholstery pieces. The seller notes that the car met its demise following a hard front end impact that seemingly distorted the whole roof structure of the car, in addition to jacking up the driver’s corner pretty dramatically. Mileage is recorded as 91K.

The front cabin photos show that the driver took the brunt of the hit – what a time for RHD steering. The interior is essentially gone, with none of the desirable parts left. No dash, no door panels, no seats – well, aside from the top half of the rear bench, and maybe the interior of the trunk compartment. Regardless of there being no bids at the moment, there’s still ten watchers – but I’m beginning to wonder if the whole vehicle listings are just a means of generating interest in selling individual parts off of the car. That makes way more sense to me, as I can’t envision how this Rolls-Royce (or any of this seller’s listings) returns to the roads as a whole car.

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  1. Superdessucke

    Yikes. I think it’s time to let this one go up to the Clouds – to the great Rolls-Royce heaven in the sky. RIP.

    • Al

      Just a minute there, I used to drive a Rolls-can-hardly.

      I could Roll down any hill but could hardly make it up the next.

  2. dave brennan

    Cut at b pillar and make a nice trailer!!

    • Rick

      That is the best idea of the whole bunch.

  3. Classic Steel

    Pardon me do you have sone grey poupon mustard? 😉

    Or now in this shape..

    Dude got any mustard for my hot dog 🌭?

    This silver cloud is an upgrade to my box 📦 i used to sleep in 😂

    I saw cut the front off and make it deco art propped against a building

    • Mike

      If I pulled up to this car in my Rolls, I would NOT be asking for ANY condiments from the occupants. Hard pass…

  4. Vin_in_NJ

    Cut the trunk off and turn it into a BBQ grill

  5. Bill

    Couch time

  6. Don Sicura

    There is nothing less desirable than an old wrecked Rolls Royce.

    • JP

      How about an old wrecked K car? At least some of the parts might be worth a couple of pounds.

      • Dave

        Pounds as in British currency? I see what you did there…

      • Al

        Keep the pounds !! I more inclined to using stone.

  7. RedBaran

    Wait, the opening bid is only $1000, yet no one has bid on it…? What gives…? :)

  8. Richard Barnett

    Is there more than $1000 in salvage parts in this heap?

    • Bill McCoskey

      I operated a Rolls-Royce repair/restoration shop for about 20 years, specializing in the Cloud series cars.

      There MIGHT be some under hood parts, possibly the engine & gearbox, but unless you run a R-R parts business or need an engine/trans, AND it’s local to you, it’s simply not worth the cost.

  9. rustyvet

    I am more interested in the story behind the damage than the car…

  10. art

    Looking at that bent and distorted steering wheel and column, I’d say the driver also went “up to the Clouds.”
    Looking at the damage, I wonder if the driver erred in selecting the correct lane.

  11. Ward William

    These are like bums. Everybody has one. This is just a parts car.

    • Dusty Stalz

      Everybody has a wrecked RR? Mine must have gone missing somewhere.

  12. sir mike

    They just had to get the nasty old Porsche’s in the picture.Wonder what they will ask for them???

    • Djjerme

      I think he almost always has that Porsche in the pics. I recall seeing it in other other auction listings from this yard.

  13. Oldog4tz Member

    These sellers seem to marinate all their offerings for 30 years or so before putting them on the market – has to be a great back-story

  14. Gaspumpchas

    Its the seller with the porsches stock piled, Unobtanium, inc? Pull it out of the dump and troll for a sucker. Good luck.

  15. Matt

    Even after you salvage the rear bumper, taillight housings, rear glass, and rear view mirror, that whale of a carcass has got to still be worth $1,000 in scrap metal.

    • bone

      With the price of steel right now you’d be lucky to get $200.00 for it ! lol. I honestly dont know if there is even a market for used RR parts , but to the right person they would be worth saving

  16. Benjy58

    It’s junk so off to the crusher it goes. Oh wait there is a good horn button so it’s 10.00 for that.

  17. MGSteve

    Seems like it proves this point: Just ‘cuz you can afford a RR, doesn’t make you a good driver. Second point: locally, scrap steel is bringing between 2 cents a pound (sheet metal, “light” pieces) all the way up to 6 cents a pound for heavy metal (engine blocks, brake drums and the like). So, good luck recouping your investment with that tactic.

  18. ACZ

    Cut it off at the B pillars and then put the rear half up against the wall outside your shop.

  19. Rodney - GSM

    Given the tank-like build quality of these vehicles, I imagine our right side driver was forced over to the passenger side, very smoothly sans seatbelt and creamy soft leather underneath, then opened the undamaged passenger door and hailed a black British taxis for a ride home. Never saw the car again.

    • grant

      Did you see the steering wheel? The driver may not have lived. He definitely did not escape unscathed.

  20. Maverick

    Deadmans car.

  21. AMXBrian

    This would make a good one-off SEMA built. Some top notch fabricator could replace and reconstruct what they wanted of the car, while designing a wild-and-out customization for all to view. Because it doesn’t matter what you do this will never be a pristine original car.

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